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Scrunch Toys for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Scrunch Toys for Kids

Scrunch - innovative beach toys for kids

Scrunch is a British company that produces absolutely incredible products for the beach, holidays or the sand pit. These awesome toys are made from pure silicone which means you don't have to buy new cheap plastic toys that continually break. Scrunch offers everything from sand molds, buckets, frisbees and water jugs. 

The kid’s products from Scrunch are made of 100% recyclable silicone and they can be folded to easily fit in your hand luggage. Kids love Scrunch and so do parents. 

The products are available in many beautiful colours so there is something for everyone. With sand toys from Scrunch, the broken plastic buckets are a thing from the past. The products from Scrunch last much longer. 

The products can be rolled or folded so they can be taken on the wildest adventures with ease. They are perfect for the bike ride, camping trip or boat trip. No matter where you go, your kids can always be entertained with these toys. 

Why Scrunch was created

Two mothers from the UK were in Thailand on holidays and during an afternoon they chatted about how annoying it was to always leave the kids sand toys in the hotel because it was too difficult to bring them home in the suitcase. 

This was the idea behind the first bucket from Scrunch. It was the first in a collection of products that are easy to fold and take with to the beach. All products are designed in the UK and Scrunch is CE marked. 

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We hope you find what you are looking for from Scrunch in our shop. We have a large assortment of many fine and smart products from Scrunch. 

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