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Converse Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Shoe Size
Converse Hoodie - Natural Ivory Converse Hoodie - Natural Ivory 32,24 €
Originally:  49,60 €  
Converse Jacket - Converse Navy Converse Jacket - Converse Navy 56,62 €
Originally:  87,10 €  
Converse Trousers - Converse Navy Converse Trousers - Converse Navy 47,91 €
Originally:  73,70 €  
Converse Trousers - Black Converse Trousers - Black 47,91 €
Originally:  73,70 €  
Converse Cardigan - Black Converse Cardigan - Black 29,64 €
Originally:  45,60 €  
Converse Hoodie - Black Converse Hoodie - Black 28,80 €
Originally:  44,30 €  
Converse Anorak - Dunescape Converse Anorak - Dunescape 36,60 €
Originally:  56,30 €  
Converse Sweatpants - Terry - Cave Moss Converse Sweatpants - Terry - Cave Moss 33,09 €
Originally:  50,90 €  
Converse Shirt - Natural Ivory Converse Shirt - Natural Ivory 40,11 €
Originally:  61,70 €  
Converse Blouse - Black w. Logo Converse Blouse - Black w. Logo 14,82 €
Originally:  22,80 €  
Converse Blouse - Converse Navy Converse Blouse - Converse Navy 21,78 €
Originally:  33,50 €  
Converse Sweatshirt - Converse Navy Converse Sweatshirt - Converse Navy 33,15 €
Originally:  51,00 €  
Converse Hoodie - Cave Moss Converse Hoodie - Cave Moss 33,09 €
Originally:  50,90 €  
Converse Sweatpants - Ivory Converse Sweatpants - Ivory 26,13 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Converse T-shirt - Black Converse T-shirt - Black 18,48 €
Originally:  30,80 €  

Converse Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Converse All Star trainers and kids clothes 

Converse All Star sneakers are popular with both boys and girls. The classic basketball shoes are always modern, and they come in many different colours and models. Originally, the shoes were made for basketball, but they have become popular with many others due to their timeless style. 

Wide range of kids shoes from Converse 

There are many trendy models of kids shoes from Converse. The shoes are suitable for many different types of clothes and they can easily be combined with a jumper and a pair of nice leggings or a cute sweater with a skirt. 

The shoes from Converse are also perfect to wear with a T-shirt, vest, and a pair of jeans. It is easy to dress up when you wear the nice shoes from Converse whether it's for everyday life, a party or hanging out with friends. 

Converse has expanded its range and today Converse also makes shoes for babies, kid's clothes and bags. You can of course find their world-famous logo on all their products. 

Buy new products from Converse here at Kids-World. We offer a wide range of kids shoes as well as kids clothes for boys and girls as well as many stylish backpacks and sport bags from Converse. 

Converse for baby

In our online shop here at Kids-World you can find a large range of products for babies from Converse. Feel free to browse the incredibly cute little baby shoes from Converse. 

The baby shoes are like slippers that are made of a soft fabric and they look just like the classic basketball shoes. The shoes can also be worn with rompers and socks from Converse. It is a perfect gift for a newborn little boy or girl. 

From sports shoe to icon 

Converse was founded in the early 20th century in the United States and they originally produced basketball shoes. Today they still manufacture shoes and even clothes that have a timeless design which can be combined with many different fashion clothes and the design change from collection to collection. 

Converse has also increased its range to offer many different types of shoes. In addition to the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, there are also models such as Chuck Taylor All Star Street, Small Star Player and Pro Blaze Strap.

Buy new products from Converse in our shop 

We hope you find a pair of stylish shoes from Converse in our shop. We have a large range that includes everything from trendy and modern shoes to stylish clothes from Converse. Please browse around the category to be inspired by all the nice clothes that we offer. 

News, new collections and offers from Converse

The products from Converse are extremely popular and it is good to keep track of when news from the latest collections from Converse are released. Despite the popularity, we sometimes clear out some of the products from Converse at a reduced price. If you want to buy products from Converse at a discount, it is important that you keep track of our Converse sale category.

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