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Wooden Toys for Kids

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Wooden toys for babies and kids

At Kids-world we have a wide range of wooden toys; play kitchen, play foods, wooden jigsaw puzzles, wooden toys for babies and wooden dolls' prams).

Well-known and popular brands that create these wonderful wooden toys you find brands such as HABA, Janod, Krea, Liewood, Loullou and SmallStuff.

Each brand has its own speciality. The toys they produce are many, and we'll only mention some of them here; wooden blocks, shape sorters, play tools, helicopters, wooden jigsaw puzzles, wooden draught animals, play boxes, wooden rattles, wooden dolls' houses, baby walkers and many more!

Much of the wooden toys are well-suited as teething rings because they have been made from FSC-certified birch.

Please note the labelling on the toys and the information you find on the product descriptions - only to make sure you pay attention to what and how the toys are to be used.

Wooden toys of excellent quality from well-known brands

The wooden toys you find here, are of excellent quality and you can find wooden toys from brands such as Kids Concept, Sebra, Plan Toys, Nofred, Moover, Loullou, Smallstuff, Bino Toys, Bloomingville, Childhome, Design Letters, Done By Deer, Janod, HABA, Little Dutch and Krea.

We have no doubts whatsoever, that you'll find wooden toys on our website which your kids will love to play with. We also have a wide range of toys of other materials than wood. You can find these in the overall toys' category.

Popular brands

Bon Ton ToysFantorangen & FantusPapo
JellycatGreat PretendersDen Goda Fen

Gifts for Christmas, baby-showers and the annual pass the parcel game

Do you need to find something exciting for a baby-shower, the annual pass the parcel game, or smaller gifts for your kid's Christmas calendar? Find them in this category at affordable prices.

You find wooden toys for boys and girls and the selection is so vast that you'll have no problems in finding exactly what you find suitable for your kids - whatever the occasion!

Large selection of different wooden toys 

Here at Kids-World you will find a HUGE selection of wooden toys for kids of all ages. Wood is a delicious and natural material which is particular good for making different kinds of toys.

We offer trains, play kitchens, pull toys, puzzle games, stacking blocks, wooden animals, pirate ships, play food, board games, cars, ships, shields and swords, musical instruments, play tools, teethers, doll stroller, baby walker, doctor sets, play gyms, rattles, pullcarts, wooden blocks, doll beds and rocking horses. In short, we have something for everything.

Have a look at our large selection and see if you find something which is just right for your child. If you are looking for something in particular, you always have the option to sort after ?type' at the top of the page and choose exactly what kind of toy you are looking for. 

Wooden toys for babies

Are you looking for wooden toys for your baby, then look no further. We have lots of wooden toys for small kids and babies, so we can almost assure you that there will also be something for your little darling. You will find play gyms, rattles, teethers, puzzles, stacking blocks and wooden animals, and much, much more.

These are also toys which are suitable to help develop skills in the little child. Teethers and rattles in wood are for instance great for itchy gums and curious hands, while puzzles and stacking blocks help to develop the child's fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance and memory. In addition to this, wood is a very nice material to touch. 

Wooden toys for older kids 

Of course we also offer wooden toys for older kids. You can for instance find wooden toys for the play kitchen, such as, play food, play stove and tea sets. We also offer a lot of fun board games in wood, which can be played by adults and kids. 

Last but not least we also have a large selection of BRIO trains, train rails and whatever your kid may wish to add to his or her railway at home. There are traffic signs, bridges, train stations, rails, tunnels and a lot of different types of trains, of course. Kids of many ages are guaranteed many hours of fun with the BRIO railway. 

Typically the small kids can spend hours of fun play driving around the railway, whereas the older ones typically find it more interesting to build their own railway or even a small town. 

Wooden toys in beautiful colours

Some of the wooden toys have been painted in beautiful colours, while others have kept the natural colour of the wood. Here you will find wooden toys in natural wood colours, but surely also wooden toys in nicely-painted colours to catch the child's attention. 

We generally offer toys in the colours grey, brown, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, red, black and turquoise. You will both find solid-coloured wooden toys and wooden toys in many different colours. Some of the toys we have at Kids-World have beautiful bright colours, while others have calm and dusty colours. 

Wooden toys as decorations

Wooden toys have become popular as decorative items in your home. This way, wooden toys become a fancy feature in your decor when the toys are not in use. This shows that the manufacturers have succeeded in making toys that have multiple functions; fun to play with and yet stylish enough to be put on display in your home!

Wooden toys are especially nice as adornments because they tend to appear natural and timeless. A beautiful rocking horse can easily be a part of the interior design, and so can a couple of wooden blocks. 

If you are interested in finding wooden toys which fit to the interior design of the living room or in the kids's room, you can use the filter option at the top of the page to either search for a specific colour or maybe a specific brand which you know make toys that fit in with the style at your home. 

Wooden toys in many price ranges 

Sometimes you're looking for a very special piece of toy, which costs a little more than usual, while other times you're simply looking to find something small.

The budget may be a bit tight at the moment, but you're still looking to find a nice piece of toy for your little boy or girl. Don't panic, we have wooden toys in different price ranges here at Kids-World.

This also means that you can easily find wooden toys for many different occasions no matter if it's for the christmas calendar, baptism present, christmas gift, birthday gift, a feel better gift or something totally different.

At the top of the page you can limit the search to a specific price range which you are willing to pay. You can also easily choose to get products shown from the most expensive to the least expensive, or the other way around.

This will make it easier to find wooden toys in the price range you are looking for. 

Unleash your creativity with wooden toys 

Wooden toys once had a sad reputation, as it was considered boring and something you gave kids because it was the reasonable choice.

Many people still choose wooden toys today because it is a natural material, but there is no need to compromise either on colour, function or design.

Today you can find all kinds of wooden toys, which means there is something for every child. There are wooden toys with beautiful and crazy colours, but also wooden toys in a nice minimalistic design which fit perfectly into the classic, Nordic interior design. 

We also offer wooden toys with exciting features. This includes toys with buttons which you can push and turn, wooden toys on wheels, wooden toys that can be stacked and collected in many different ways as well as figures in wood.

You are guaranteed hours of play with the wooden toys you'll find here at Kids-World, whether it should be fun and rough play or time for reflection. 

Use our filter to find the wooden toys you like

Do you have any preferences for what the wooden toys are made of and what they look like, you can use our filter to select brand, colour, gender, type and price range? Basically, you can filter according to your preferences.

Should you be looking for something that's for both boys and girls, we also have a wide range to choose from.

It's easy and convenient to browse through our vast selection of wooden toys for kids and babies. This web shop is precisely that; easily manageable and convenient.

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