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Veja Footwear for Kids

Shoe Size
Veja Shoe - Small Flip - Multico/Marine Veja Shoe - Small Flip - Multico/Marine 35,55 €
Originally:  79,00 €  
Veja Shoe - Small Flip - Multico/Babe Veja Shoe - Small Flip - Multico/Babe 35,55 €
Originally:  79,00 €  

Durable sneakers for kids from Veja

The French brand Veja has reinvented sneakers with a production method that values both design and social responsibility highly. The aim is to design sneakers for kids that last for a long time.

That is why Veja spends more time designing the shoes than many other major brands do. Veja manufactures shoes for kids and adults that can be worn for many years. There is a great focus on all the different stages of the production process to make the shoes as durable as possible.

Quality since 2007

Since 2007, Veja has produced their durable sneakers in Brazil. Their first kids shoe was launched in 2008 and they have a stylish and cool retro style. The classic style is inspired by the Brazilian style of the 1970s.

The shoes are popular both due to the style and durability. The shoes are good for both the planet and the people and they are easy to combine with virtually any other clothing. Choose a new pair of sneakers from Veja and let your kid be part of the Green Revolution.

Sneakers by Veja cost five times as much to produce than regular sneakers. This is because the shoes produce through fair trade and with organic materials. Those who work in the production process receive a fair payment. In addition, Veja invests in research and explores new forms of technology.

How Veja was started

Veja was created by two friends when they were only 25 years old and together, they wanted to create something that gave their life new meaning. They also wanted to change the world by setting an example and showing that it is possible to acquire materials in new ways.

The organic cotton is purchased directly from small Brazilian producers and the rubber used is purchased from small communities in the Amazon.

Buy new products from Veja from us

We hope you will find nice new sneakers from Veja in our shop. We have many nice and different styles of shoes from Veja.

If you are looking for a specific product, maybe a certain style of sneakers from Veja that you cannot find please contact our customer service and we will try our best to assist you further.

Popular Veja sneakers

It goes without saying that Veja, with their sustainability profile and focus on quality, have become popular around the world. No matter where your kids are going or for whatever purpose, they will always look smart and presentable with a pair of Veja sneakers on their feet.

The large success of Veja sneakers is not least due to the large focus on 100% organic cotton and sustainable materials in the shoes.

If you would like to get the smartest and most popular sneakers for your boy or girl, Veja sneakers are therefore a really good choice, as they suit all kids and teenagers.

Shop Veja sneakers in different colours

Veja sneakers are typically constructed in such a way that they have an outer sole made of natural rubber, which gives a natural white, yellow or light brown color shade. You can then choose between several different colours of leather as the base color on the outside of the Veja sneakers.

For example, you can find Veja sneakers with a basic color in black, pink or white suede with white V. You can also find Veja sneakers in a white basic color with blue, green, black or pink V. Veja sneakers are also available in multicolour.

Look for the small color details on Veja sneakers to make your children's sneakers extra special. With a detail on the shoes such as a Veja logo in gold or a pair of yellow shoelaces, you get extra unique details on your Veja sneakers.

Veja sneakers with and without velcro

Veja sneakers with velcro are super comfortable. Velcro is an ingenious material that was created to be a faster closing method than shoelaces.

The kids don't have to tie shoelaces with velcro. This makes Veja sneakers with velcro extra quick to put on.

Everyone knows about forgetting to lace sine shoelaces and falling over them or spraining their legs. All this is avoided with Veja sneakers with velcro.

A good example of Veja sneakers with velcro are the beautiful Veja Sneakers - Multico Sable, which are closed across the foot with three practical velcro straps. These sneakers are available with multicolour suede in beige, brown, purple and pink. The Veja logo is in orange suede.

If you are looking for Veja sneakers without velcro, this is of course also an option at Kids-world. We have lots of different delicious Veja sneakers without velcro.

Veja the sneakers size guide

In our Veja sneakers size guide, you can easily find which Veja sneakers size fits your kids best. In the size guide, you get a clear overview of the different sizes and their internal measurements.

You can typically find all Veja sneakers for kids and teenagers in sizes between 28-35. You will find the size guide when you click on the Veja sneakers you are interested in.

Note that all sizes are indicative. It is recommended that you add 1-1.5 cm for growth allowance.

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