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Educa Games

Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 2x100 Bricks - Disney Stich Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 2x100 Bricks - Disney Stich 12,18 €
Originally:  17,40 €  
Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 500 Bricks - Disney Stitch Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 500 Bricks - Disney Stitch 10,29 €
Originally:  14,70 €  
Educa Sorting trays Educa Sorting trays 23,45 €
Originally:  33,50 €  
Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 2x500 - Stitch Educa Jigsaw Puzzle - 2x500 - Stitch 14,98 €
Originally:  21,40 €  
Educa Puzzle Game - 2 x 48 Bricks - Lightyear Educa Puzzle Game - 2 x 48 Bricks - Lightyear 8,71 €
Originally:  13,40 €  
Educa Puzzle Game - 500 Bricks - Solar system Educa Puzzle Game - 500 Bricks - Solar system 11,27 €
Originally:  16,10 €  
Educa 3D Puzzle Game - Triceratops - 67 Bricks Educa 3D Puzzle Game - Triceratops - 67 Bricks 17,92 €
Originally:  25,60 €  
Educa Puzzle Game - Barbie - 1000 Bricks Educa Puzzle Game - Barbie - 1000 Bricks 15,96 €
Originally:  22,80 €  
Educa Puzzle Game - Pebbles - 500 Bricks Educa Puzzle Game - Pebbles - 500 Bricks 11,76 €
Originally:  16,80 €  

Sweet and educational board games and puzzles for kids from Educa

The Educa brand dates to 1894 when Borras Plana S.A. was founded. Educa is a leader in educational games and puzzles. Educa is known for magic-based games that are loved by families around the world. Today, the games are distributed in more than 75 countries.

In 2011, Educa was the most famous toy brand among Spanish families that have kids under the age of 12, according to a study by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

Educa games manufactured in Barcelona

Educa's games are of the best quality and 90% of the products are made in Sant Quirze de Valli in Barcelona. They undergo strict quality controls and are recyclable as well as sustainable raw materials are used in production.

Educa knows that the best way to make kids happy is to reinvent themselves and their products. That is why they are constantly developing games to make the brand even better.

Educa puzzle games

In this category, you can see all puzzle games from Educa for both boys and girls. Regardless of the age of your kids, you should have a great opportunity to find the very best Educa puzzle games for your boy or girl.

We have a fine selection of puzzle games from various brands - including Educa. Puzzle games from Educa make a great choice.

We are sure that our filter search can help you while looking for the perfect Educa puzzle game for your kid.

Find Educa puzzle games right here

If you decide to buy your kid's next puzzle game from Educa here at Kids-world, we'll be very happy and we promise you will not regret your purchase.

We have some great puzzle games from Educa. Therefore, we are sure that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Offers on Educa jigsaw puzzle and Wildcat

Do you want to get offers on Educa jigsaw puzzle or Wildcat? There are several ways to save money. Visit our sale category, where you can find reduced prices on selected Educa jigsaw puzzle - maybe even the popular children's game, Vildkatten. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and discounts directly in your inbox.

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Educa Wildcat Game

In addition to jigsaw puzzle, we also offer the Educa Vildkatten game, which brings the fun and strategy of the board game into your home. The Wildcats are perfect for family game nights and will entertain kids and adults alike with their unique challenges and tactics.

Wildcat Mystery

Experience the thrill of Vildkatten Mystery, where riddles and mysteries are combined with the beloved Vildkatten universe. This game will challenge your skills and logical thinking as you hunt for answers to the exciting mysteries.

Wildcat GO

Take the Wildcat on the go with the Educa Wildcat GO! This compact and portable game allows you to enjoy Wildcat fun anywhere. Whether on the car journey or in the waiting room, Vildkatten GO will keep you entertained.

How to play Wildcat?

Are you new to Vildkatten? We guide you through the rules and Wildcat rules so you can see how to play Wildcat. Learn to master this popular game and closet fun moments with family and friends.

In the Vildkatten game, you are challenged to locate a specific image on the game board. All the images are spread out in a wonderful disorder, which presents a significant challenge in identifying the correct image. The Vildkatten has more than 300 different images, so it may seem like a difficult task to keep an overview and find the right bricks and images in the Vildkatten.

This combination of fun and challenge is at the heart of the Vildkatten game's appeal. A remarkable detail of the Wildcat game is that the game board is made up of separate sections that can be combined in different ways. This results in the placement of the images being never predictable in each game. The ability to quickly identify the correct images is the key to success in the Wildcat game.

Buy new games from Educa here with us

We hope you find new family games you can all enjoy together in our shop. If you are looking for a specific product from Educa that you cannot find, do not hesitate to contact our customer service with your request so that we can assist you.

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