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Bloomingville Toys, Interior & Equiptment for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Bloomingville Toys, Interior & Equiptment for Kids

Nordic design and lifestyles for kids' rooms from Bloomingville

Bloomingville was founded by Dancer Betina Stampe in 2000 after she had the idea to make creative and personal details for the home. Bloomingville became an American company in 2014 and after that the company grew rapidly and today the collections from Bloomingville can be found in millions of homes. 

Bloomingville MINI - interior design at kids level

Every year, two MINI Bloomingville kids' collections are released. Bloomingville MINI wants to give parents and kids common ground when it comes to storing and decorating kids' rooms. The kids' rooms should be nice, well organized and comfortable to spend time in, without compromise. 

Take a look at the exquisitely nice décor for kids with exclusive wooden toys that combine creativity, quality and good design as well as cute dolls. MINI Bloomingville has many nice things that are perfect for the kids' room.

Furniture, accessories, equipment, and storage solutions in bright, fine, minimalist, and Nordic styles help to create peace in little one's rooms and give the room a coherent and cozy style. 

Bloomingville - Create a quiet atmosphere for the kids

Bloomingville has many nice and soft pillows, practical baskets, and nice wall stickers. With the MINI collection for kids, you can easily create a quiet atmosphere for kids where they can spend many hours playing with friends, relaxing and having fun. 

Bloomingville has extensive experience in producing items for kids and they release many collections every year. They have developed a unique ability to create products that are anchored in a traditional Danish design. 

With global expansion, Bloomingville has the opportunity to design products that draw inspiration from many different cultures, giving the products a unique design. The products from Bloomingville bring new life and many surprises to the modern home. 

Bloomingville baby toys

If you try to find toys for a baby by Bloomingville, you have come to a perfect webshop.

In the first year of your boy or girl's life, he og she go through a lot in motor and sensory development.

If you would like to find more ways to support your kids in their development, it is a good idea to consider the various baby toys from Bloomingville and other labels. Bloomingville baby toys both maintain and help your boy or girl explore more.

A fine assortment of baby toys from labels like Bloomingville

Here at Kids-world you will find a great collection of baby toys by Bloomingville. We ensure that there is a toy for everyone.

Bloomingville play mats 

We bring you a great selection of Bloomingville play mats as well as play mats from many other brands. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We have a fine range of play mats from various brands - including Bloomingville. Bloomingville play mats make a great choice.

We suggest you use our filter search while looking for Bloomingville play mats for your boy or girl. Despite your taste and preferences, we guarantee you will be able to find the play mat that both you and your girl or boy will love.

We have Bloomingville play mats

We hope you will find the right play mat from Bloomingville for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We have some brand new play mats from Bloomingville. Therefore, we are certain that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Bloomingville wooden toy for kids

Toys from Bloomingville in wood is sturdy and good toys for boys and girls. The Wooden toy draws deep tracks back to an uncomplicated time. The Bloomingville wooden toy holds up really well and can easily be played with by several generations.

Wooden toy from Bloomingville in very good quality

Bloomingville wooden toy produce in approved wood in a good and painted with environmentally friendly paint.

The Wooden toy is available in a myriad of colours and shapes. We sell wooden toy shaped like game, cars, animal, train, brick boxes and much much more.

Toy kitchen from Bloomingville

On this page you can buy the nice play kitchens from Bloomingville, which most kids will love to play with.

Bloomingville is a great brand that is recognized for their high quality toys. Bloomingville has a good selection of play kitchens in delicious colours and designs.

Play kitchens are ideal for many hours of role play for kids. Bloomingville and others brands design their play kitchens in a good quality, in many types and nice colours.

For the younger kids, a toy kitchen is also excellent, as they with the Bloomingville play kitchen have something that they can rely on when they are cooking for themselves and their family.

Bloomingville play food

Many kids love to play with play food because this type of role play gives them wonderful moments of cosiness and fun. Her, you find our selection of play food from Bloomingville. Role plays are perfect for kids' imagination.

Bloomingville play food consists of anything and everything between cakes, bread and fruits - perfect for a ?shopping day' or preparing wonderful dishes for guests and friends. 

Bloomingville soft toys

Bloomingville are acknowledged for designing premium quality soft toys. You will get a great experience if you purchase a soft toy from Bloomingville for your kids.

The boys and girls Bloomingville soft toy will most likely be a playmate that will be brought everywhere. We know soft toys really matter and who do not remember their very first soft toy?.

Soft and cozy soft toys by Bloomingville and many other brands

Bloomingville soft toys are incredibly comforting and they invite the girls and boys to have lots of fun. Both girls and boys appreciate soft toys and they will have many meaningful times together.

We provide a amazing selection of various classic and modern Bloomingville soft toys, and many other designers.

No matter what size, type or colour your girl or boy likes, we believe that you will be able to get your hands on the perfect soft toy from Bloomingville, or one of the several other brands.

Bloomingville dolls

Most kids enjoy playing with dolls from Bloomingville, among others. If you need a Bloomingville doll for your child, you will find our selection of dolls from Bloomingville right here in the category.

It is only your child's fantasy that sets the limits to what personal Bloomingville doll should possess when your kid plays.

Also remember to explore our others categories of clothes and doll beds for the doll.

Bloomingville baby walkers

In this category you will find all the Bloomingville baby walkers for boys and girls. Regardless of your boy or girls age, Kids-world is the place to look for the ideal Bloomingville baby walker for your boy or girl.

We provide lots of baby walker brands - including Bloomingville. Baby walkers from Bloomingville are a wonderful pick.

May we recommend you use the filter system when searching for baby walkers by Bloomingville for your precious little boy or girl. Regardless of your preferences in style or brand we can guarantee you that you can choose a baby walker that you - and your kid.

Get baby walkers from Bloomingville today

We hope you can find the perfect Bloomingville baby walker for your kid at Kids-world.

We provide excellent baby walkers by Bloomingville. Therefore, we trust you'll spot specifically what you are wishing for.

Toy cars from Bloomingville

At Kids-world we present you with a fantastic selection of Bloomingville toy cars and lots of other brands.

We have lots of toy car brands - including Bloomingville. Toy cars from Bloomingville are a lovely pick.

Please make use of our filter when searching for specific toy car from Bloomingville and many other stuff for kids of all ages. You will find practically all the gear you need for kids at Kids-world.

Buy Bloomingville toy cars here

We hope you can find the proper Bloomingville toy car for your kid at Kids-world.

We offer excellent toy cars from Bloomingville. That's why, we believe you find just what you are seeking for.

Bloomingville puzzle games

We bring you a fine assortment of puzzle games from Bloomingville and many other popular brands. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We have a great selection of puzzle games from various brands - including Bloomingville. Puzzle games from Bloomingville make a great choice.

We are sure that our filter will benefit you in your search for the perfect Bloomingville puzzle game.

We have Bloomingville puzzle games 

We hope you'll find the perfect Bloomingville puzzle game for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We have some brand new puzzle games from Bloomingville. Therefore, we hope that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Rattles from Bloomingville

Rattles from Bloomingville are some great toys for babies and toddlers. Bloomingville makes the most superb rattles made of high-quality materials.

Rattles from Bloomingville as well as rattles from many other brands available on our page are characterized by their fine designs and various cute shapes - such as llamas, dogs, rabbits, hippopotamus, giraffes, cates, you name it.

Bloomingville and other brands available on our page design various rattles in modern colours as well as environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Bloomingville comfort blankets 

Bloomingville creates lovely comfort blankets and cuddle cloths that your girl or boy certainly will enjoy. Whether you are looking for a comfort blanket and cuddle cloth from Bloomingville or some other brand, whether you have a girl or boy - you can find everything right here at Kids-world.com where we have a wide choice from a variety of well-known brands.

A comfort blanket or a cuddle cloth from Bloomingville can also be used by toddlers as they are free of small, loose parts and they also come with embroidered eyes.

Buy products from Bloomingville in our shop

We hope you find what you are looking for from Bloomingville in our shop. We have a large assortment of fine products from Bloomingville. Feel free to browse around among the different categories in our shop to be inspired. 

News, new collections and offers from Bloomingville

The products from Bloomingville are very popular so it is a good idea to keep track of when new products from the latest Bloomingville collection are released. Despite the popularity, we sometimes sell some of the products at a discounted price. If you want to buy products from Bloomingville at a discount, you should keep track of our Bloomingville sale category.

Bloomingville blanket and throws

Blankets and throws create extra coziness and ro in the home. Bloomingville has a large selection of both parts, which can nicely adorn the sofa or armchair in the living room.

Bloomingville's fine plaids are available in many motifs with calm natural colours. The neutral tones mean that they fit perfectly into any room, regardless of your interior design style. The vast majority of Bloomingville plaids are made from recycled cotton, so they are even sustainable! Bloomingville's blankets will help create the perfect environment for relaxation.

Sit back with a good book and a cup of tea, and throw your new, soft blanket from Bloomingville over you. If you fancy a good nap on the sofa every now and then, Bloomingville's blankets will also create the ideal frames for that.

A characteristic of many of Bloomingville's plaids is that they are printed with beautiful graphic patterns and have decorative fringed edges. These details make them stand out and contribute to the decoration of any room.

If you need blankets or throws either for yourself or the children's room, you can take a look at the collection from Bloomingville. There are many different blankets to choose from, but at the same time there is a nice coherence throughout the collection, so you can buy several and use them in more than one room in the home.

Smart Bloomingville shelves and bookcases for the children's room

As a parent, you certainly know the difficulties of keeping the children's room fine and tidy. Good storage solutions are really a must, and Bloomingville is ready with products to help. Bloomingville's shelves for the children's room come in simple designs that make it easy to put your child's toys on. It will not only look decorative, but also work as a good storage solution where your child's toys are easily accessible.

Bloomingville has classic shelves and bookcases in wood, with space for toy figurine, books and other things. There is also Bloomingville- shelves shaped like a house. These are multifunctional in that they can be used both as a dollhouse and as a storage solution.

If you are looking for small bookshelves for the children's room, Bloomingville has a collection of incredibly cute models. You will find Bloomingville bookcases shaped like clouds, elephants, soft toys and crabs.

Many kids absolutely love them and love to organize them with knick-knacks and books in their room.

Extra storage is often needed in the children's room, so shelves and bookcases can really be of large help. With shelves and bookcases from Bloomingville you can create more floor space so that your child has more room to play and their room will feel bigger.

Bloomingville's shelves and bookcases will also help keep the room more organized, making it much easier for your child to find exactly what they are looking for. This also means that your child can play undisturbed and does not need to call you for help to find a particular toys.

Closet coziness with Bloomingville cushions

With pillows from Bloomingville you can create a really cozy atmosphere in the children's room and in the living room. Bloomingville's cushions come in warm, muted colours and often with very cute, creative motifs. The pillows are the icing on the cake when you have to furnish your child's room in a cozy way.

If you have a cozy corner in the living room, possibly for your kids, the cushions from Bloomingville also help to create a real cozy frames here. They are wonderful to lean on the sofa or the floor. Since Bloomingville's cushions are so neutral in their expression, they fit perfectly into any decor. Even if you choose to replace furniture or paint later, they will blend in perfectly with your home.

Bloomingville chairs for the little ones

Bloomingville also has a collection of furniture for the children's room. At Bloomingville MINI you will find chairs for kids in soft, neutral colours. The collection of children's furniture and chairs is always designed in a minimalist, Nordic style, which will easily fit in well with your child's room.

Bloomingville's furniture and chairs combine practical functions with beautiful design. Of course, they do not compromise with children's wishes and preferences. Sweet, cute designs are stylishly put together in a really nice way.

Many of the chairs for kids from Bloomingville are made with wood. These chairs are super popular with both parents and kids. You will find everything from small chairs and stools to cute lounge chairs for kids in bamboo. Bloomingville's chairs are characterized by good quality and wooden materials. A chair from Bloomingville is sure to bring joy and work perfectly in your child's room.

Bloomingville birthday train

It's your child's birthday and it's time to party, a birthday train from Bloomingville will be a sure hit. The birthday trains come in several different models. You can find birthday train trains with circus characters, cute animals and much more. The birthday trains from Bloomingville come in a nice gift box and several of them have space for both numbers and candles, so they can be easily reused.

The Bloomingville MINI universe offers lots of beautiful ornaments and decorations for kids and the children's room. It doesn't necessarily take that much to make a difference for kids in their room. On their birthday, a wonderful in wood birthday train train from Bloomingville will be a huge hit every time on the birthday table.

Bloomingville's birthday train is colorful with lots of little details. They make a wonderful decoration on special occasions. Your child will feel extra special with this fine decoration when they have a birthday.

Kids-world is your Bloomingville dealer

Here at Kids-world you can always find a huge selection of products for kids from Bloomingville. We always keep up to date with the latest collections of products for kids from Bloomingville MINI. Kids-world always has a large range of Bloomingville toys, furniture, decorations, storage solutions and everything else you need for the children's room.

In the bar at the top of our website you can under? Brands? choose? Bloomingville? and see our entire current selection of delicious Bloomingville products for kids. You are also very welcome to check out our sale category. Here you can see which Bloomingville products we have on offer right now.

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