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CAMA Copenhagen Accessories & Equipment for Kids


CAMA Copenhagen Accessories & Equipment for Kids

Lovely changing bags and accessories for kids from CAMA Copenhagen

CAMA Copenhagen produces functional bags and accessories in a minimalist and beautiful Scandinavian style. The products are made to make everyday life a little easier for parents no matter where they are and or what the family is up to. 

When new products are developed, it is always with the kids, parents, and the environment in mind. Only organic and good materials are used in production. 

The story of CAMA Copenhagen

Camilla and Marco are the founders of CAMA Copenhagen. In 2014, they had their first kid and they could not find a good nappy bag. After one of the many nappy bags they tested broke when at the airport, they concluded that it was time to make one themselves. Together they had experience in kids clothing as well as experience in the aerospace industry. 

Their focus was on making a diaper bag that had a good function, high quality, and a timeless design. They wanted to create a changing table that you could take with you in a shape of a nappy bag. The nappy bag would contain everything you need to change your kid while looking nice.

The kid's products from CAMA Copenhagen offer a helping hand to parents and makes everyday lives easier. 

Cama Copenhagen changing bag

A changing bag by Cama Copenhagen is useful for packing essentials in when going on a trip with the newborn. To simplify it for you new parents a changing bag like the ones we provide from Cama Copenhagen will hold all the essentials such as nappies, washcloths and muslin blankets.

Usually you won't need more than a handful nappies in the bag except, if you're packing for a vacation.

A changing bag from Cama Copenhagen with roomy compartments

Here with us at Kids-world you will be able to locate that Cama Copenhagen changing bag you have been craving so badly. We sell a great assortment of several modern and large Cama Copenhagen changing bags as well as various other brands.

If you cannot choose a Cama Copenhagen changing bag you should look through our many other brands to find your new changing bag.

Find a colourful changing bag by Cama Copenhagen today

At our shop you can find changing bags from our selection of chic Cama Copenhagen changing bags. Cama Copenhagen are popular for their trendy designs of both handbags and changing bags in amazing colours like red, grey and green and lovely designs We think you'll likely find the right changing bag by Cama Copenhagen.

Bed sheets from CAMA Copenhagen for kids

Here at Kids-world we have regular sheets and stretch bed sheets for babies, kids and juniors from popular brands such as CAMA Copenhagen.

Bed sheets from CAMA Copenhagen can be bought in several different colours and sizes.

If you need a new CAMA Copenhagen bed sheet for your child's mattress, you have come to the right place. Here at Kids-world.com we have a good selection of fine bed sheets from CAMA Copenhagen and many others brands that fit well with the cot or pram.

CAMA Copenhagen bed sheets - Quality is paramount

For CAMA Copenhagen, quality and materials are alfa and omega. The Bed sheets from CAMA Copenhagen are made of good, high-quality materials. A bed sheet is not just a bed sheet, therefore CAMA Copenhagen puts a virtue into producing sheets in the best quality for the little ones; both ordinary sheets and stretch bed sheets.

Buy new products from CAMA Copenhagen from us 

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for from CAMA Copenhagen in our shop. We have a large range of many nice and smart products for kids. Please check around among the other categories to find other nice products for your little one.

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