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Ciao Srl.


Ciao Srl.

Ciao Srl. - License costume for kids

The Italian brand, Ciao Srl., was founded in the late 1990s and is day a big name when it comes for kids 'costume clothing.

The brand is known for skilled tailors and designers who together create licensed costumes for kids that look like faithful copies of the original toy figurine that kids know and love.

Ciao Srl. has a real focus on details. This is why many well-known brands give them a license to create costumes. All Ciao Srl. costumes and accessories for kids let them dress up as their favorite characters. With Ciao Srl. licensed costumes, your child can experience magical fairy tale whenever they feel like it.

Superheroes and princesses from Ciao Srl.

Ciao Srl. has licensed costume clothing for kids from countless well-known brands. If your child loves princesses, you will find many beautiful princess costumes from the Barbie universe for kids aged 3-10 years. You will also find many superhero costumes for kids who are fans of Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl, Superman or some of the many others superheroes.

Large selection of licensed costume clothing for kids from Ciao Srl.

Ciao Srl. has exclusive licenses for all kinds of well-known brands from the children's world. This means that your child can get very realistic and well-liked costumes so that they can look like their large heroes and really get into the role. We have licensed costumes from universes such as Barbie, Harry Potter, the DC universe, Disney, Peppa Pig, Tom & Jerry and many more.

Ciao Srl. is constantly finding new innovative ways to create costumes and accessories that let kids live magical moments whenever they feel like it.

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