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Bobo Choses

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Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses - clothes for kids inspired by play and creativity

Bobo Choses is a brand of kids' clothing which was established in 2008. The clothes are created with inspiration from childhood - play, curiosity, innocence, creativity, fantasy and humor!

The clothes from Bobo Choses are never boring, and generally colorful with beautiful motifs. The designers behind it describe themselves as being kids in adult bodies and they love to have fun with their clothing collections. Bobo Choses offers collections of clothes for both baby, kids, teenagers and young adults who are creating their own identity.

An important and unique aspect of Bobo Choses clothing is that it is unisex - all kids can go with their products. Most clothes have a wide and relaxed fit, which is extremely comfortable to wear.

Sustainable kids' clothing

The vast majority of Bobo Choses collection is produced locally, between Spain and Portugal. organic cotton for over 80% of baby and kids' clothing, and recycled polyester for outerwear and much of the accessories. All fabric residues are recycled, and Bobo Choses is also a very socially conscious brand, which ensures good working conditions for everyone who is set of the production.

Adriana Esperalba is the woman behind Bobo Choses, and is headquartered and physically located in Barcelona, Spain. She has a background as a graphic designer, and draws inspiration from rationalist architecture, as well as well-known designers and illustrators, films, books and music.

Beautiful Bobo Choses sweatshirts and sweatpants for kids

The delicious Bobo Choses sweatshirt is perfect for the kid who loves to wear casual clothes with colorful and funky patterns. Bobo Choses only produces clothes from organic cotton and recycled polyester, so you can always be sure that Bobo Choses is the environmentally correct and responsible choice.

For the smart Bobo Choses sweatshirts, you can also find matching Bobo Choses sweatpants. Complete the funky look with the lovely Bobo Choses sweatpants, which are really soft to wear and have an elastic edge at the waist so they can be adjusted according to the kid.

The completely unique thing about Bobo Choses Kids is that all the clothes are designed specifically to fit all kids, regardless of gender. You can therefore avoid looking for clothes specifically for your boy or girl, as the Bobo Choses Kids collection is made in a comfortable fit that suits all kids and all body shapes.

The collection is primarily designed for kids between 0-12 years of age, but Bobo Choses is also much loved by teenagers and young adults. Much of the clothing, including Bobo Choses sweatpants, can be found right up to size 176 and can therefore also fit older kids aged 15-16.

Bobo Choses leggings - indispensable for kids

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the lovely Bobo Choses leggings are both soft, delicious and comfortable to wear. So it may not be safe at all that you can get them off your kids again once they have put them on.

At some point, Bobo Choses leggings must of course be washed. Here, you just have to remember to follow the washing instructions.

The Bobo Choses Kids collection has designed the smart leggings in soft organic cotton and elastane, which makes them extremely stretchy. You can find Bobo Choses leggings in several different colours, including lavender, sand and grey with different types of graphic patterns, for example sweet flower prints or the fun allover print with birds.

Smart Bobo Choses jackets

When you put on a smart Bobo Choses jacket, you will immediately feel that you are ready to have fun. The beautiful patterns and graphic expressions on the beautiful Bobo Choses padded jacket are made by the creative designers behind the Bobo Choses Kids brand. Their philosophy is that the colorful patterns awaken the kid's inner imagination. You can immediately agree with that when you see the beautiful prints on Bobo Choses jacket.

When the kid puts on the wonderfully warm padded jacket from Bobo Choses, they will be able to move around in the cold outside with playful ease. It immediately spreads the joy of play in all kids.

Did you know that Bobo Choses makes a large virtue of recycling surplus materials from their own production? Bobo Choses has launched several different initiatives to reduce the amount of excess waste in their clothing production, one of which is to turn excess waste materials into new fresh textiles that can be reused in new designs.

Bobo Choses t-shirts with print

The fine graphic prints on each individual Bobo Choses t-shirt speak directly to the inner playful child and set the imagination in motion. You can get one of our delicious t-shirts from Bobo Choses for all kids between 0-9 years, as they are made to fit both genders.

You can find Bobo Choses t-shirts with fresh prints of funny chickens, flamingos and geometric toy figurine in a funky style. Combine a Bobo Choses t-shirt with matching shorts and leggings in a wide selection of colors.

There is also the option of getting a complete outfit with the beautiful graphic prints on a t-shirt from Bobo Choses with a matching Bobo Choses gym bag. Then your kids can quickly get ready for an active and fun day full of good play. The beautiful and creative patterns from Bobo Choses are fashionable and are made extra modern with a matching outfit.

Lovely warm Bobo Choses hoodies and cardigans for the little ones

There is nothing cozier than wearing a lovely soft hoodie or knitted cardigan from Bobo Choses. On a whimsical autumn day or in the fresh spring weather, a hoodie or cardigan is the perfect wardrobe accessory.

That way, your kids have the perfect choice of clothes for the difficult transition period between spring and summer or autumn and winter. The knitted Bobo Choses cardigan is made in a very soft and stretchable quality and is available in several different beautiful and fresh color combinations.

The smart Bobo Choses hoodies are the most stylish hoodie from Bobo Choses and are available in several different color shades. If you are looking for a smart and at the same time useful wardrobe, the hoodie from Bobo Choses is the perfect choice. The Hoodie is also available with matching sweatpants.

Shorts from Bobo Choses for the hot days

The smart Bobo Choses shorts are produced in durable denim and contain internal adjustable elastics and external belt straps around the waist. This gives extra flexibility and allows you to adapt Bobo Choses shorts to your child, so they feel extra comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for a pair of more casual shorts for your kids, which are for example perfect for the cozy atmosphere at home, then you can also get Bobo Choses shorts in 100% organic cotton and with a funky graphic print in a nice purple/lavender color shade.

These Bobo Choses shorts can be combined with matching t-shirts, so you can create a complete and smart Bobo Choses outfit. Bobo Choses has designed lots of comfortable clothes for kids of all ages, so that the kids can move freely, which increases the joy of play.

Remember a Bobo Choses sun hat for the summer days

When the sun is baking, there is nothing better than enjoying the warmth under a smart sun hat for kids. A Bobo Choses sun hat protects kids from harmful UV rays and provides brim for the neck, shoulders and face.

At the same time, Bobo Choses have become popular for designing unique and colorful allover prints, which create joy and challenge the traditional. The smart sun hats from Bobo Choses are also synonymous with the favorite bucket hat - an increasingly important must-have for all fashion-conscious kids who at the same time dare to emphasize their individual style.

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