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Bundgaard Footwear for Kids

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Bundgaard Footwear for Kids

Bundgaard shoes for active kids

Bundgaard: "We make shoes that kids have to grow out of, not shoes that wear out.? The fine collection of Bundgaard shoes, slippers, boots, prewalkers and rubber boots for kids always lives up to the company's motto. The perfect outfit should always start with a solid base, and Bundgaard remains centered on functional footwear for active kids. 

Bundgaard is known for their natural fit

Bundgaard kids' shoes are known for their natural fit, giving both boys and girls good freedom of movement and support for growing feet. Their complete footwear line is designed according to kids' feet with special consideration taken into account of their continued growth and requirement for ample development space. Bundgaard footwear is designed for everyday use, where kids can grow out of their shoes naturally instead of wearing them out.

Good kids' shoes from Bundgaard

Good kids' shoes are crucial for the health of their feet and motor development, and should come with the ability to support their feet while remaining firmly in place. Bundgaard offers advantages with footwear that can be adjusted with laces, velcro straps or wide straps. The soles are very soft and flexible so that they can easily follow the movements of feet. A textured sole provides more stability and slip resistance for kids that like to run around on wet and muddy surfaces.

Bundgaard rubber boots are made of natural rubber, which is a very durable material. By taking care of the boots, they will last much longer. It's recommended to clean the boots off immediately once they get dirty. After cleaning, it's important not to dry them on things like radiators, etc., as permanent damage can result. The rubber can dry out too fast, thus generating cracks and splits, or the glue could come apart so that the boots are no longer waterproof. Once completely dry, Bundgaard boots should always be conditioned with oil.

This Danish company was established by the Bundgaard family in 1904. The company took over the shoe factory Therkildsen Sko with the primary purpose of producing superior shoes for active people. The Bundgaard family owned the company for three generations, building the strong foundation for the popular brand it is today.

Bundgaard winter boots

Bundgaard carries a wide selection of beautiful and practical winter boots to keep your kid's feet warm. The big question is to find out whether the boots selected should be short or long.

Long Bundgaard winter boots go a little further up the legs than the shorter ones, but both offer lots of warmth for the feet along with stability. Long boots are nice and practical when kids have to trudge through conditions like heavy snow.

Shop Bundgaard at Kids-world

Get your kids outfitted this season with footwear by Bundgaard, shoes designed to be fun, durable and pleasant to wear.

It's always our goal to create an excellent online shopping experience for you, and at Kids-world, we make it easy for you to shop footwear by Bundgaard from the pleasure of your own home. Feel free to browse through our Bundgaard footwear today. See our Bundgaard sale as well.

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