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Fantorangen & Fantus Soft Toys

Recommended Age (Toys)

Fantorangen & Fantus - cute stuffed animals from the well-known TV show

Fantorangen is a Norwegian children's TV programme, which many young kids in Denmark also know and love very much from DR tv's Minisjang programme.

The fantorange and his friends teach kids a lot of practical things, such as brushing teeth and friendship. With the soft toys in the form of the two siblings Fantorangen & Fantus, your child can hug their well-known friends from the series and immerse themselves in the universe in a new way.

The Fantorange is a mix of an orangutang and an elephant, and his little brother Fantus is also very popular with kids and is of course also available as a soft toy. The large ears and cute faces make the soft toys extremely cute, and small kids will love being able to hug their friends from the TV. Together with their friend Pivi, Fantorangen & Fantus often go wrong, but they learn a lot about life and friendship in the process.

More about Fantorangen

Fantorangen is a television character from NRK Super, a Norwegian television channel where he has his own children's program. The Soft toy of him in the series is directed by Berit Nermoen, who also writes the scripts for the series. He was originally created by the visual artist Tiina Suhonen in 2007, in collaboration with the costume department at NRK.

With his mischievous personality, he has become one of NRK's most popular children's characters. As a result of this success, music videos, books and others licensed products have been released in collaboration with Fantorangen, and he can often be seen together with Berit Nermoen at various festivals and events in Norway.

Let your child play and have fun with the soft stuffed animals Fantorangen and Fantus.

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