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Snurk Duvet Covers for Kids

Snurk Duvet Cover - Adult - Baseball Player Snurk Duvet Cover - Adult - Baseball Player 40,20 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
Snurk Duvet Cover - Adult - Tennis Pro Dark Snurk Duvet Cover - Adult - Tennis Pro Dark 40,26 €
Originally:  67,10 €  
Snurk Duvet Cover - Adult - White w. Pompom Print Snurk Duvet Cover - Adult - White w. Pompom Print 56,49 €
Originally:  80,70 €  
Snurk Duvet Cover - Junior - Pirate Snurk Duvet Cover - Junior - Pirate 37,86 €
Originally:  63,10 €  

Snurk Duvet Covers for Kids

Fun and comfortable duvet covers for kids from Snurk

Snurk offers duvet covers for both kids and adults. The duvet covers feature fun photographic prints with unique designs. The duvet cover is made of 100% cotton and with much higher density than regular duvet cover.

The duvet cover therefore lasts a long time and it is softer and more comfortable than duvet covers from many other companies. Cotton is organic and it is grown through sustainable agriculture in Portugal. Knowing that the duvet cover is organic allows you to sleep a little better at night.

The cotton used by Snurk is also pre-treated so that it does not shrink. This makes the duvet cover fit perfectly on your duvet after both washing and drying. The prints used on the duvet cover are designed in Photoshop, with a camera and free hand.

The story of Snurk

Snurk has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland. The company is owned by Peggy van Neer and Erik van Loo who are also designers. The first prints on the duvet cover were made in Portugal.

It all started 10 years ago when friends Peggy, Martyntje, Erik and Chris visited the playground with their kids on an early and sunny morning. They already had the idea and the company in the works, but they decided to try selling the products in the United States, as they wanted to be successful.

Snurk's philosophy is the same for all countries. They want to make beautiful and fun duvet covers in high quality. The team behind Snurk works hard and they love what they do while being incredibly grateful for how far they have come.

Snurk bedding for adults

Snurk bedding for adults is not just a way to sleep, it is an invitation to enter a dream world of creativity and comfort. Snurk is known for combining high quality, pioneering design and a sense of playful elegance - and Snurk bedding for adults is no exception.

Explore what makes Snurk bedding for adults so unique and indispensable for those who appreciate a good night's sleep in style.

Snurk bedding stands out with its creative and imaginative designs. From photorealistic prints of sports fields and construction sites to romantic roses and fairytale locations. Snurk manages to bring liv and personality into the bedroom.

Snurk does not compromise the quality of their bedding. They use soft, breathable and durable materials that give a luxurious feel and ensure that sleep is both comfortable and relaxing.

Whether you are into graphic patterns, nature inspiration or fun concepts, Snurk has a wide selection of designs to suit every taste and personality. This makes it easy to find the perfect Snurk bedding for adults that matches your style.

Snurk bedding is easy to maintain and can be washed without difficulty. This makes it practical and functional for busy adults without compromising on style or quality. Always remember to follow the specified washing instructions to ensure optimal washing of your Snurk bedding for adults.

By choosing Snurk bedding for adults, you not only express your style, but also your individuality. The Bedding becomes set of your personal space and reflects your interests and preferences.

With Snurk bedding for adults, sleeping time goes beyond being just a necessity; it will be an experience. Turn your bed into a dreamy oasis of style and comfort with Snurk, where each bedding tells its own unique story.

Smart Snurk junior bedding

Snurk junior bedding brings a playful and imaginative dimension to children's bedrooms, where comfort meets creativity. Designed especially for the little dreamers, Snurk manages to create bedding that not only embraces children's imagination, but also ensures a safe and cozy sleep.

Snurk junior bedding presents a colourful world of imaginative designs that appeal to children's adventurous spirit. From princesses and pirates to astronauts and animal friends - each pattern tells a unique story that inspires play and creative play. The Junior bedding from Snurk is dimensioned specifically to fit junior duvets that are typically used by kids. This fit ensures that the bedding fits perfectly and creates a cozy nest for a good night's sleep. The Snurk junior bedding typically measures 100x140 cm for the duvets, while the size of the pillow case can vary slightly.

Snurk understands the importance of soft and delicate materials, especially when it comes to children's skin. The Snurk junior bedding is made of quality materials that are both comfortable and skin-friendly, ensuring a comfortable and soothing sleep experience.

By integrating fun and imaginative designs, Snurk motivates kids to embrace bedtime. The Bedding becomes not only a practical element, but also set of a routine that creates a positive approach to going to bed.

Snurk bedding with many different themes and motifs

Snurk bedding is an oasis of creativity, where bedtime turns into a playful travel through imaginative worlds. Each bedding set tells a unique story and offers a wide range of themes to appeal to all tastes.

For the little ones who dream of castles and fairy tale, Snurk's princess and knight motifs offer a world of brave heroes and magical moments. Let the kids dream away in these fairy-tale scenarios and create their own fantastic stories.

Animal-friendly designs from Snurk embrace children's fascination with DYR. From cute cats and dogs to wild jungle animals, these motifs bring nature and its creatures into children's bedrooms in a fun and imaginative way.

Make bedtime a mission with Snurk's superhero motifs. Let the kids imagine that they are heroes in their own dream adventures, fighting for justice and magic. These designs inspire playful and heroic dreams.

Whether it's a travel to outer space, a meeting with adventurous characters or a battle against villains like superheroes, Snurk bedding allows kids to experience the magic of the world of dreams every night. Each design is an invitation to let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable moments at bedtime.

Cute Snurk bedding with unicorns

Snurk bedding with unicorns is the epitome of magic and fantasy. This enchanting bedding brings the legendary unicorn to life in a way that will inspire children's dreams and create a magical sleep experience. The lively and detailed prints on the bedding create a universe of rainbows, shooting stars and playful unicorns, inviting kids to step into a fairytale dream world. Every night becomes a travel through clouds of pink and purple, where the unicorns dancer in a herd of horses like no other other. The soft and breathable material in Snurk bedding not only ensures comfort, but also immerses kids in a safe and cozy atmosphere.

The unicorn bedding from Snurk is not just bedding; it's a ticket to a sleepy world of fantasy where unicorns and dreams come true. Give your child a magical night's sleep with Snurk bedding with unicorns and let dreams grow wings.

Snurk football bedding for the little soccer player

For the little sports enthusiasts, Snurk delivers designs with sports themes that shelves everything from football and basketball to others sports.

With Snurk bedding with football, the little soccer player can dream into life as a soccer player and to that extent include the dream in the world of dreams.

Snurk dinosaur bedding for the dino lover in the family

Snurk dinosaur bedding takes kids on an epic travel back in time to when the majestic creatures of the past ruled. Each night is a journey of discovery filled with dinosaurs moving through a prehistoric landscape.

The lively and colorful prints on the bedding from Snurk allow kids to immerse themselves in a world of fairy tale and fascination. Soft cotton and carefully selected materials ensure a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience, while the legendary dinosaurs keep watch over the night's dreams.

Snurk bedding with dinosaurs is more than just bedding; it's a ticket to a time when the earth was populated by impressive creatures. Give your child the opportunity to wake up to a world of prehistoric fairy tale every morning with Snurk bedding with dinosaurs and let the dreams go back in time.

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