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CeLaVi Clothing & Footwear for Kids

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CeLaVi Clothing & Footwear for Kids


CeLaVi means "This is Life", and is something the brand is very much in favor of. This is the message that CeLaVi expresses through their clothing, and refers to freedom without restriction. Kids should always have the opportunity available to be active both indoors and outdoors, and in all kinds of weather. According to CeLaVi, there is no bad weather, but only bad attire. CeLaVi strives to have nothing but completely satisfied customers, and therefore, tests the materials of their products daily.

CeLaVi strives to promote the outdoors and create more colourful outerwear, while continuing to refresh their various designs on a regular basis.

In addition to warm and practical outerwear, CeLaVi also carries a large selection of nightwear and underwear in fine wool, as well as accessories such as bibs, gloves and hats.

CeLaVi - Specialists in outdoor clothing for kids

CeLaVi rainwear for boys and girls is a definite hit among many parents and kids. Combined with CeLaVi rubber boots, kids are always ready for a trip outside. For colder weather, you will also find beautiful, fine quality  snowsuits and thermal clothing from CeLaVi at Kids-world.

Rainwear and outerwear for kids from CeLaVi

CeLaVi specializes in rainwear and outerwear for kids and comes in a wide range, meaning that you can find outerwear and footwear that suits any kid's needs. CeLaVi rainwear is characterized with outstanding features such as being able to withstand a high water column pressure, breathability, durability and extreme comfort. The company also produces beautiful matching rubber boots with an excellent fit and solid outsole in natural rubber that keeps kids’s feet 100% dry. The products are continually tested by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure high quality that can withstand everyday situations.

CeLaVi basics and collection

The CeLaVi collection consists of basic items that are popular year after year, as well as the introduction of annual collections where patterns, colours and designs continue to change and develop.

Kids-world carries a large selection of rainwear, rubber boots, snowsuits, winter jackets, thermal clothing and thermal boots, fleece suits and wool products as well as accessories such as gloves, mittens and hats, velour shoes and soft sole leather shoes.

Huge selection of CeLaVi wool and underwear for kids

At Kids-world, we have a wide selection of CeLaVi wool and underwear for boys and girls. CeLaVi wool underwear in 100% merino wool warms well under kids’s clothing and regulates body temperature if a kid is too hot or cold. With their large selection, you will find the colours and designs that suit your child. Their clothing is available in many colours, from delicate, natural colours to much stronger colours. CeLaVi's underwear and nightwear collection is made in a fabulous quality jersey. The fabrics in CeLaVi's wool series are Oeko-Tex 100 approved, and therefore contain no harmful substances and chemicals. See our CeLaVi sale as well to see products with reduced prices.

Oeko-tex certified

The majority of CeLaVi’s clothing is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means that it does not contain harmful substances and chemicals that can harm your and/or your kid's health. When an item is marked with the Oeko-Tex certificate, you are guaranteed that it has been thoroughly tested in a laboratory.

Fast and competent customer service

If you have any difficulty in choosing what you are looking to purchase from CeLaVi, and have questions or need guidance, you are more than welcome to either call or write to our customer service department. We are open every weekday, and strive to answer all emails within 24 hours.

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