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A Big Hug Book


A BIG Hug Book - educational and uplifting children's books

The BIG Hug books are a series of beautifully illustrated picture books for kids, which take hand of emotional issues that kids face in a direct, but at the same time gentle way, so that children's feelings and problems regarding them can be easily shared and discussed with family and friends.

The Books are written by the well-known psychologist Shona Innes, and each story has come to the world after psychological conversations with kids (and sometimes adults), to help them understand and talk about complex emotional situations in a simple and pleasant way. Each book includes notes for parents and teachers that can easily be used to guide kids and students. Psychologists and psychology students can certainly nod in recognition to the positive strategies that BIG Hug Books promotes.

BIG Hug Books is published by the publisher Five mile Press, and the books have become very popular worldwide. The series has been translated into many languages, including danish, French, Dutch, Chinese, Hungarian and Japanese.

With these books, your child learns everything they need to know about emotions and life, such as friendship, worries, life on the playground, family and the Internet.

About the author of BIG Hug Books

Shona Innes specializes in supporting and helping vulnerable kids, young people and their parents. She is a recognized researcher and clinical psychologist who collaborates with support persons and homes to learn more about the management of difficult and externalizing behavior in kids and young people.

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