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Carl Oscar Lunchbox and Bottles


Carl Oscar Lunchbox and Bottles

Carl Oscar - innovative solutions for food and drink for kid

Carl Oscar is a Swedish brand that creates containers for food and drink. Their innovative and functional design with the fine colours makes the products a big favorite among kids and their parents.

Carl Oscar was founded by Annika and Niclas. They named the company after their two sons, Carl and Oscar. 

It all started with a juice cartoon

In 2007, their son Carl sat in the back seat of the car and drank a carton of juice. When he squeezed the carton a little too hard, he spilled all the juice all over himself, his clothes and even the car. This was when the idea for a tetraholder was founded and it also became Carl Oscar's first product.

The founders of Carl Oscar have vast experience in the outdoor industry where it is important to have good functionality and a high quality. It is with this knowledge and experience that they have created the products for food and drink when you are on the move. 

The products make the trip carefree and easier without any worries about spills from the food or drink. 

Functional products at reasonable prices from Carl Oscar

Functionality combined with beautiful colours and styles means that kids will love the products as much as the parents do. The aim is to create functional products at reasonable prices to make everyday life easier and a little more inspiring. 

Carl Oscar products are perfect for travel, excursions, kindergarten, in and many other places where kids need to transport food and drinks. There are smart lunchboxes that have a cold pack that keeps the school lunch fresh and cool. There are also regular lunch boxes as well as bottles and much more.

Carl Oscar dinner set

On this page you will find our delicious and versatile range of dinner set from Carl Oscar for baby and kids. We have a delicious assortment of spouts, plates, forks, knives and spoons for kids. A large set of the spoons in our range are ergonomic designed thus that they fit perfectly in the hand of your boy or girl.

Convenient dinner set from Carl Oscar

It can be difficult for a little kid to hold on tight to a cutlery, so of course they have thought of that at Carl Oscar, who is known for their wonderful and wonderful dinner set. Here at Kids-world.com we have a large assortment of dinner set from Carl Oscar and many others, so you can be sure to find something that suits your taste.

Carl Oscar

We have a wide range of fine products from Carl Oscar in different styles, sizes, types and colours. 

We have a large assortment of products from Carl Oscar and many other brands. Whether you are looking for shoes, equipment, clothes or toys for your girl or boy, you will find it in our webshop.

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