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Splash About


Splash About

The sweetest swimming products for baby from Splash About

Splash About is one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear for kids all over the world. They have more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing products. Splash About knows a lot about what kids want and use this knowledge when they invent products that are used daily around the world.

Behind Splash About is the Goodwin family and they founded the company in 2006. Two of their top inventions are their life jackets and their wetsuits, and both are popular worldwide.

Their most famous product is the award-winning swim nappy and it is extremely popular in the UK as well as the rest of the world. They are the only swim nappies that protect against leakage when in the pool.

Popular swimming equipment for babies and kids all over the world

Splash About products are the most widely used and finest baby swimming equipment in the UK and their popularity is growing steadily worldwide. Tens of thousands of kids wear the bath diaper and swimming vest when bathing. With Splash About products, babies and toddlers can feel completely safe in the water.

The specialists who work at Splash About continue to design and create amazing new products. The range is constantly being expanded and the latest products are always tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they are of the best quality.

Splash Abouts mission is easy. They want to continue to offer innovative, solid and beautiful products for babies and kids. Splash About is without a doubt the best choice when it comes to swimming equipment for your kid.

Splash About swim trunks

Splash About offers many fine models of swim trunks for kids. So it's easy to find Splash About swim trunks. Their Jammers swim trunks are ideal for small kids who are not yet potty trained, but want a more grown-up look.

The Jammers swim trunks from Splash About are made of comfortable, soft neoprene. There is silicone around the thighs and they hold puddles, just like the swim diapers from Splash About.

Splash About's swim trunks are designed to look like normal swimwear, but do not require a diaper for kids who are not yet fully potty trained.

With Splash About swim trunks, smaller kids can feel that they are just like big brothers, while parents can be calm, as all accidents are hidden in the swim trunks.

The Splash About swim trunks are in every way the ideal alternative to the swim diapers if you have a slightly older child.

Happy Nappy - The smart Splash About swim diaper

Splash About Happy Nappy swim diaper are now even better than ever before. They are reusable neoprene swim diapers that protect against puddle leaks. Parents all over the world have fallen in love with Splash About's swim diaper.

The Splash About swim diapers are designed to move with babies as they kick and play with water. They fit tightly around the waist and thighs and have a secure closure that keeps everything inside.

The Happy Nappy swim diapers from Splash About are ergonomically designed for babies. Splash About Happy Nappy are soft and gentle on the skin.

There is no tight elastic around the waist, so your child will not be bothered or get red brands. The Happy Nappy swim diapers are reusable and chlorine resistant.

You get large value for money with the swim diapers from Splash About. They can be used again and again and are environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for disposable nappies.

Splash About swimsuits for the swim

The Splash About swimsuits have won several awards. They include a reusable neoprene Happy Nappy.

Splash About's swimsuits thus also protect against puddle leaks. They fit tightly around the waist and thighs, so they hold on to any accidents.

The top part of the swimsuits from Splash About has many nice print that small kids will be happy about. The Swimsuits can be used alone or together with Nappy Wraps for extra protection. This also makes nappy changing easier.

Splash About's swimsuits come with wide straps that do not leave brands on children's bodies. They are chlorine resistant and retain the beautiful colours and fine designs. The Swimsuits from Splash About are available for babies aged 0-3 years.

Smart Splash About wetsuits

You can advantageously buy one of Splash About's beautiful wetsuits for your child. They include the Happy Nappy system, as well as a UPF50+ top, which protects kids from the sun.

The smart Splash About wetsuits are perfect for holidays at the beach. Kids can use Splash About wetsuits for outdoor pools and play in the garden.

Splash About wetsuits are the perfect new addition to your baby's summer wardrobe. They combine the Happy Nappy diaper system in neoprene with a long-sleeved top. This way your child is both protected from the sun and puddle leaks.

The Nylon- lycra uppers on the wetsuits from Splash About are lightweight and cooling. They cover the areas of your baby that are most sensitive to the sun - even in the water.

The Wetsuits from Splash About are available in many cute designs, which are both comfortable and fine to look at.

Find the right Splash About swimwear with our Splash About size guide

We have made it very easy for you to find Splash About swimwear for your child in the right size.

You can find a size guide on the products from Splash About right here at Kids-world. You will find a Splash About size guide for both our Splash About swim trunks and Splash About swimsuits under the individual products.

Splash About swim vest for those new to the water

Splash About's swim vests are ideal for kids who are about to try their hand at water for the first time. The Go Splash Swim swim vest is a compact swim vest that is both practical and lightweight.

The Swim vests from Splash About are made with quick-drying neoprene, which is also super soft. They are perfect for pack in your swimming bag or suitcase.

Splash About's swim vests is a bestseller from the brand. They help keep kids in the correct position when learning to swim.

The Swim vests are of very high quality, so you get real value for money. Splash About's swim vests are the perfect addition to your child's swim gear.

Splash About's swim vests are designed to help kids learn to swim. They are not life jackets, so kids should only use them under adult supervision.

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