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Drawing, measuring and school tools for kids from Linex

Linex has a wide range of stationery. The legendary SuperLineal is from Linex, and is hugely known both in Denmark and abroad. It has a completely unique anti-slip function so that the ruler does not slip under light pressure.

Linex complies with ISO standards for drawing articles, these have to do with precision, and Linex has always been known for good quality.

With Linex, learning becomes a little easier and more fun, and ensure that you can always achieve the best results and the highest precision. With Linex sheep very reliable products that will last for a very long time.

Linex rulers, colouring pencils, etc.

Linex also offers drawing triangles and rulers, erasers, colouring pencils, cutting boards, pencil sharpeners and passes - in others words, everything your kid needs in their pencil case for school and math lessons.

Linex is a danish brand which was founded in 1935 by the Danish civil engineering Frede Duelund Nielsen.

A few years earlier, he had started making ship baskets, and after World War II, sales really took off in the company's stationery. Linex was acquired by Bantex A/S in 1993.

day, Bantex A/S is owned by Hamelin, which is one of the world's leading companies in office supplies. In addition to Linex, they also own Elba, Oxford, Bantex and Unilux.

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