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Shoelaces and shoe care from 2GO

The 2GO series from the Swedish company Bandi offers unique and innovative shoelaces, which can easily be put in your kid's sneakers.

Many of 2GO's shoelaces are elastic, which allows the shoes to fit even more comfortably. They also have spiral shoelaces that don't need to be tied. Shoelaces from 2GO are also available in different lengths and colours. In addition, there are fine shoe care products, to ensure your shoes can stay nice for much longer. All 2GO's products are available at some very attractive prices.

About the company behind 2GO

The company Bandi is a Swedish company, and for more than 80 years, they have developed and produced innovative textile products in extremely good quality. The products are used for all sorts of things today. For example, rehabilitation of sports injuries and shoelaces.

Bandi was founded in 1938 and began producing shoelaces for the growing Swedish shoe industry. Bandi quickly invested in their very own machines, which were able to dye yarn and textile ribbons. Over time, Bandi has been used for military, personal and industrial equipment. Bandi has become a hugely recognized company in the textile industry and their products can be found almost everywhere. Bandi only produces high quality products, and these are amazing products you can really trust and rely upon.

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