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Shape Sorter for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
That's Mine Shape Sorter - Lina - Luna Dragons That's Mine Shape Sorter - Lina - Luna Dragons 26,00 €
Originally:  40,00 €  
Fabelab Shape Sorter/Pullcart - Wood Fabelab Shape Sorter/Pullcart - Wood 18,09 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Liewood Shape Sorter - Midas - Whale Blue Multi Mix Liewood Shape Sorter - Midas - Whale Blue Multi Mix 30,54 €
Originally:  50,90 €  
Liewood Puzzle Box - Beech Wood - Dino Mix Liewood Puzzle Box - Beech Wood - Dino Mix 28,20 €
Originally:  47,00 €  

Shape sorter

Are you looking for a shape sorter for your boy or girl to play with and have lots of with at the same time? Well, please browse this page for shape sorters of all kinds.

Most of the shape sorters in our collection are made of wood and decorated with a nice printing and a lid with geometrically shaped holes.

Your kid will have much fun sorting different kinds of shaped blocks putting them into these holes.

The shape sorters help developing and training the eye- and hand-coordination including developing the fine motor skills and logic thinking.

Many of the shape sorters look so nice that it is no shame at all to place them on the shelves and use them as decorations when not in use.

So get comfortable and take a look around our selection. Hopefully you will find the perfect shape sorter for your little boy or girl.

Shape sorters in beautiful colours

Most kids love beautiful colours and many kids even have several favourite colours. Here you will find shape sorters in nice, dusty colours and wood. We have shape sorters shaped like Noah’s Ark with animals in wonderful and realistic colours.

We also have a shape sorter shaped like a crocodile and one shaped like ducks in different sizes.

Bricks in different colours and shapes makes it easier for kids to distinguish between the different ones and figure out where they should be put.

A shape sorter is the perfect gift

If you know a little kid whose birthday is soon coming up, or if you just know someone who deserves to be spoiled, then consider buying a shape sorter. The shape sorters come in beautiful designs, which are not just fun to play with but also beautiful as decorations.

The blocks which are to be put in the shape sorter can also be stacked and combined with other fun blocks. This means that it is easy to combine the new shape sorter with the child’s existing blocks and toys.

Shape sorters with animals, numbers and letters

Here you will find all kinds of shape sorters, which means we have something for everyone. You will find shape sorters with different animals such as dinosaurs, pandas and ducks.

You will also find shape sorters with numbers and letters. These can be great for practicing numbers and letters with your little boy or girl.

In short, we have something for everyone, so feel free to have a look around our nice selection and see if you can find a shape sorter to your liking.

Shape sorters from well-known brands

Here at Kids-world we care about having different kinds of quality products for you to choose from.

This is why you will find shape sorters from many different toy brands. You will find shape sorters from Dantoy, Liewood, Hevea and Sebra.

If you are looking for shape sorters from a specific brand, then don’t forget that you have the option to use the filters at the top of the page to get a quick overview.

Shape sorters with the ‘Nordic Swan’

If you care about sustainability, you will most probably be excited to hear that we have shape sorters with the Nordic Swan. You will find shape sorters from Dantoy which produce toys with the Nordic Swan.

The shape sorter from Dantoy has the CE label and Nordic Swan, and it has been produced in Denmark. It is furthermore made of BIO-plastic which is produced with sugar cane which is 100% reusable. Sugar canes are a sustained raw material which can absorb CO2 from the air and thereby spare the environment by minimizing pollution.

Last but not least, the unique shape sorter can withstand being put in the washing machine, which makes it easy to clean.

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