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3 Sprouts Interior & Equipment for Kids


3 Sprouts Interior & Equipment for Kids

3 Sprouts

3 Sprouts is an inspiring brand that has captured hearts worldwide with its unique combination of functional design and playful aesthetics. Founded by three friends? Amanda, Ethan and Noah? with a shared passion for creating innovative and charming products for kids, 3 Sprouts has evolved into a reputable brand in children's equipment and home decor.

The story of 3 Sprouts began with a simple idea: to combine practical solutions for parents with fun and creative elements that could delight kids. Amanda, who had a background in design, along with Ethan and Noah, who contributed their business acumen, set out to create products that ville make everyday life easier and more enjoyable for families.

The brand's first products were introduced to the market with their iconic animal illustrations and smart designs, and it proved to be a large success. From storage boxes and hangers to lunchboxes and others child-friendly products, 3 Sprouts managed to combine functionality with a playful approach to design.

What really sets 3 Sprouts apart is the commitment to providing high quality products. From the choice of materials to the attention to detail, the brand has maintained a high standard for all their products. Their range of child-friendly furnishing articles has not only made life easier for parents, but also created a playful and inspiring atmosphere for the kids.

Over the years, 3 Sprouts has expanded its range and has become recognized as a leading player in children's equipment and interior design. Their continued innovation and commitment to creating products that delight kids and parents alike has made 3 Sprouts a well-known and loved brand globally. The brand's history is a tale of dedication, creativity and a continuous striving to make everyday life more enjoyable for the whole family.

Since 3 Sprouts came into existence in the spring of 2007, they have been able to parts their products and collections with families around the world. The 3 three founders love product designs and work carefully to ensure that the products fit perfectly into your liv.

Choose 3 Sprouts storage boxes for practical and charming storage

3 Sprouts storage boxes are not only a practical solution for organizing your child's room, but also a charming and playful addition to any decor. These storage boxes combine function with aesthetics and are created with care for both kids and parents.

Each storage box is made of robust and durable polyester with a rigid cardboard insert that provides structure and stability. This makes them suitable for storage toys, books, clothes or others small belongings, while maintaining their shape even after repeated use.

The unique pull of 3 Sprouts storage boxes are the lovable animal illustrations that adorn each box. These colorful and charming motifs include popular DYR like lions, elephants, monkeys and many more. This makes the storage boxes more than just practical storage solutions; they also become fun and inspiring elements that stimulate the imagination and creativity of the kids.

With practical handles on the sides, it is easy for kids to pull the boxes out from shelves or cupboards, promoting their independence and organizational skills. At the same time, the foldable constructions make it easy to store or transport the boxes as needed.

3 Sprouts storage boxes thus combine functionality and design in a playful way that makes them a favorite among kids and parents alike. With these boxes, you can bring order and joy into your child's room in a stylish way.

Closet charm and order with 3 Sprouts hangers

3 Sprouts hangers are the perfect combination of functionality and cute, playful design, adding a touch of charm to any child's room. Created with attention to detail, these hangers make it easy to organize and store children's clothes in a stylish way.

Each hanger is made of robust material that can withstand daily wear and hold the shape of the garment. The slim profile makes them ideal for small children's clothes, yet they are strong enough to support jackets, dresses and others items of clothing. This makes them the perfect choice for keeping order in the closet or in the children's room.

The most striking pull of 3 Sprouts hangers are the cute animal illustrations that adorn each hanger. These fun and colorful motifs include various DYR such as elephants, penguins and lions, making the clothes hanger more than just a functional tool? it also becomes a playful and inspiring set of the children's room decor.

The braces are designed with care for children's needs. They have a smooth surface that prevents the clothes from being scratched or damaged, while being easy for small hands to handle. The robust construction ensures that the hangers can withstand the children's active use and growing wardrobe.

3 Sprouts hangers are thus not only a practical storage solution, but also a playful element that brings fun and charm to the children's room. These hangers make it easier and more fun to keep track of the children's clothes and at the same time contribute to a playful and inspiring atmosphere in the room.

Cute 3 Sprouts lunchboxes for the little ones

3 Sprouts lunchboxes are not only a practical way to transport the children's meals, but also a colourful and fun way to make lunchtime exciting. These lunchboxes combine durability, functionality and a playful aesthetic to meet the needs of both children and parents.

The Lunchboxes are made of high-quality materials that are free of harmful substances and safe to store food. They are robust enough to withstand daily use and are easy to clean, making them ideal for children's busy lifestyles.

What really sets 3 Sprouts lunchboxes apart are the charming animal motifs that adorn each box. From cute walruses to playful monkeys and colorful peacocks, there is a wide range of designs that appeal to children's imagination and joy. These motifs make the lunch boxes more than just practical containers - they become friendly companions that turn every meal into a party.

The Lunchboxes have a smart and practical division with different compartments, which makes it easy to separate different foods and avoid mixing. They are also equipped with secure closing mechanisms that keep the food fresh and prevent leaks during transportation.

3 Sprouts lunchboxes are not only a necessity, but a fun and inspiring way to make lunchtime a positive experience for both kids and parents. With their playful design and practical features, these lunchboxes make it easier to ensure that kids have healthy meals with them, while also having fun along the way.

3 Sprouts play mats - Charming, practical and colourful

3 Sprouts play mats are not only a practical solution for play and creative expression, but also a colorful and charming element that transforms any room into a playful oasis. Combining durability with playful design, these play mats are carefully crafted to inspire children's imaginations.

Each play mat from 3 Sprouts is made of soft and durable material that can withstand play and activity. The padded surface creates a comfortable and safe playground, ideal for small kids. The Play mat acts as a soft surface that protects against bumps and falls and at the same time creates a comfortable place for kids to sit and play.

The most striking pull of 3 Sprouts play mats are the vibrant animal illustrations that adorn the surface. Each model shows different DYR in playful situations, from elephants juggling apples to penguins on ski. These colorful and imaginative motifs stimulate children's creativity and invite them to playful fairy tale.

The Play mats from 3 Sprouts are not only designed with a focus on kids, but also with parents in mind. They are easy to roll up or fold, making them easy to store or transport. This makes them ideal for both home use and outings.

With 3 Sprouts play mats you can create a safe and fun space for the children to play. Combining practicality with playful visual appeal, these play mats make a perfect addition to any child's room or play area. They invite play, exploration and lots of fun, while creating an inspiring atmosphere where children's imaginations can flourish.

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