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Recommended Age (Toys)


Danish designed costumes and accessories for kids from Liontouch 

The Danish brand, Liontouch, takes kids on a journey to a new universe of costumes, where it is your imagination and nothing else that sets the limit. Liontouch has a wide selection of costumes and accessories for kids who want to dress up as princesses, knights and pirates, among other things. The products from Liontouch are suitable for kids at the age of 3+. Liontouch also offers everything you need together with the costumes such as swords, crowns and magic wands.

Toys with stories to tell

As a Danish brand, the products from Liontouch are naturally inspired by Denmark's heritage; different royal tales as well as stories about vikings inspire the designs of new kids' costumes and products. 

The products are designed with a focus on stimulating kids' active play and imagination, as well as supporting kids's development in all aspects. Liontouch has an eye for the detail and the design as such, and the quality is similarly very high. All products meet all applicable European security standards. 

Swords, shields and other types of accessories are made of EVA-foam which can be bent without risk of damaging the toy nor hurting the child. The helmets have air holes which ensure that the kids can breath without any problems when wearing them - even when the helmets cover both the nose and mouth.  

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