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Yumbox lunchboxes

Here you can buy lunchboxes from Yumbox for boys and girls. We have made an effort to have a large and exciting selection of lunchboxes from Yumbox and others smart brands. The range consists of all the exciting things from Yumbox, which we are sure your kid or kids will definitely find interesting.

With that said, we hope you find something in our range that matches whatever you're looking for. Whether it is just conscious that you have clicked into our Yumbox category - the range is at least large, and contains a lot of smart lunchboxes. Therefore, you should finally click your way to the selection in the others categories with everything from kid's clothing, kid's shoes and interior to the kid's room.

Large selection of Yumbox lunchboxes

Yumbox lunchboxes are always good for storing your children's food in. Lunchboxes from Yumbox have many decorative motifs at the bottom, such as sea animals or a rainbow.

You can also use the Yumbox lunchbox to save the leftovers from dinner the day before and give it as lunch to the kids the next day.

In the practical Yumbox lunchbox with 4 compartments - Bento Tapas lunchbox, you have 993 mL. This lunchbox from Yumbox has a total of 4 compartments, so you can divide the food into different types.

You can have the leftovers in the 4 rooms or tapas with different food items in the 4 rooms. The lids on all Yumbox lunchboxes are also perfectly tight and do not leak, so it is safe to keep in school backpack.

Look at our varied selection of Yumbox lunchboxes. You can find Yumbox lunchboxes with 4,5 or 6 compartments, thermos bowls with individual compartments and lunchboxes made of plastic or in stainless steel with a silicone lid.

We have Yumbox lunchboxes in many sizes, from 320 mL up to 993 mL. Use the Yumbox lunchbox to satisfy the little hunger or use the lunchbox to store a large lunch for your kids.

If you are looking for accessories for the picnic trip, you can also find a Yumbox cooler bag and Yumbox cooling elements that can be put in your cooler bag or packed lunch and thus keep the food extra cold on a hot day.

Yumbox lunchboxes with 4,5 and 6 compartments

The best is when the kids can satisfy their hunger via the packed lunch they have brought. It saves money and reduces food waste. If you have prepared a 3-course menu the day before, the kids can enjoy each set in their lunch box with several divided compartments.

We have Yumbox lunch boxes with 4,5 or 6 compartments, which is really practical. Avoid the food getting mixed up by dividing it into the food box compartments.

You can also find a Yumbox thermo bowl with a single compartment if you prefer this. The thermos bowl also has the advantage that it keeps the food warm. Yumbox has it all, and we sell it all at Kids-world.

If you want a lot of compartments in your children's Yumbox lunchbox, take a look at the Yumbox with as many as 6 divided compartments. Here you can find space for many different types of food and keep them separate. The Lunchbox is held together with a lid that has built-in silicone, so it is extra tight. You open the lunchbox with the clip on the lid.

Yumbox lunchboxes in many different colours

Make your children's school day full of colours with a Yumbox lunchbox in yellow, blue, green, red or purple. With a lunchbox from Yumbox, you don't have to give your kids money to the canteen, as you can bring them food from home.

A Yumbox lunchbox is also ideal for when the kids are going on a trip. Then they can always have some lovely and fresh food with them on the trip. A Yumbox lunchbox is also practical for the long days at school, when the kid needs a little extra energy for the brain in the form of a little snack.

Get a good overview of which colours you can find Yumbox lunch boxes in when you use the search filter on our page. In the filter at the top of the page, you can see a list of the different colours and choose the children's favorite color.

You can use the search filter for several of your preferences. We have Yumbox lunchboxes in all the colours of the rainbow and thus also lunchboxes that suit both girls and boys.

Yumbox lunchboxes in many sizes

Find the right Yumbox sizes quickly and easily at Kids-world. See our many different sizes of Yumbox lunchboxes - which size suits the kids best?

We have Yumbox lunchboxes of 662 mL, 733 mL and 933 mL. In addition, we also have Yumbox storage cubes in a 3-Pack of 320 mL. We also have Yumbox thermos bowls of 420 mL.

A smaller Yumbox storage cube of 320 mL is smart to have in the little school backpack.

A medium-sized Yumbox lunchbox of 662 mL or 733 mL is practical to take with you on trips or in school backpack.

The largest Yumbox lunchbox of 933 mL is good for the long school days and excursions. Here, the kids can bring many different foods.

Remember a Yumbox water bottle

Use a Yumbox water bottle as an accessory for Yumbox lunchboxes. Yumbox drinking bottles are designed to match Yumbox lunchboxes.

The Yumbox water bottle can hold up to 420 mL of liquid. The Yumbox drinking bottles can keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours.

For some of the Yumbox drinking bottles, you get three ribbons in different colours included with your Yumbox water bottle. They can be placed around the bottle, which makes the Yumbox water bottle more conspicuous, so that the kids can see it better. It also gives a better handles on the bottle. The Yumbox water bottle is made in stainless steel and must be washed by hand, preferably immediately after use.

Yumbox inspiration for the lunch box

Be inspired by our Yumbox lunchboxes to choose a packed lunch for your kids. With a packed lunch, you save money rather than giving the kids money for the canteen, and you reduce food waste by using leftovers. You get fewer expenses and it is also sustainable.

The kids will be happy to eat brought food in a Yumbox lunchbox. The many motifs inside the lunchbox are fun and cozy for the kids. Get Yumbox inspiration with the cute Yumbox lunchboxes and get a more practical everyday life with many benefits.

Can the Yumbox be dishwasher safe?

The practical lunchboxes from Yumbox can withstand being put in the dishwasher, but at a maximum of 65 degrees. It is also important to take out the Yumbox lunchboxes when the dishwasher reaches its drying cycle. It is recommended that you wash your Yumbox lunchbox by hand after use.

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