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Welcome to our exciting category of Tamagotchi, where nostalgia meets modern toy technology. The digital pets first became popular in the 1990s and are now back to enchant a new generation with their unique charm and interactive features.

Tamagotchi is more than just a game; it's an experience that teaches responsibility and care as users care for their digital friends from birth to adulthood. With us you will find different models and designs to suit every taste and age group.

Explore our wide range of Tamagotchi products and choose the perfect digital companion that can accompany you anywhere and anytime. The small units are ideal for introducing kids to the concept of care and interaction, while offering hours of entertainment and fun.

The story behind Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi was originally invented in Japan by Aki Maita and released by Bandai in 1996. This innovative toys quickly became a global sensation and has sold millions of units worldwide. The Tamagotchi stands as a symbol of the 90s toy hysteria and has maintained its popularity through several generations.

The concept behind Tamagotchi is simple but endearing: users raise and care for a digital pet in a little, egg-shaped device. Each Tamagotchi has different stages of growth, depending on user interaction and care, making each experience unique.

Over the years, Tamagotchi has evolved with new features, colours and themes, but the essence of caring for a digital pet remains unchanged. This timeless toys continues to fascinate and engage kids as well as adults who remember it from their own childhood.

Find your digital pet in our selection of Tamagotchi

Here with us, we present a wide selection of Tamagotchi, which includes different series and generations. From the classic models that started it all, to the latest versions with improved graphics and more interactive options, we have something for every Tamagotchi enthusiast.

Our Tamagotchis come in a variety of designs that reflect everything from starry galaxies to colorful characters. These designs are not only visually appealing, but also offer different game and activities that can adapt to the user's preferences and play style.

Whether you're looking for a gift for a child or simply want to relive a piece of your childhood, our range of Tamagotchi offers a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern technology, guaranteed to bring joy and entertainment.

Tamagotchi price - How much does a Tamagotchi cost?

Choosing the right Tamagotchi is not only about features and design, but also about price. We strive to offer competitive prices on all our Tamagotchi models so that everyone can enjoy this engaging and educational toys.

Our Tamagotchi prices vary based on model and generation, ensuring you can find one that not only matches your needs, but also your budget. We regularly offer special offers and discounts, so keep an eye on our website for the best prices. You can always see the price for the individual Tamagotchi here or in the product description itself.

With us, you can be sure of getting value for money. Our Tamagotchi are not just toys, but an investment in fun and education, making them an affordable luxury for families, collectors and fans of all ages.

How to get deals on Tamagotchi

To get the best deals on Tamagotchi, we recommend signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media. So you are always up to date with the latest sale, exclusive discounts and special campaigns directly from us.

Also visit our sales category regularly, where we often have special offers on various Tamagotchi models. This is a great way to save without compromising on quality or experience.

We understand that value is important to our customers, which is why we work hard to ensure that our offers and prices reflect our commitment to offering the best products at the best prices. Become set of our community and enjoy the benefits of shopping with us.

With our reliable delivery service, you can quickly and safely start enjoying your Tamagotchi. Whether you order for yourself or as a gift, we guarantee that your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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