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BRIO Farm 30398 BRIO Farm 30398  53,50 € 


BRIO Toys for kids 

BRIO has been making fantastic toys since 1884 when Ivar Bengtsson started making toys in his home in Sweden. 

One of the most famous toys from BRIO is probably their BRIO train track which contains many different trains and parts for the railway for kids. The toys are perfect for kids as they can use their imagination when playing with the trains and the train track. 

Over the years, BRIO has produced more and more wonderful toys that are extremely popular among many families with kids. In addition to the classic brio toy trains, their range of toys includes battery-powered trains, walking cars, ordinary and magnetic building blocks, tow toys, rescue boats, fire trucks, tankers, games, hammer bench, toy kitchens and doll cars and much more. 

Popular toys from BRIO

When you hear about BRIO, you will often think about their amazing train and their incredible train track that you can play with for hours. Some of us probably have many warm memories from our childhood when we played with the BRIO trains and the different train sets from BRIO. 

It is easy to spend many hours building the perfect train track. The activity is also easy and fun to play with as an adult. You can follow the kid's imagination and together you can build a fantastic train track. 

The BRIO train tracks are a perfect toy for both kids and adults 

The simple rails from BRIO allow you and your kid to build an incredible track for the train if you have enough parts. BRIO has designed the pieces in a way that makes it easy for both kids and adults to build their own train track. 

We offer both straight and curved rails in our range and in addition we offer many different railway crossings such as the harbour bridge where different ships can drive through the crossing. 

Buy new toys from BRIO in our shop 

Whether you are looking for more parts for your train track or any other toy from BRIO, we hope you can find this with us. We offer a wide range of many fun products from BRIO as well as many other brands. 

Please browse around our online store to find everything from kid's clothes and kids shoes to interior design for the little ones room and much more from many of our different brands.

Wooden toy from BRIO for kids

The BRIO wooden toy is distinguished by being extremely durable and lasts for several generations. Wood is an ideal material for making toys, as it allows for example BRIO to shape the toy in a myriad of ways.

BRIO wooden toy in approved wood

Wooden toy have in common that they are made of the best materials in a good quality.

You will definitely be able to find some cool wooden toy from BRIO or wooden toy from one of the others cool brands here with us.

Baby toys from BRIO

If you are looking for toys for babies from BRIO, you can find it here on the page. In the first years of a kid's liv, many things happen in relation to its sensory and motor development.

If you want to help your kid along the way by strengthening its development, you can provide the different kind of BRIO toys that can entertain and challenge.

Delight your baby with some BRIO baby toys

Toys from BRIO for babies are always a sure winner, so if you have a desire to pamper your girl or boy, you will not go wrong in the city with any new BRIO baby toys.

Large selection of baby toys from i.a. BRIO

Here at Kids-world you will find a large selection of BRIO baby toys in different variants for both babies and infants. Use the filter in the menu bar to narrow down the search by colours and type.

So whether you are looking for a baby toys from BRIO for your own baby, or you need a gift for e.g. birthday, christening or Christmas, you will find a nice selection of BRIO baby toys here.

Baby walkers by BRIO

We have an excellent selection of baby walkers from brands such as BRIO and others.

We provide a lot of baby walker brands - including BRIO. Baby walkers from BRIO are a lovely pick.

May we endorse you use the filter system when searching for baby walkers by BRIO for your beloved little boy or girl. Despite of your preferences in style or brand we can guarantee you that you will find a baby walker that you - and your kid.

We offer baby walkers from BRIO

We hope you will find the perfect BRIO baby walker for your kid at Kids-world.

We provide outstanding BRIO baby walkers. That is why, we hope you spot just what you are looking for.

BRIO doll carriages

If you need a BRIO doll's bed for your child, you have come to the right place.

With a doll's bed from BRIO, you can make your kid's play with the doll even more fun.

Solid BRIO doll carriages

The doll stroller from BRIO in wood is a robust and fine toys for girls and boys

Buy your boy or girl's doll's bed from BRIO here at Kids-world. We can offer an exciting selection of doll carriages and other accessories from, for example, BRIO.

BRIO toy cars

This category presents you with all the BRIO toy cars for kids. Regardless of your kid's age, you will have fine opportunities to find just the perfect toy car from BRIO for your girl or boy.

We stock many of toy car brands - including BRIO. Toy cars from BRIO are a wonderful pick.

We trust that our filter can benefit you in your hunt for the ideal BRIO toy car.

We provide BRIO toy cars

If you choose to buy your toddler's next BRIO toy car at Kids-world we will be pretty pleased and promise that you will not regret it.

We provide fine toy cars from BRIO. That's why, we hope you will find specifically what you are looking for.

Toy kitchen from BRIO

Here in the category you can see the beautiful play kitchens from BRIO, which most boys and girls will fit perfectly kids.

BRIO is a fantastic brand that is known for their quality toys. BRIO has a nice selection of play kitchens in delicious colours and designs.

The same for the play kitchens is that they are designed in some robust materials in a high quality materials that can withstand a little of each.

For the little ones, a toy kitchen is also excellent, as they can usually lean on the furniture when food.

Rattles from BRIO

BRIO rattles are some great toys for the little ones. BRIO makes the most glorious rattles in good and solid materials.

Rattles from BRIO and motor exercise

The Rattles from BRIO and the others brands are characterized by their beautiful designs such as llamas, flamingos and bears, or perhaps the BRIO rattle is designed as a cat, giraffe or a hippopotamus.

BRIO rattles in good colours

BRIO and the others brands make various rattles in contemporary colours as well as non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials

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