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Banwood Toys & Accessories for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Banwood Toys & Accessories for Kids

Timeless Banwood balance bikes for kids 

Banwood creates timeless kids bikes and bicycle helmets inspired by a vintage style mixed with Scandinavian design. The style is simple, minimalist and the bikes are hugely functional. 

The kid's bikes are designed in rustic and robust materials. The frame of the bicycles is made of steel and the handlebar in aluminum. The saddle and handles are made of artificial leather which is a durable material that can be cleaned easily. 

The basket can be removed and reattached for the day's adventure. Every detail is carefully selected, and the kids will get the best experience when using a running bike from Banwood. Banwood has high expectations for its products and all bikes are tested to all necessary safety standards. 

A family owned company with passion for bikes

Balance bikes for kids from Banwood are safe exercise bikes that do not have pedals, chains, or stabilizers. The bikes help kids natural development of motor skills because kids have to use their own balance and body to get the bike moving. 

A balance bike helps teach kids how to ride a bike and when it is time to switch to a bike with pedals, kids will be able to ride without stabilizers. 

The story of Banwood

Banwood is a family owned company with a passion for manufacturing products for bikes for kids. The products are always safe, made of high quality and in a really nice design. 

The two founders Juan Manuel Torralvo Castro and Frida Jonsby met in Germany.

They discovered each other's talent for design and experience of production. They were both interested in bicycles and together they wanted to create something new and different. 

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