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Sportswear and equipment

Shoe Size
Hust and Claire Bikini - Hanny - Pearl Blue Hust and Claire Bikini - Hanny - Pearl Blue 23,45 €
Originally:  33,50 €  
Hummel Sports Bag - Astralis 21/22 - 48 L - Marine Hummel Sports Bag - Astralis 21/22 - 48 L - Marine 37,52 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Liewood Swim Vest - 19-30 kg - Dove - Shell/Pale Tuscany Liewood Swim Vest - 19-30 kg - Dove - Shell/Pale Tuscany 35,63 €
Originally:  50,90 €  
Liewood Water Wings - 0-15 kg - Shirley - Flora/Sandy Liewood Water Wings - 0-15 kg - Shirley - Flora/Sandy 18,41 €
Originally:  26,30 €  
Liewood Water Wings - 15-30 kg - Shirley - Flora/Sandy Liewood Water Wings - 15-30 kg - Shirley - Flora/Sandy 18,41 €
Originally:  26,30 €  
Liewood Water Wings - 15-30 kg - Shirley - Leopard/Sandy Liewood Water Wings - 15-30 kg - Shirley - Leopard/Sandy 18,41 €
Originally:  26,30 €  
Liewood Water Wings - 0-15 kg - Shirley - Leopard/Sandy Liewood Water Wings - 0-15 kg - Shirley - Leopard/Sandy 18,41 €
Originally:  26,30 €  

Sports - Sportswear for kids 

Find wonderful sportswear and sports equipment for kids here at Kids-world. Most kids love sports and they need to have the right clothes and equipment to participate in the training sessions and games. We offer sportswear for all kids of different ages and in our range, there are products for both the youngest and oldest kids.

We have clothes for many different types of sports so whether your kid is practicing football, swimming, training, handball, skate, gymnastics or something completely different you will find a wide range of sportswear for many different sports here with us. 

In addition, we also offer various accessories for sports. Please browse our range or use some of the smart search filters at the top of the page to find the products easily and quickly you are looking for. 

Sportswear for physical education in school 

Even if your kid does not have any sports activities during their free time, it's still important that they have sportswear that they're really happy with. Most kids have PE in school at least once a week. That is why they need stylish and practical sportswear that they feel comfortable in and that they easily can move around in. 

Here you will find our range of sportswear for kids of all ages and sizes. We also offer many different styles of sportswear. Some kids prefer shorts while others prefer longer leggings or a sporty skirt. We also have sportswear with long and short sleeves and trousers with long or short trouser legs. 

We also offer sportswear in many different styles. Whether your boy or girl trains a lot or just wants to play ball during PE, you will find sportswear in our range that is perfect for whatever it is needed for.

Many different types of sportswear for kids 

No kids are the same and this of course also applies when it comes to their wishes and needs regarding sports and sportswear. We always make sure to offer many different types of sportswear. Therefore, you can find everything from leggings, joggers, shorts to skirts for your boy or girl. In addition, we also offer tank tops, T-shirts, long-sleeved sweaters, hoodies, sports tops, gym clothes and much more. 

In our range you will find sportswear like sport shorts, track pants, tracksuits and sports equipment for kids from many different brands and in different price ranges. You can also find sportswear that has nice patterns and nice colours and hopefully you and your kid will find sportswear that fits their sport no matter what it is.

While you are here, do remember to check out our range of scooters and roller skates!

Popular brands


Sports bags and gym bags for kids 

In addition to sportswear, we also offer sports bags and gymsacks for kids. Gym bags are normally a little smaller than regular sports bags and they are perfect for sports lessons at school because they are not too big and heavy to carry in the school bag. 

The sports bags are usually a little bigger and they are perfect for training. There is room for a towel, workout clothes, a change of clothes, shoes, a water bottle, a snack, and a little extra space just in case your kid needs something else for the workout. The fitness bag is also perfect to use if your boy or girl is going on a weekend trip or an overnight stay at a friends house.

We offer sports bags and gym bags in many different colours, shapes and sizes from many brands. You will probably find a bag that your kid will love. 

Find exactly what you are looking for 

If you think our range of sportswear is a bit overwhelming, do not worry. You can always use our smart filters located at the top of the page to sort the products by size, price, brand, colour, gender and type. This makes it easier to get an overview of which products fit your kids wishes. 

If you know which product you are looking for, you can also use our search function at the top of the page. 

You can also browse around to find new products and find inspiration. If you have any questions about our product range or specific products, please feel free to contact our customer service team where we are ready to answer your questions and assist you as well as we can. 

Sportswear for the ski trip

Do you love skiing together as a family? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will find lots of sportswear and baselayers for the ski holiday in the shape of ski pants and undergear. A pair of ski trousers is a and o for a good ski trip especially if your kids is a little extra frozen. 

We sell ski trousers in many different colours and patterns. There are ski trousers for kids who love to stand out from the crowd to ski trousers that are a bit more neutral. You can choose from a pair of ski trousers that have suspenders or a pair without suspenders. In addition, there are some designs where the suspenders can be removed. 

In addition to ski trousers, we also offer undergear that both helps to keep the little one warm and that leads the sweat away from the skin. 

If you are looking for a good ski jacket you can also find this in our category 'winter jackets' in the menu at the top. There you will find many jackets that are also suitable for skiing. In the menu at the top you will also find other thermal and fleece clothes that can also serve as an extra layer during the coldest days on the ski slopes. 

Sportswear for swimming and for the beach 

If you have a kid who loves water at your house, this category is perfect for you. Our wide range of sportswear and equipment also includes clothing and equipment for swimming. Whether you are looking for products for a small baby or for a teenager, you will find many smart products to choose from. 

Here you will find many nice swimwear, bikinis, swimming goggles, floating aids, swimming caps, flip flops, snorkels, diving fins and flippers, life jackets and wetsuits. In short, you will find everything you can imagine you will need to be able to swim in a pool, in a lake or the sea. 

If you are going on vacation and there is an opportunity for the kids to dive, it might be a good idea to buy a snorkeling mask, swim goggles or a diving masks so you don't have to rent an expensive one on the beach. 

Or maybe the hotel where you are going to stay has a swimming pool and it might be good to bring a couple of arm floats for your kid if they are not comfortable in the water. Who knows maybe they learn to swim better while you are on holiday. 

No matter the reason that you are looking for equipment, you will find great products here with us. Please browse around our products to find what suits your kid's needs. 

Sportswear for football 

Football is one of the most popular sports in the UK and therefore we also offer sportswear and sports equipment for both boys and girls who love to play football. Here in our online shop you will find football shirts and football shorts from famous clubs, football strips and shorts for kids. 

We also offer shin guards, footballs and football clothes for little and large kids and whether your kid is a beginner or an experienced football player, we offer many products to choose from. 

During autumn it is a bit colder on the pitch and therefore we offer nice sportswear that has long sleeves and trouser legs as well as cardigans, hoodies, and separate sweatpants in our large range. 

We offer sportswear for football in many different colours which allows your kid to easily match their favorite club or find football clothes in their favorite colour. 

We also offer a wide range of football socks and football boots for kids. We offer shoes in EU sizes 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44. You can use the filters at the top to find specific sizes. 

If you are unsure of the size of your kid's feet, you can always find a size guide under all our different football boots. You simply measure your kid's feet and then you can check which size fits best. Remember to include 1-11/2 cm space allowance so that the shoes last your kid longer. 

Sportswear for handball 

Another sport that is popular with kids is handball. There are many handball clubs all over the world that are known for bringing together the community both inside and outside the hall. It is no wonder at all if your kid wants to be part of the community and play handball. 

Here you will find a wide range of many nice sportswear that is perfect for playing handball. There are clothes in both small and large sizes in many different price ranges. 

Among other things, you can find stylish shorts in beautiful colours and materials from many different brands. In addition, you can find training tops, tank tops, T-shirts and sweaters for boys and girls who love handball. 

If you are looking for workout clothes suitable for a kid playing goalie, check for long sweatpants and long sleeve shirts to protect the kids from hard shots. 

Sportswear for kids of all ages 

Whether your kid is going to their first training session or it is a little but experienced sports guy or girl, we offer a wide range of sportswear for your kid. Here at Kids-world you will find something for everyone regardless of age and activity. You will find many different sizes and sportswear that fit many different sports. 

Usually we offer sportswear for kids in sizes 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158, 164, 170, 176 and 188. You can easily find sportswear with us that is suitable for all kids in your family. 

Feel free to use our filters at the top of the page to sort your sportswear by different sizes to see sportswear that suits your little one. 

Sportswear for kids in beautiful colours 

First, it is important that sportswear for kids are practical and comfortable, but it is also important that the kids find the clothes nice. Fine sportswear in a delicious colour can be a good motivation to stay active during sport or PE at school or when trying a new sport. 

It always comes with nerves to be the new one in the team and a nice set of sportswear might help a bit with the nervousness during the first training session. It is easy to find stylish workout clothes here that kids will love to wear over and over again. 

Kids just like adults have different styles and many kids have a favorite colour. That is why we offer all the colours of the rainbow here at Kids-world. We offer sportswear in colours such as blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, pink, red and black. 

You will find everything from solid colour sportswear to sportswear with beautiful patterns and different motifs. There is sportswear with prints of flowers, hearts and logos or patterns such as camouflage, leopard, stripes or zebra. 

If you're looking for a specific colour, you can always use the search filter at the top of the page. Remember that you can easily combine different filters at the same time. For example, you can search for 'green' and 'T-shirt' to see our range of green T-shirts.

Sportswear for kids from famous brands 

Many kids love different brands and their logos. We offer sportswear from brands all over the world, that vary both in price and design. We offer sportswear for kids from over 90 different brands. You are likely to find awesome sportswear that you and your kid will love. 

Sportswear for kids can also be worn during everyday life. Many kids love the sporty style of clothing and a pair of shorts, a hoodie or a pair of sweatpants can either be used daily or maybe even during the weekend when we snuggle up on the sofa in front of a movie or during an excursion to the forest. 

Buy new sportswear for kids here at Kids-world 

We hope you find nice new sportswear for your boy or girl here at Kids-world. We have a large range of clothes that are suitable for all different sports and activities as well as for everyday life. You and your kid will probably find sportswear that will fit perfectly for PE at school or for any other sport. 

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