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Wonder Wheels Toys & Equipment for Kids


Wonder Wheels Toys & Equipment for Kids

Wonder Wheels

Wonder Wheels is a popular toy brand that has gained large recognition and popularity among kids and parents. The brand is known for producing a wide range of exciting toy vehicles that appeal to children's imagination and sense of adventure.

With a dedication to high quality and detailed design, Wonder Wheels toys provide a realistic and authentic experience that fascinates kids of all ages. The product range includes everything from toy cars, trucks, construction machinery and rescue vehicles to flight, helicopters and much more.

The Wonder Wheels brand is synonymous with durability and safety, which reassures parents that they can be confident that their kids are playing safely. The toy inspires creative play, where the kids can imagine different role-plays and create their own adventure worlds.

With its broad appeal and strong focus on quality, Wonder Wheels continues to be a favorite among kids and parents alike who seek fun, educational and reliable toys for hours of entertainment and joy.

Wonder Wheels toys

Wonder Wheels has enchanted kids for years with their impressive range of toys. From phenomenal speed cars to majestic flight and rugged tractors, this brand has something for every little adventurer.

Wonder Wheels cars: Race against the thrill

With Wonder Wheels cars, the kids get their adrenaline pumping as they speed through imaginative races and landscapes where only imagination sets the limits. The colorful designs and accurate details bring the toy cars to life and provide an authentic driving experience that evokes smiles and laughter.

Wonder Wheels Ferry: Set sail for fun maritime fairy tale

Raise anchor with the Wonder Wheels ferry that takes the kids on a fantastic sea journey! This robust ferry is equipped with impressive details that create countless opportunities for play, discovery and high seas on the rolling seas of the bathtub.

Wonder Wheels flight: Explore the sky with imagination and curiosity

Let your imagination fly free with a Wonder Wheels flight! Kids can dream of being pilots when they control the planes through the air. The smart, aerodynamic designs make children's dreams of fairy tale and high-flying travel come to light.

Wonder Wheels Tractor: Country Fairy tale

Take to the countryside with the Wonder Wheels tractor! Kids can plow the fields, harvest crops and explore rural life with this sturdy toy tractor. The realistic details create a fun and educational experience for small farmers.

Whether the kids are into speed and excitement, maritime fairy tale, skydiving or farm life, they can count on Wonder Wheels toys as a supplier of playful entertainment for hours. With Wonder Wheels toys, your kids can explore the world through imagination and fun.

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Wonder Wheels toy utility vehicles

Kids love cars and toys, so the combination of both is always a hit. With Wonder Wheels, they can use the fire truck to put out dangerous fantasy fires, or search for hidden treasures with a backhoe. Wonder Wheels utility vehicles come with parts that move, and are just super fun to play with.

Turn work into something fun with Wonder Wheels utility vehicles for kids.

Quality toys from Wonder Wheels

Wonder Wheels is produced by Battat, a family-owned company founded in 1897. Battat has for many years designed and sold toys, and their main drive has always been to offer quality toys at affordable prices. They also feel that toys should be educational and fun for kids to play with for a very long time. Battat is a company well known for their high quality and safety standards, and operates on the basic principles of honesty and integrity, both towards their employees and customers.

The colourful toys from Battat teach young kids about utility vehicles, and encourage them to dream and use their imagination. There are no limits to what kids can dream up with Wonder Wheels. They are both durable and robust vehicles that can stand up to hard play. The safety of small kids has been taken into consideration as there are no sharp edges, and all Wonder Wheels products are made of safe plastic materials that can be recycled.

At Kids-world, we offer a great selection of toys from Wonder Wheels in a wide range of great designs and colours. Feel free to explore our collection from Wonder Wheels today.

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