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Fabelab Clothing, Toys, Interior & Equipment for Kids


Fabelab Clothing, Toys, Interior & Equipment for Kids

Fabelab - playful organic products for the play room

Fabelab is a Danish brand that makes products for kids playrooms of high quality. The products are both innovative and sustainable, which helps to create a cozy and creative environment in the room. The products are designed in Copenhagen and encourage kids to be curious and use their imagination. The products for kids from Fabelab are multifunctional and grow with the family. 

The products for kids are elegant and made in gorgeous colors that fit well with most interior styles. There are many beautiful options of decorations for the kids room that are both beautiful and functional. The cute toys from Fabelab are also a big hit among kids thanks to the quality and style of the toys. 

The inventive people who work at Fabelab make Fabelab a unique brand with many fantastic products. The woman behind Fabelab is Michaela Weisskirchner-Barfod. She is an Austrian architect living in Copenhagen. The inspiration comes from Scandinavian design, architecture and her two young daughters. 

Fabelab and play 

Fabelab believes that kids need adventures and imagination in their lives. The products they create are designed to inspire kids and parents to fantasize and to expand their creativity and thinking. Beauty and functionality come first in the design process. It is important that the products stimulate kids development and that they become an integral part of the kids play universe. 

Ecological and sustainable 

Many of the products from Fabelab are made from organic cotton. Recycling products is important for Fabelab and they work to ensure that all their products have at least two uses. 

Baby toys from Fabelab

This category presents you with all the Fabelab baby toys for kids of all ages. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to look for the perfect Fabelab baby toy for your boy or girl.

it's a great idea to consider the various baby toys from Fabelab and the other labels if you'd like to find more ways to support your girl or boy's development.

A great assortment of baby toys from labels like Fabelab

You will find a wide collection of Fabelab baby toys. We ensure that there is a toy for every kid in lots of components, prices and designs. You'll find toys from Fabelab in our Fabelab sale as well.

Soft toys from Fabelab

Fabelab and our many other brands, creates soft toys in shapes of e.g. rabbits, savanna animals, pandas and fruits, manufactured from fabrics that are long-lasting.

With a soft toy by Fabelab, you can be certain that the kids have made a buddy that they will memorize for the rest of their lives. Who doesn't remember their beloved soft toy and the excitement of getting it?.

Snug and lovely Fabelab soft toys and other brands

We hope you will choose a Fabelab soft toy for kids at our online shop.

At our shop we have a large range of many modern and classic soft toys from Fabelab, as well as several other designers.

Fabelab has a fine assortment of soft toys in a lot different colours, designs and sizes.

Fabelab teethers for babies

Do the gums itch on your girl or boy? If the answer is yes, a teether from Fabelab can be a really good idea. Itching gums are quite a challenging period, and your boy or girl might want something to scratch it back with and bite into.

On this page, you will find our selection of Fabelab teethers for the little ones. There will certainly be a teether from Fabelab that your boy or girl will like.

Great Fabelab teethers

Teethers from Fabelab and the other brands available on our page are available in simple yet beautiful designs. 

Fabelab dolls

Many kids enjoy playing with dolls from, among others, Fabelab. If you need a Fabelab doll for your child, you have come to the right place.

Role play with dolls from Fabelab

Only the imagination sets limits to what/who the doll from Fabelab can be when the kid plays with the Fabelab doll.

Also remember to explore our others categories for doll beds and clothes for the doll.

Fabelab play food for kids

Toddlers in general enjoy playing games where they do as grownups do. Play foods from Fabelab is excellent because this gives an opportunity to play with foods in their play kitchen - just like daddy and mommy. Imitation games are so much joy.

Play food from Fabelab are produced as everything and anything from bread and fruits to cakes - superb for playing grocery store or making delightful dishes for friends and guests.

Fabelab play mats

We have a large assortment of play mats from various popular brands - including Fabelab. Fabelab play mats make a great choice.

We suggest you use our filter when searching for play mats from Fabelab for your girl or boy. Despite your taste, we guarantee you will find the play mat that both you and your girl or boy will like.

Get your new Fabelab play mat right here

We hope you will find the perfect Fabelab play mat for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We have some beautiful play mats from Fabelab. Therefore, we believe that you will discover exactly what you are looking for.

Fabelab rattles 

Fabelab rattles are great toys for babies. Fabelab designs the finest rattles made of environmentally friendly materials.

Rattles from Fabelab and motor exercise

Rattles from Fabelab and other brands available on our page are characterized by their cute designs and shapes, such as flamingos, dogs, llamas, swans, cats, giraffes, you name it.

Fabelab rattles in modern colours

Fabelab and other brands available on our page make many varieties of rattles in modern colours, made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Fabelab comfort blankets 

For many years, Fabelab has been known for making comfort blankets of high quality. You will not be disappointed with your new purchase when your kid's eyes lit up at the sight of a Fabelab comfort blanket.

Fabelab comfort blankets and cuddle cloths for the smallest ones

A number of Fabelab comfort blankets and cuddle cloths are approved for use by the smallest ones since they are free of loose, small parts and has embroidered eyes.

Buy new products from Fabelab in our shop 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Fabelab in our shop. We have a large range of many fine products. Please browse around the different categories to find other nice toys and other products.

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