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Make bath time more fun with Tinti 

It is time to jump into the colorful waters! What if bath time could start like this? There are few kids who would not want to have a bath if this was the case. Since 1999, Tinti has made this possible with many fun products for kids. 

Tinti offers a wide range of new sensory experiences for kids with products that color, bubble, and spin in the water. All this at the same time as little one’s sensitive skin gets cleaned and stays soft. This is why Tinti is one of the most popular and famous brands when it comes to kids’ toiletries. 

The products from Tinti do not contain microplastics and other ingredients that can be harmful to the environment or little ones. The products are all developed for kids sensitive skin and they are dermatologically tested. They contain natural fruit colors and discolor neither the skin nor the tub. 

With products from Tinti, the kids are transported to a fantastic underwater world where a new adventure awaits them every bath time. 

The man behind Tinti

Tinti was founded spontaneously when founder Rainer Wild visited the Sistine Chapel in Rome where Michelangelo's world-famous Adam's creation stood while it was being renovated. 

Rainer was so inspired by the painting that he himself wanted to develop equally beautiful and natural colors. When he discovered that the paint used by Michelangelo was toxic and contained lead, he decided to create natural colors without any health risks. 

When Tinti was founded, the company started producing watercolor paints for young kids and soon after followed the natural colors for the bath which is still today the most famous part of the range from Tinti. 

Bath toys from Tinti

Tinti makes bath toys for boys and girls. We stock lots of different bath toys, including bath rings, bath toy animals and beach balls, which means that the kids will have enough toys to play with for a lot of hours.

Tinti bath toys are perfect for amusing hours in the bath. Playing with bath toys can make the daily shower routine more enjoyable for many girls and boys.

Here at this category you can buy from an large assortment of lots of nice and fun bath toys from Tinti, as well as lots of other designers.

Tinti bath accessorie

You will find all the nice bath accessories from Tinti that we offer, here in this category. 

Here at Kids-world we do everything we can to offer a large and exciting range of bath accessories from Tinti, among others. Whether you are looking for toys, shoes, equipment or clothes for your girl or boy, there is a good chance that you will find it in our shop.

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