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Plus-Plus Toys

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Plus-Plus Toys

Infinite entertainment and creativity with Plus-Plus

Plus-Plus is a creative construction toy that both kids and adults, boys and girls love to play with for many hours at a time. You can create everything your imagination can think of in both 2D and 3D. Your Plus-Plus toys stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience.

Plus-Plus is used in everything from zoos and museums to educational institutions, as the company has many versatile products that fit in different places. Plus-Plus even allows you to create curves, thanks to the completely unique design.

Plus-Plus creates products with a vision that Plus-Plus toys should be able to help kids develop creative play. Plus-Plus believes that it is the basis of creativity and individual thinking.

Plus-Plus is loved by teachers worldwide because the products work so well in teaching.

The story of Plus-Plus: Sustainable danish toys

Plus-Plus is a privately owned danish company, which was founded in 2009. The head office is located in Holbæk near Copenhagen, but Plus-Plus also has an American office in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Plus-Plus toy is day distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide - primarily in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

The products do not contain any harmful substances or materials. Plus-Plus is even approved for food and drink (like water bottles), and does no harm if the kid puts it in their mouth.

All Plus-Plus products are produced in Denmark, where the materials are regularly tested. All plastic left over after production is recycled into several Plus-Plus bricks. All Plus-Plus products are produced in 100% recyclable plastic.

Plus-Plus sizes: Plus-Plus BIG and Plus-Plus Mini

You can get Plus-Plus bricks in different sizes. There are two Plus-Plus sizes. The one Plus-Plus size is the Plus-Plus BIG, which is the larger of the two types of Plus-Plus bricks. The other Plus-Plus size is the Plus-Plus Mini, which is the smaller of the two Plus-Plus bricks.

See more about the special features of Plus-Plus BIG and Plus-Plus Mini below and see which bricks you should choose so that your kid can have the best possible experience with his Plus-Plus toys.

Plus-Plus BIG

The two Plus-Plus sizes are suitable for each of their age groups. Plus-Plus BIG is best suited for the smaller kids. It will also typically be Plus-Plus BIG, which kids only become acquainted with when they meet them in kindergarten.

With their larger size, the Plus-Plus BIG is ideal for the smaller kids, who find it easier to use the larger Plus-Plus BIG bricks.

A Plus-Plus BIG piece is 50 mm thick. The Plus-Plus BIG piece measures 12 x 50 x 30 mm.

You may also come across Plus-Plus Midi bricks. This is because the current Plus-Plus BIG bricks were formerly called Plus-Plus Midi.

While the sizes can often be several when it comes to bricks and other toys, Plus-Plus only runs with BIG and Mini. Maxi does not exist, while Midi day has become BIG.

Plus-Plus Mini

While the Plus-Plus BIG is best suited for the smaller kids, the Plus-Plus Mini is more suitable for the slightly older kids who have developed their fine motor skills so well that they can more easily use the smaller Plus-Plus bricks that the Plus- Plus-Plus Mini, as the name suggests, is.

In our large selection of Plus-Plus Mini, you can easily find exactly the Plus-Plus bricks that fit exactly what your kid wants to build. The Plus-Plus Mini pieces come in many different themes and colours, so it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

The Plus-Plus Mini chip has a size of 4 x 20 x 12 mm, so it is somewhat smaller in size than the Plus-Plus BIG chip.

Plus-Plus bricks

You can get the different Plus-Plus bricks in both set, themes and in tubes, where they can be color-coded or contain a special Plus-Plus figure.

The characteristic of the Plus-Plus pieces is that they are shaped like two plus signs that are put together. They are made with hard plastic, which makes them durable, while opening up a long range of creative possibilities.

Plus-Plus toy figurine and Plus-Plus animal

In our large selection of Plus-Plus Mini bricks, you will also find a long number of Plus-Plus toy figurine and Plus-Plus animal.

The popular Plus-Plus toy figurine are known from the various tubes - or tube scarfs, as they are called. Here, each tube contains Plus-Plus bricks that can precisely create a very specific figure.

Plus-Plus has, among other things, made Plus-Plus animal such as a Plus-Plus unicorn, Plus-Plus dinosaur, Plus-Plus shark, a Plus-Plus tiger or a Plus-Plus giraffe.

Plus-Plus inspiration

If you or your kid is looking for Plus-Plus inspiration, then it may be a good idea to choose one of the different Plus-Plus set. The different theme sets come with a Plus- Plys building guide, which can be used to get started with the Plus-Plus pieces.

Among other things, you can get Plus-Plus inspiration for making Plus-Plus toy figurine such as robots, building castles or cars.

Plus-Plus templates and building instructions

If you have a lot of Plus-Plus bricks, but lack Plus-Plus templates or Plus-Plus building instructions, then you can find these via Plus-Plus? Homepage.

Here you can find a Plus-Plus construction guide for making Plus-Plus toy figurine such as robots or Plus-Plus animal such as elephants, pandas, pigs and horses.

Plus-Plus offers

If you are looking for great Plus-Plus deals, then you have come to the right place. Here you can find strong Plus-Plus offers on both Plus-Plus Mini and Plus-Plus BIG.

The page is continuously updated with Plus-Plus offers, but if you want to be sure that you do not miss a good Plus-Plus offer here on Kids-world.com, you can sign up for our newsletter. That way, you are always informed when there is a good Plus-Plus offer on this page.

How to wash your Plus-Plus bricks

You do not have to worry about the future use of your child's Plus-Plus bricks if they have become dirty or chattery after being in a pair of greasy and dirty kids's hands. Plus-Plus has taken this into account.

The popular Plus-Plus bricks can be washed with temperatures up to 90 degrees. However, you do not need to boil them, as washing at lower temperatures can also be enough to sheep you some nice and clean Plus-Plus Mini bricks, so you can quickly move on to building Plus-Plus toy figurine and unleash your creativity.

In connection with placing the order, you have the option of paying with kid benefit credit. Inside the payment page you can see and read more about which specific dates you can get free credit for.

If you looked past the shop to find a specific product from Plus-Plus, which you may be looking for in vain, you should just send your request to our support.

How can you build with Plus-Plus?

Are you looking for a fun and creative toys for your child? Plus-Plus is the perfect choice. With its simple shape and endless possibilities, it has become incredibly popular in a card time, and the range of products is growing all the time.

Plus-Plus promotes the imagination and creativity of both girls and boys. Your child will love playing with Plus-Plus for hours, and it's already a favorite in nurseries, kindergartens and after-care centers - but it's also perfect for playing at home in the living room.

Plus-Plus is a toys that trains children's motor skills, logic, creativity and imagination - completely without the use of screens. With its unique design in one shape, it can be put together and combined endlessly.

Plus-Plus is available in two sizes: BIG for the youngest users and Plus-Plus for everyone others. It is made of a soft plastic material and is available in a multitude of beautiful colours, which help to enhance the sensory experience.

Plus-Plus is problem-based play with elements of engineering, art and mathematics, where it's about finding out how the Plus-Plus's can be put together. It's learning in a fun and playful way that can keep kids entertained for hours.

Large selection of Plus-Plus

Plus-Plus is known for sine versatile sizes, which can be adapted to children's different needs and abilities. Plus-Plus BIG is designed especially for the youngest users and is larger in size than the original Plus-Plus.

It is specially developed to improve motor skills and stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Plus-Plus BIG measures 30 mm x 50 mm and has been tested and approved for kids from 0+.

It is a safe size that allows kids to explore their surroundings and create different toy figurine and patterns with their hands.

On the other hand, the smaller size of the Plus-Plus, which measures 12 mm x 20 mm, is perfect for kids aged 3-4 years and up. This size requires more fine motor precision and develops children's hand eye coordination and motor skills.

Plus-Plus' small sizes allow kids to create different toy figurine and patterns with a greater degree of detail and precision. Plus-Plus is available in a wide range of colours so that kids can use their imagination and create endless creations.

No matter which size is chosen, Plus-Plus allows for creative play and learning while stimulating children's imagination and motor skills. Plus-Plus has become a popular toys among kids and educators worldwide due to its simple design and positive educational value.

Plus-Plus sizes: The complete overview

Plus-Plus is available in a large variety of colours - everything from pastel to neon colours is available in the range.

- Plus-Plus in basic colours, piece length: 2 cm
- Plus-Plus in neon colours, piece length: 2 cm
- Plus-Plus in pastel, piece length: 2 cm
- Plus-Plus in the colours of the rainbow, piece length: 2 cm
- Plus-Plus in the colours of the jungle, piece length: 2 cm
- Plus-Plus in tropical colours piece length: 2 cm
- Plus-Plus BIG in basic colours, piece length: 5 cm
- Plus-Plus BIG in pastel, piece length: 5 cm
- Plus-Plus BIG in neon colours, piece length: 5 cm

Plus-Plus Puzzle by Number - New set from Plus-Plus

Puzzle by Number is an innovative and entertaining toys that combines fun and learning in a creative way. This unique blend of puzzle game and colouring book is specially designed to stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

This fun activity requires kids to combine colours and numbers in a way that helps them create a beautiful figure. It's a great way to improve their number sense and color recognition while strengthening their fine motor skills.

One of the best things about Puzzle by Number is that it is an activity that can be done alone or with others. Kids can work together to make a larger figure, or they can challenge each other by making their own individual toy figurine.

When the kids have finished making their Puzzle by Number, they can hang it up in their room and enjoy their beautiful and colorful creation. Alternatively, they can also use it as set of their toy collection and build something completely new with it.

The possibilities are endless and Puzzle by Number gives kids the freedom to explore their imagination and creativity in a fun and educational way.

Plus-Plus Go

Plus-Plus GO is the perfect way to take your Plus-Plus creations to the next level and make them even more fun. With this innovative toys, kids can now give their creations wheels and drive them around.

Plus-Plus GO consists of different wheels that are designed to fit your Plus-Plus creations perfectly. You can build everything from cars, trucks, flight and spaceships to imaginative vehicles of your own making.

With Plus-Plus GO, kids can use their imagination to build vehicles that they can drive around the floor and explore the world around them. It allows them to explore, invent and play in a fun and imaginative way.

Plus-Plus GO is a great way to stimulate children's imagination and creativity, while allowing them to learn about form and function. It is also a good way to strengthen their fine motor skills as building the vehicles requires precision and dexterity.

Plus-Plus GO is a fun and interactive toys that can be used by kids of all ages. It is the perfect gift for creative and curious kids who love to build and play. So jump aboard and see how far your imagination can take you with Plus-Plus GO.

Plus-Plus is an award-winning toys

Since 2009, Plus-Plus has impressed both families with children and institutions with their creative toys. This has led to increased popularity and more prices in the toy world. The Plus-Plus toys have won several prestigious toy awards, including:

- Popular Mechanics USA: "Best of Toy Fair 2019"
- Toy Collection USA: "Seller of the Year 2018" Toy Collection USA
- Learning Express: "Best Building Toys 2018"
- Czech Toy Prize 2015
- Polish Toy Prize 2015
- Polish Design Institute: "Design Award 2013"
- NPO Japan Good Toy Committee: "Good Toy Award 2013"
- Neighborhood Toy Stores of Canada (NETS): "Gold Star 2013"
- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: "Best Toy Award Gold Seal 2013"
- Canadian Toy Testing Council: "Toy Report 2014 Award Winner"
- Ed Expo 2013, USA: "Most Popular New Product" Kid's Biz Fair
- Warsaw, Poland "Best Product 2012"

With so many awards and accolades, it's no surprise that Plus-Plus toys have become a favorite among kids and adults alike around the world. Their innovative and fun toys continue to excite and inspire kids to explore their creative sides and create new things every day.

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