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bObles Toys for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House Balcony - Oslo bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House Balcony - Oslo 40,30 €
Originally:  62,00 €  
bObles Tumlehus - Town House Double - Oslo bObles Tumlehus - Town House Double - Oslo 48,75 €
Originally:  75,00 €  
bObles Tumlehus - Town House Double - Stockholm bObles Tumlehus - Town House Double - Stockholm 48,75 €
Originally:  75,00 €  
bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House - Stockholm bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House - Stockholm 31,20 €
Originally:  48,00 €  
bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House - Oslo bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House - Oslo 31,20 €
Originally:  48,00 €  
bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House Terrace - Oslo bObles 's Tumlehus - Town House Terrace - Oslo 31,20 €
Originally:  48,00 €  
bObles 's Tumble House - Town Water Tower - Oslo bObles 's Tumble House - Town Water Tower - Oslo 40,30 €
Originally:  62,00 €  

bObles Toys for Kids

bObles tumble animals and furniture

bObles is an iconic brand that designs fantastic furniture with the specific purpose of stimulating kids' motor skills development. At Kids-world, you will find a huge selection of tumble animals and furniture from bObles for playful kids and adults.

All products from bObles are made of a soft and practical EVA foam material, and can stand up to kids' rough and tough play.

The material comes with a unique surface that is soft as skin to the touch, and as a result, very young kids are unable to keep their hands off of it. The products are non-slip when positioned on the floor and do not mark.

All tumble animals in the collection can be easily washed with soap and water, and are also fun for kids to have with them in the bathtub. The tumble animals come in beautiful colours that appeal to both boys and girls, and include eye-catching contrasting stripes to attract the attention of very young kids.

Where can you buy bObles? You can at Kids-world

At Kids-world you will find a huge selection of bObles from all the collections. We have made it super easy for you to find products from bObles here at Kids-world. You can either use our search function and enter bObles, or you can find bObles as a category under brands in the menu at the top of our page.

How to play with bObles?

bObles has several different collections, all of which challenge your child and let kids play in different ways.

What the collections have in common is that bObles gives kids the opportunity to play actively and challenge motor skills, while the various bObles elements can be used for several functions. So it is largely only the imagination that sets the limits when playing with bObles.

Can you wash bObles?

Since bObles are toys that kids actively use, they must be washed once in a while. Fortunately, it is an easy process that both parents and kids can enjoy doing together.

You need a shower or a bathtub, bucket or washtub, a mild universal cleaner, and a cloth or sponge.

The first thing you need to do is place all your child's bObles in the bathroom under the shower. You must rinse them and then make a mild mixture of detergent and water in a bucket. Now wash the bObles toy thoroughly and rinse it when it has been sufficiently washed. Finally, leave your child's bObles to dry - you can possibly wipe them off with a towel.

bObles products are made of EVA- foam and cannot withstand harsh heat - bObles must therefore never be washed in the dishwasher.

Which bObles is best?

Which bObles collection you should choose products from depends on your child's interests and preferences. bObles has many collections - the Bounce collection offers your child plenty of speed and jumps, while the Towns collection lets them build a town that they can actively use in many different ways. If your child loves animal, the Animals collection may be the ideal choice for them. In addition, there are also the Living, Pippi by bObles and Rainbow collections. Of course, bObles from the different collections can also be advantageously bought and used together.

What do you use bObles for?

bObles is a range of toys and activity furniture that stimulates your child's motor development, learning and creativity. bObles are made of EVA foam and are safe for even small kids to play with. bObles requires your child to use sine body and hands in different ways that strengthen their balance, coordination, creative thinking and more. bObles tumbler furniture encourages your child to creative play and is the epitome of danish innovation and design. bObles are multifunctional designer products for kids that fit perfectly into all rooms in modern Danish homes.

bObles - Time for games & tumbling

From the very beginning, bObles has collaborated with the pediatric physiotherapist Louise Hærvig, who has been instrumental in the development of the tumble furniture, creating them to be challenging and stimulating for kids of all ages. To begin enjoying all bObles tumble furniture, just start playing.

bObles tumble furniture is fun to move around, and encourages kids through play and movement from the time they are quite small, to slightly larger toddlers, up through school age and even when they become adults. When kids are very young, they don't move that too much, so the tumble furniture is a great inspiration.

Baby toys from bObles

We stock an excellent selection of baby toys by labels such as bObles and others.

If you would like to find more ways to support your kids in their development, it is a good idea to consider the different baby toys from bObles and others. bObles baby toys both maintain and help your boy or girl explore more.

Shop bObles baby toys here

At Kids-world we want to offer baby toys for babies and kids that inspires and are safe for the little one in the family. Therefore, we put a lot of effort have a wide collection of baby toys from bObles.

We have toys for babies in various price ranges, designs and components. We believe you will find the baby toys you are searching for at our shop.

The story of bObles

bObles has won several international awards for their amazing quality and well conceived designs in regard to kids' motor skills development.

The exciting adventure began with architect Bolette Blædel, who, as a new mother in 2006, felt that a type of furniture for kids was needed to encourage them to play and move more.

Together with her sister, designer Louise Blædel, Bolette created a wide range of multifunctional furniture that is not only beautiful to look at, but allows kids' motor skills to be stimulated as well.

New products are constantly being developed in collaboration with professionals such as pediatric physiotherapists.

bOble's tumble furniture is decorative

The primary idea behind bObles is that the tumble furniture not be stored away in the kids' room, but be so beautiful that parents are happy to display the pieces in their living room.

The popular and diverse bObles tumble furniture collection includes the bObles elephant, bObles crocodile, bObles chicken, bObles dino, bObles donut, bObles tumble stone, bObles duckling and bObles turtle.

bOble's tumble time is fun

bObles is the creator of tumble time, an event concept where adults along with their kids can let their imagination soar, and their inner kid can play among the fun tumble furniture while finding inspiration as to how movement can be incorporated into everyday life. Tumble time gives us a better understanding of how we can challenge our kid's motor skills by rolling, crawling, jumping and balancing our way to a happy body.

How old does my kid have to be to use bObles?

Although there is really no definite answer to that question, bObles can be enjoyed by both babies and kids. Always remember the importance in early stages of a kid's motor development that a small amount of assistance is required from parents until they have grown to the point that their motor skills have further developed.

bObles balls for kids

bObles balls are fun toys and they can be used by both girls and boys. Who does not like to have fun with a ball?

Here with us you will find a good assortment of balls by bObles among others.

Fine balls from bObles

We offer bObles balls as well as other brands that are made in different materials, colours and sizes.

Please browse through our whole selection of balls for girls and boys if you can't find the perfect ball by bObles.

bObles swings

On this page, you will find our selection of bObles swings and swing accessories. This is also where you will find the ever-popular bObles donut swings.

bObles swings are just perfect for kids of all ages to play and have fun with, and they can be combined with other cute and fun foam figures from bObles in beautiful colours, so the kid should have even more opportunities for active and creative play that will improve his/her motor skills.

Swings can be hung up by the straps that are gathered at the top in a swivel so that it can rotate around itself. At the top, there is a carabiner that can be attached to a hook in the ceiling. The straps can each be adjusted so that the swing is set at the right height.

bObles roller board

The roller board from bObles have become a huge hit in countless homes with tumblers. If you already know about the tumbling products from bObles, or actually have several of them at home, you should definitely consider a bObles roller board as an addition to the collection.

Small kids love being pushed around on the comfortable rollers with 4 wheels at the bottom. The feeling of buzzing in the stomach and excitement is something that you can introduce your little one to with a roller board from bObles. The roller board comes in several different colours, so you can choose one that suits your interior style.

Another brilliant advantage of a bObles rollers is that it is designed for interactive play between parent and child. Your child will love being pushed around on the roller board and whizzing back and forth between mom and dad.

bObles roller board are of course made of delicious materials that are comfortable for your child to sit and lie on. The roller board itself consists of non-slip EVA foam, which makes it safe and easy for your child to let their imagination run wild. Your child will love to transport the roller board around themselves and strengthen their motor skills. Slightly older kids can race off either via their arms and legs - depending on whether they lie on their stomachs or sit on the tumbling board.

How to use a bObles roller board

set of the genius of the bObles roller board is that it can be used both alone and combined with others tumble products from the collection. You can advantageously place another tumbling piece of furniture on top of the roller board's surface - then it suddenly turns into a race car or flying blanket. The roller board also grows in step with your child - the older your child gets, the wilder you can make the roller board and the experience.

Fortunately, the bObles tumbling board is also super easy to clean. The EVA foam that bObles uses for their bouncy furniture is water repellent. It is recommended that you use a wet cloth with a neutral detergent. You can also use lint rollers, alcohol or just wash the roller board in the bath.

As mentioned earlier, your child does not have to outgrow his bObles roller board. There is ample opportunity for it to develop together with your child using others products from bObles. For example, you can buy bObles chicken and put it on the roller board - it will thus support your child's head. When your child gets a little older, you can place a bObles elephant in the back. This turns the tumbling board into a bObles car - absolutely perfect for whizzing around the home again and again.

Let your child develop his motor skills with a bObles roller board

bObles is a brand known for their wonderful tumbling products for smaller kids. The products are hugely interactive and require kids to use their physics in various ways. A roller board from bObles will help them develop their motor skills, i.a. a bObles roller board stimulates both your child's vestibular sense and muscle and joint sense.

In a world where kids as well as adults spend more and more time in front of a screen, it is important to encourage kids to play physically and develop as early as possible. Kids have fallen in love with the sustainable bouncy furniture from bObles. The roller board has become a favorite here. You will certainly not regret your purchase of a rollers from bObles.

bObles play mats

Here at Kids-world, we bring you a fine selection of play mats from bObles and many other brands. Regardless of your kids' age, you should have a great opportunity to find the ideal bObles play mat for your boy or girl.

We offer a wide selection of play mats from various brands - including bObles. Play mats from bObles are a great choice.

We suggest you use our filter when looking for bObles play mats for your boy or girl. Despite your taste and preferences, we guarantee you will find the play mat that both you and your kid will like.

We hope you will find the ideal bObles play mat for your kid right here at Kids-world.

News and bObles sale

Products from bObles are extremely popular, so it's always a good idea to keep an eye on announcements regarding when new collections will be launched. Despite great demand, we have occasional markdowns of many of the products, so you can purchase bObles at reduced prices.

If you are interested in purchasing products from bObles at discounted prices, it's always important to keep an eye on our sales category.

We hope you will find the bObles products you are looking for. If you have any questions or are looking for something specific, please send our customer service an email and we would be happy to be of assistance.

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