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Funkita swimwear for kids and teens from Funkita

Funkita produces enormously stylish swimwear for kids and teenagers. The company originates from Melbourne, Australia, and their products are hugely stylish with creative designs on.

The Swimwear for kids is always nice and colorful, and will ensure that the kids look extremely smart all day on the beach or in the swimming pool.

Funkita designs swimwear for adults for professional swimming, and the swimwear for kids is of the same high and durable quality - here you sheep swimwear for kids that really lasts a long time

Funkita uses only the very best materials and adheres to strict production guidelines, to ensure the best possible swimwear for kids, teenagers and adults.

The story of Funkita

Funkita was founded in 2004 with the aim of making a large selection of comfortable and colorful, as well as chlorine-resistant swimwear that fits as it should.

Funkita's swimwear is made of C- Infinity, which is a special Italian form of polyester that ensures that the beautiful colours of the swimwear do not fade and that the swimwear does not lose its shape, even after many hours in chlorinated water or under the sun.

In 2016, Funkita released their first FINA-approved swimsuit, which was developed using body shaping technology on elite athletes, as well as many hours of tests.

Funkitas APEX Stealth was developed as the most form-fitting performance swimsuit on the market, for professional swimming athletes.

day, Funkita is a well-established brand, and also produces training clothes for fitness use.

Funkita Towels

Is there anything better than a nice hot tub or shower? Add a final touch to your bathing experience with a lovely towel from Funkita. Your kids will love it. Here at Kids-world.com, we have a fine selection of Funkita towels for boys and girls.

Towels from Funkita for both big and small kids

In our selection of towels from Funkita, you will find towels for babies too. For example, we have towels with a hood that keeps the soft robe in place when your little one needs to be dried after the bath.

Towels from Funkita come in several different styles and lovely colours and colour combinations.

Towels from Funkita in several sizes

We have a wide range of sizes so you can find bath towels, wraps and beach towels from Funkita and many others brands.

Funkita swim goggles

At Kids-world we have a large selection of swim goggles from brands such as Funkita and many others. Regardless of the age of your kids, you should have a great opportunity to find the best Funkita swim goggles for your girl or boy right here on our page.

We offer a fine selection of swim goggles brands - including Funkita. Swim goggles from Funkita are a great choice.

We suggest you use our filter search while looking for Funkita swim goggles for your girl or boy. Whatever your preferences are, we can assure you that here you can find the swim goggles that both you and your girl or boy are looking for.

We have swim goggles from Funkita

If you buy your boy's or girl's next swim goggles from Funkita here at Kids-world, we will be very happy and we promise you that you will not regret your purchase.

We offer fantastic swim goggles from Funkita. That is why we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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