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Skechers Footwear for Kids

Shoe Size

Skechers Footwear for Kids

Skechers kids' shoes and sneakers

We offer a wide range of kids' shoes and trainers from Skechers.

The kids shoes from Skechers that you can find in our range come in all colours from neutral to more colourful designs.

The range is great, and you will likely find a pair of kids shoes from Skechers that your boy or girl will love.

Skechers shoes and trainers

The well-known brand Skechers was founded in 1992 in the United States. Skechers has since produced shoes for many different occasions that are suitable for both everyday life and for different activities.

Skechers are known for making shoes in a sporty style. Kids shoes from Skechers will be perfect if your boy or girl is looking for a pair of shoes that are sporty.

Large selection of Skechers shoe and sneakers for kids

There are lots of party and colours in the popular Skechers shoe for kids.

Skechers is probably best known for making smart and affordable sneakers with a sporty look, but today Skechers shoe come in a varied selection.

Here at Kids-world, we carry a wide range of cool Skechers sneakers for kids, Skechers winter boots for kids, Skechers sandals and not least the popular Skechers light-up shoes for kids.

Dive into our wide selection of Skechers shoe for kids at attractive prices, which come in many different colours. You can also find Skechers shoe that can be used for all kinds of purposes.

You can find Skechers shoe that are suitable for an active school day or a cozy day at home. Use Skechers both in spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can also style your Skechers shoe so that they fit the large class party.

Skechers shoe are especially good for kids, as they strive to be a shoe brand that is created for the premises of little feet. You can feel this, for example, with the comfortable memory foam sole in all Skechers shoe, which helps to protect the children's feet.

Skechers shoe are perfect for active kids who run around and need good shock-absorbing shoe.

We have Skechers shoe for kids in many sizes - find them from size 21 all the way up to 38. You will also be guaranteed to be able to find a pair of Skechers shoe in your children's favorite colours. For example, we have Skechers shoe for kids in the colours black/white, navy, rainbow, black/red, silver/pink, multicolour and many others.

Skechers light-up shoes for kids

The smart Skechers light-up shoes for kids are a real hit, which is loved by all speed-loving kids. Kids large to love Skechers for kids shoe with lights as it makes them feel extra colorful in everyday life.

Let your kids join the trend with Skechers for kids 's shoe with lights, which can also have the added advantage of acting as reflectors in traffic. Skechers shoe for kids with light also help to make the kids better seen in the dark.

At Kids-world you can find both Skechers winter boots, sandals, Skechers sneakers for kids, Skechers light-up shoes for kids and slippers, so there is plenty to choose from and for every occasion.

For the cold days: Skechers winter boots for kids

Right now we have many good Skechers winter boots and Skechers boots for kids on offer.

Skechers winter boots for kids are warm, waterproof, have a good insole and are even available with flashing lights. The good thing about Skechers winter boots is that they provide really good ankle support, which is important to protect kids already early in life.

Check out the ultra cool Skechers winter boots with light, Hypno- Flash 2.0, which come with neon green details and which close with velcro straps across the instep. They are easy for the kid to put on and take off and the kid does not need to lace any shoelaces. These Skechers winter boots light up beautifully every time the kid walks or runs.

For the warm days: Skechers sandals

There is nothing better than a nice pair of sandals to cool off your feet in the hot summer temperatures. Skechers sandals are smart and sit ergonomically well on the foot. This is thanks to the comfortable Memory foam sole that Skechers has become so well known for.

We have several different types of Skechers sandals for kids, among other things we also have cool Skechers sandals for kids with lights.

Take a look at the Skechers - Hypno- Splash model, which is a cool sandal for kids with flashing lights in green and purple colours. The light is activated completely automatically when the kid moves around with the sandals on. The Skechers sandal is easily attached to the kid with Velcro straps, so you don't have to worry about shoelaces.

You can also find the cutest Skechers sandal - Unicorn Dreams Explorer, which with sine pink and pink colours gives the cutest expression. This sandal also has a nice unicorn on the outer sole with a light in it that is activated when the kid walks or runs. The Sandal also has lots of decorative stars and glitter on the outside.

Skechers shoe for kids size guide

In our clear Skechers size guide, you can easily find out which shoe size fits your kids. You can find our Skechers size guide for kids when you click on the Skechers shoe you want to take a closer look at. You can also find our general size guide.

In our size guide, you get an overview of all the sizes we sell and their inside measurements.

You can find our Skechers shoe and sneakers for kids and teenagers in sizes between 21 and all the way up to size 38. Note that all sizes are indicative and it is recommended that you add 1-1.5 cm for growth allowance.

Buy new kid's shoes and trainers from Skechers from us

We hope you find a pair of stylish kids shoes from Skechers in our shop. Whether you found the Skechers category or on purpose or by coincidence, we hope that you will find the range great and that there are many good kids shoes and trainers.

Please browse our other categories to find everything from kids clothes and kids shoes to interior design for the little ones rooms and much more.

News, new collections and offers from Skechers

The products from Skechers are incredibly popular and therefore it is a good idea to keep track of news from the latest collections from Skechers. Despite the popularity, it sometimes happens that we clear out some of the products from Skechers at a reduced price.

If you want to buy products from Skechers at a discount, it is important that you keep track of our Skechers sale category.

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