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Engel wool Clothing for Kids


Engel wool Clothing for Kids

Engel organic wool

Engel is a large producer of organic wool babies and kids clothes. A German brand well known for their products made of wool, wool/silk and cotton, Engel products are manufactured with awareness for the environment and only contain certified organic materials.

Large selection of Engel wool

Here at Kids-world we have a large selection of Engel organic baby and kids clothes including bodysuits, leggings, trousers, long sleeve tops, dresses, T-shirts, booties, blankets and baby hats. All their products are produced in a manner that makes them incredibly comfortable and durable. Engel wool is made of the finest, organic merino new wool, which is perfect for babies and kids due to its amazing moisture-wicking properties.

Engel wool is soft and cozy against a baby's skin and never itchy. Easily combine our many basic items with your kid's wardrobe or include them underneath their regular clothes to keep them warm and dry.

Certified organic baby clothes from Engel wool

It's a major element of Engels' identity to produce wool for babies of exquisite quality, while ensuring environmentally friendly production. Along with the two well-known certificates GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and IVN, you as a consumer can be certain that when you buy clothing from Engel, you get clothing for your kid that lives up to some of the strictest requirements for organic textile production and social responsibility.

Wool for Engels' products comes from Argentine organic sheep farms, where they live a healthy and stress-free life. Engel only uses dyes that are free of heavy metals and harmful azo dyes.

No chemical finishes

When the wool is dyed, only reactive dye is used, and it's a product that binds particularly well to fibers, creating a material that can be washed repeatedly while colours are kept vibrant. Engel never uses chemical finishes and all used agents are biodegradable so as not to contaminate soil, air and water.

All metal parts are nickel free and all materials come from natural, renewable resources. To ensure their high quality requirements are met, Engel products are regularly tested in independent laboratories for colour vibrancy, resistance to saliva, moisture wicking properties, washing and shrinkage.

Comfortable Bodysuits from Engel for babies and kids

An Engel bodysuit is an imperative addition to your kid's wardrobe as it helps to keep their upper bodies warm. Engel bodysuits are different from so many others in that they do not open in the middle, thus eliminating any exposed areas of the body.

Bodysuits from Engel can be used under virtually every type of clothing. Whether you purchase a long-sleeved or short-sleeved Engel bodysuit, your baby will be well covered for whatever the day may bring.

Durable, high quality Engel pramsuits

Engel also produces some very nice and comfortable pram suits for both girls and boys. When you dress your kid in an Engel pramsuit, you can be assured they are kept well, safe and warm, and you'll never have to worry about them being too cold.

Engel uses only the best materials from the inside to the outside, so you can be assured that their pramsuits have undergone a thorough quality check before they arrive and you dress your kid with them.

Trousers from Engel in beautiful colours

Discover our fine selection of Engel trousers for kids of all ages. There is always a huge assortment of trousers in different colours for girls and boys.

No matter if you are looking for a pair of trousers for everyday wear or a festive party, you will certainly find the perfect pair of Engel trousers here on our site, regardless of colour and style preferences.

Versatile Engel T-shirts

There is something timeless about T-shirts, and the cool thing about them is that they can be combined with so many other types of clothing. Whether it's your intention to create a trendy look or a more neutral look, an Engel T-shirt always goes very well.

Here at Kids-world we have an insanely large selection of Engel T-shirts in a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. With an assortment of mixed polos, along with both short and long-sleeved T-shirts, there is something available to add to every wardrobe.

Remember to check out our selection of Engel cardigans, which can easily be combined with one of our many fine T-shirts. Cardigans can be worn by boys and girls, including babies, toddlers and teenagers.

Engel jumpsuits allow kids to move

Jumpsuits are extremely popular clothing items for both kids and parents. Engel produces, along with all their other fine clothing, beautiful jumpsuits for babies and kids that allow plenty of room for movement.

Our selection of jumpsuits consists of a wide assortment of cute styles and colours, so whether you are looking for completely variegated colours or cool shades that are more withdrawn, you will find them here.

If your kid is in need of something to sleep in, a jumpsuit from Engel is a great option.You can make certain that your kid's feet stay warm and comfortable during the night by choosing an Engel jumpsuit with footies. 

Engel underwear that your kid will love

The best thing you can do for your kid is to purchase some nice, comfortable Engel underwear. It is important to remember that underwear should never be too tight or too loose, as kids should never feel restricted in their movement.

Our selection of underwear includes boxers with legs, hipsters, wool underwear, panties and much more. The different types of Engel underwear are available in sizes 50, 56 and up to size 176, so we sincerely hope you find something that is suitable for your boy or girl.

Engel mittens for kids

It's always nice to have a pair of warm mittens from Engel, so kids can keep their hands warm on cold autumn or winter days. Mittens from Engel come with their very own style and expression, and compliment a number of their many other outerwear pieces.

You'll discover all the newest baby and kids clothes by Engel right here at Kids-world. They come in a variety of colourful styles that will make your little one look adorable. Feel free to browse through this season's collection by Engel today.

Tubes by Engel

This page presents you with all the tubes by Engel for girls and boys. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, you will have fine opportunities to find just the right Engel scarf for your girl or boy.

We stock many of scarf brands - including Engel. Tubes from Engel are an ideal choice. Use the filter system to discover the right Engel scarf for your kid. Don't forget to have a look at our Engel sale.

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