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AquaPlay for kids

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AquaPlay for kids

AquaPlay - Water fun for kids

AquaPlay is a versatile series of water courses, which since 1977 has fascinated kids aged 3-7 years. Toddlers learn easily and fun about principles - such as movement and direction, when the water is used to explain it to them in a fun and entertaining way.

When kids focus on water in motion, their senses, creativity and fantasy develop. Both parents and educators love the award-winning system of high-quality AquaPlay, which offer educational play with the water element.

This instructive form of play offers many new discoveries and explains basic physical features of water - how water can lift boats, water levels that fall and ladders, how pumps work, how and where a boat can float, etc.

AquaPlay has more than 40 years of experience in learning. The waterway system was invented by a Swedish engineer and schoolteacher, whose incredible design ensures young kids maximum learning. water courses 's water courses are made with high quality materials and are perfect for kids, combining learning with fun and play.

AquaPlay is probably one of the most popular types of water toys. It does not matter if you are young or old, pretty much everyone has a fascination with water. There is also nothing more refreshing than getting wet and chilled on a hot summer day. In addition, Aquaplay's water bands teach young kids a lot of new things about water.

The water courses from AquaPlay are exclusively produced in Germany. The latest technology ensures that all Aquaplay products are of the highest quality. In addition, all products are produced from recyclable materials. AquaPlay is very much about sustainable production.

Have many hours of fun with an AquaPlay play set

play set sets can all be put together, so kids have endless possibilities to create their very own AquaPlay world. All play set sets can be put together and expanded permanently, thanks to the large selection of accessories and expansion packs.

play set 's play sets can be filled up with water, so your kids can let their imagination game wild. Creating an exciting world of water will be both easy and fun for kids with an AquaPlay play set. In addition to stimulating children's creative abilities, water courses 's water courses also have a number of others benefits.

They introduce the idea of water flow using fun toys and demonstrate the movement of ships through water, while showing how water can be locked and opens.

The waterway system also teaches kids about pumping systems, introduces basic physical concepts and also helps train the kid's abilities in water. In addition, AquaPlay also offers many transportable systems, where the waterways are easy to transportation in a cardboard suitcase when visiting friends or family, or going on holiday. The suitcase can be folded for easy storage.

There are few things that kids love more than playing with water in the summer - it is refreshing, educational and fun, as the kids can spend many hours both with the water courses.

For young kids, play set 's play set is a great introduction to water play. In a safe and interesting way, the water play sets from AquaPlay help, so that the kids can have early and positive associations with water. However, play set 's play set is also a hit with the slightly older kids, who will enjoy putting together completely new water courses every time.

Water fun on several levels with AquaPlay starter set and expansion set

Aquaplay's starter kit is the perfect way to start creating your child's first AquaPlay world! The Set contains the popular port where the hippopotamus Wilma controls the crane and has to move containers to a truck and a boat.

By turning the water wheel, the water pool mattress through the canal. That way, kids learn about how water moves. All play set sets can be put together and expanded with others AquaPlay play set sets or expansion accessories.

The many different AquaPlay play set sets make it easy to find a solution that suits your child's level. As I said, it is also easy to expand the starter set later, as all lanes and expansion sets fit together.

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