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Trains, cars and vehicles

Recommended Age (Toys)

Toy cars

Should your kid have a fancy for smart and fast cars, he or she will surely love to play with toy cars. Our selection consists of toy cars that are made from different materials; some are made of wood and some are made of plastic. Should you prefer one type to the other, it's not a problem as we have toy cars of wood and plastic.

Kids of all ages (and some adults too) are fascinated by vehicles in all shapes and they love to play with cars. We have all sorts of toy cars - trucks, vans, fire trucks, police cars, race cars and much more, in the very best materials.

The toy cars drive easily and effortlessly and kids love to play that they drive fast - just try to listen once in a while how fast they drive!

In addition to the cars themselves, we also have other accessories for playing with toy cars. All made of high-quality materials.

Creative play with toy cars

Toy cars have been a part of kids' rooms for many years - from classic, wooden cars to electric and remote-controlled ones. Kids are super excited when they see different vehicles in everyday life. When kids get to play with their toy cars, they can incorporate these real-life scenarios and make an entire world around them, in a creative way.

Toys that kids themselves can move, such as toy cars, are great for the youngest ones who are learning to crawl, as such toys encourage them to be more mobile, strengthening their self-confidence at the same time. Movement through play helps to develop kids' coordination, balance and motor skills.

Kids who are strengthening their fine motor skills will also benefit from grabbing the toy cars when they pretend to be driving around.

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Toy cars for a better understanding of the world around the little ones

Kids learn surprisingly quickly to distinguish different vehicles from each other, and some toy cars are also perfect for introducing kids to some important roles in society - for example, garbage trucks, police cars and fire trucks toys. That way, kids get to learn more about the world and society, and that's probably the reason why toy cars have been popular for so many years and still are today. Kids also love to pretend that they are driving, and toy cars allow them to do so.

Mini versions of race cars, fire trucks and much more

Who doesn't remember his own childhood fascination with cars and other vehicles? What could be better than getting your very own mini version of a race car, a fire truck, a police car, a Volkswagen van, a truck or even a tractor?

Toy cars for kids guarantee hours of fun play and entertainment either at home in the kids' room, in the living room or the sandbox. The challenge of building your very own road network or road system with tunnels, bridges, steep hills or long straight roads. Or maybe even challenge your best friend or dad to a race?

Crane trucks, sports cars and tractors

Why not introduce your little one to wonderful times like these? At Kids-world, we have a wide selection of different vehicles that invite you to have fun and play!

We offer a large selection of vehicles in different sizes and materials, to suit the youngest ones.

The toy cars come in all sorts of vehicles; sports cars, trucks, tractors with trailers, concrete cannon, excavator, helicopter, train, pickup, race car, fire truck, trencher, bulldozer, and cement mixer. Let your kid's imagination run wild with their dream cars, at the same time learning a lot in the process.

Small and large toy cars

You never go completely wrong in the city with a toy car that can whiz across the living room floor. Toys with wheels are generally a hit with many kids. There is no doubt that both large and small cars are particularly popular.

At Kids-world, you will find toy cars in all sizes and models, so there is plenty to choose from when increasing your car collection, whether you are looking for large or small toy cars.

When choosing a toy car, pay attention to whether it fits your child's age. Toy cars with too small parts are not safe to play with for the smallest kids. Why can you use the recommended age search function? At the top of the page. Then you Sheep only see the models that suit your child's age.

Lorries, sports cars and tractors

You can purchase the toy cars in all kinds of vehicles; sports cars, lorries, tractors with trailers, concrete mixers, excavators, helicopters, trains, pick-ups, race cars, fire engines, bulldozers, cement mixers and trucks.

As mentioned above, the toy cars are produced in various materials and colours, therefore, we are certain that you can find just the kind of toy car, that you are looking for, for your boy or girl.

Some toy cars are so-called shape sorters which means that they are versatile toys used for both driving and for putting blocks through the holes of the shape sorter.

Toy cars for kids of all ages

It is quite important to choose toys that suit your kid's age. Toys with too small parts are not safe for the smallest ones. We have made it easy and straightforward for you to search for toy cars by your kid's age, using the bar ?Recommended Age (Toys)' at the top.

Classic wooden and plastic trains

Besides usual race cars, we also have a versatile selection of the classic wooden trains with rails, as well as classic tractors and other agricultural vehicles.

Some of the toy cars from our range also come in the shape of the so-called shape-sorting box which, besides basic riding with the toy car, also offer motor play, where the kids can try to put the bricks in the designated holes.

Of course, we also have a fine selection of road sections in different designs, where the kid can construct his own road surfaces. Besides, we also have play mats with motifs and lanes. Roadways tend to challenge kids' logical sense as they learn which pieces fit together and how the road affects the toy car's route.

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