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Baby Einstein for kids

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Baby Einstein for kids

Interactive activity toy toy for kids from Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein is a very popular for kids 's brand, which since its inception has created educational videos that are still shown in more than 50 countries worldwide. They design activity toy, equipment, tech, books and much else that fits the videos, and have thus created a new genre of?edutainment? for kids (educational entertainment).

Their mission is to create an environment that allows children's curiosity to flourish, so that they can ask lots of questions that their parents are ready to answer. Baby Einstein is a brand that loves to develop some of the best educational developmental toys and equipment for babies and their families, wherever they are in the world.

Check out Baby Einstein's large collection of activity toy toys for babies that will stimulate and entertain them for hours at a time. There is a selection of activity play mat rugs, music instruments and many other activity toy so you can be sure to find the perfect product for your child.

The Story of Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein was founded in 1996 by Julie Aigner- Clark - a former school teacher and mother, in Georgia, USA. She had a large passion for art and kids, so she wanted to create a way to introduce things like music, language, poetry, colours and shapes to young kids. She created a video featuring dolls and classical music that won Parenting Magazine's Best Video in 1997.

Now set years later, the Baby Einstein brand continues to follow Aigner-Clark's original vision. Baby Einstein started as an educational tool for parents, and it has continued that way, now also with a lot of delicious and innovative products for kids.

Large selection of Baby Einstein toys

Here at Kids-world, we have a large selection of Baby Einstein toys. Baby Einstein makes toys that are especially suitable for babies and small kids and is a brand that is particularly popular with both parents and kids.

Baby Einstein is an American toy brand that has been around since 1996. It was founded by former teacher and stay-at-home mom Julie Aigner- Clark.

Baby Einstein toys are especially known for introducing kids under 3 to classical music, but also shapes and colours in a fun and interactive way. Baby Einstein is behind many more music instruments and activity toy for babies and small kids.

Whether you are looking for a Baby Einstein piano, activity play mat, activity table, squid, baby walker or something else, you will find your child's next Baby Einstein toys right here on the page.

Baby Einstein piano

One of the most fun and stimulating things for babies and kids to enjoy is music. Baby Einstein toys are filled with music. The brand makes several different music instruments for kids under the age of three.

Particularly popular are Baby Einstein pianos and Baby Einstein keyboards, which are not only fun and colorful, but also introduce babies and young kids to classical music.

In a child-friendly way and with great effects, the little ones can learn to play short passages of classical symphonies by e.g. Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Vivaldi on a Baby Einstein keyboard.

If there is a little pianist hiding in your kids, a Baby Einstein piano at least gives the kid the opportunity to try playing lovely, classical music as set of the play and the kid's development.

Baby Einstein activity play mat and activity tables

If you need a fun and colorful activity play mat or activity table for your baby or little, we have just what you need here on the site and from the popular brand Baby Einstein. Both Baby Einstein activity play mat and Baby Einstein activity tables are packed with music, colours, lights and sounds as well as stimulating effects.

With a Baby Einstein activity play mat, entertainment is guaranteed for your baby, who can play and enjoy himself while developing sine senses. Baby Einstein activity play mat strengthen the kid's curiosity, fine motor skills and creativity through the many different, exciting activities.

A Baby Einstein activity play mat enables lots of varied play and stimulation, even before the kid can walk and stand. When the kid is lying on the activity play mat, all the fun functions and activities are just within reach and ready to be explored.

When the kid has grown a little bit bigger and has gotten up and walking or standing, a Baby Einstein activity table is a definite hit. The kid is motivated to get up and test their balance by leaning on the activity table, where all the fun functions and activities can be examined and played with.

Just as is the case with activity play mat, Baby Einstein activity tables also strengthen the kid's curiosity, fine motor skills and creativity through everything the kid can play and interact with on the activity table.

The activities include based on the STEAM principles, which include science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, which are five of the most important. Baby Einstein activity tables also have many different sounds and melodies and can be set in several different languages.

Baby Einstein squid

Baby Einstein's range of toys is consistently characterized by beautiful colours and lots of music, but their toys are also known for the brand's cute animal figures, which are repeated in all Baby Einstein toys.

One of the particularly well-known animals is Baby Einstein the octopus. At Kids-world, we have several toys with the blue, eight-armed sea creature. The Baby Einstein octopus is called Opus and is available as an activity toy, activity toy and rattle. Opus can be found as a motif on many Baby Einstein toys.

Baby Einstein baby walker

A Baby Einstein baby walker is a wonderful support for the kid who is learning to walk. At the same time, it is also a fun toys, as a Baby Einstein baby walker has lots of exciting functions and music.

The functions and the music can be a contributing factor to the kid trying to get up and stand and walk. Once the balance is established and the first steps taken, the Baby Einstein baby walker will be a support on the trip.

A Baby Einstein baby walker strengthens the kid visual sense, logical sense and emotional sense. As parents, you can enjoy watching the kid take sine first steps and hear the kid laugh out loud at the many good sounds, buttons and functions of the stroller.

You will always find a large selection of Baby Einstein toys for babies and small kids under the age of three at Kids-world. You are always welcome to contact our customer service if you have any questions.

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