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Tiny Treasures


Tiny Treasures

Dolls and accessories from Tiny Treasures

Tiny Treasures makes the finest baby dolls that kids love to look after and play with in everyday life. They get the opportunity to use their imagination and really get into the role of parents. The Tiny Treasures baby dolls are very realistic - they have a realistic scent, soft hair and cute eyes. They give kids an authentic experience of being parents.

The Tiny Treasures baby dolls look like, feel and smell like a real baby. The Dolls come in a box either shaped like a car seat or bed with straps, as well as a hospital tag and birth certificate.

Tiny Treasures baby dolls are a great way to introduce kids to caring for others. They can dress the dolls, change their diapers and feed them, which is a rewarding and educational experience. Tiny Treasures can also help kids develop their empathy and communication skills through role play.

The Tiny Treasures universe also includes lots of doll clothes and accessories. Your child will have the opportunity to fill up their doll's wardrobe with fantastic outfits, so they can dress their doll for any occasion. Your child can choose from everything from fine pyjama set for a cozy evening at home, to a fine ballerina outfit when it needs to be more festive.

Whatever fairy tale your child has planned, Tiny Treasures offers a range of clothing to match perfectly.

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