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Schleich Toys & Interior for Kids

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Schleich Toys & Interior for Kids

Schleich animal: The iconic toy figures for all kids

Schleich probably makes the world's best toy figurine. There are collections for kids of all ages. Kids aged 3-8 will greatly enjoy the Farm World, Wild Life and Dinosaur characters. Older kids aged 5-12 years are happy with the role-playing characters and the Horse Club collection - for them, the Bayala or Eldrador Creatures collections are probably also a pure fairy tale.

The characters that kids play with and touch are a fantastic form of learning and fun that electronics can not keep up with - it is also only the imagination and creativity that sets limits.

It is also a way to make sure that the kids understand and sheep a closer relationship with nature and the world of animals. There are lots of accessories like houses, stables, and cars, so the Schleich universe is connected and the kids can learn a whole lot.

The various Schleichs animal and toy figurine are hand-painted and of absolutely fantastic quality.

The story behind Schleich animal: It all started in Germany

Schleich was founded in 1935, when Friedrich Schleich began making dolls out of wood, fabric and steel wire. Some years later in 1950, the collection was only 13 toy figurine, but it grew rapidly. In 1955, the Walt Disney characters Bambi and Pluto were found as foam rubber figures at Schleich.

Two years later, the first iconic Schleich animal appeared, consisting of a sea lion family, an elephant and a kangaroo. Schleich became world famous when they released the blue smurfs, which are valuable day.

In the 1980s, Schleich began producing the animal figures that we all know and that represent the brand best day.

Large selection of Schleich animal

The selection of Schleich animal is so large day that the Schleich toys are day found in a long number of sub-brands, where each brand is targeted at specific Schleich animal.

Schleich Horse Club together with Schleich Farm World, Schleich bayala, Schleich Dinosaurs and Schleich Eldrador are some of the most well-known brands from the German toy giant. Most kids will large likely become acquainted with one or more of the popular Schleich brands throughout childhood.

Read more about the individual Schleich brands below and see which one suits you or your kid best. The different types of Schleich animal are divided according to interests, so it is easy to find exactly the Schleich animal that will best suit your kid based on its interest.

By thematically dividing the different Schleich animal, Schleich has also made it possible to target toys for both boys and girls, who in this way can use the different Schleich animal for their respective interests.

Horse Club - Schleich horses

Among the most popular Schleich animal are Schleich horses from the Schleich Horse Club. Schleich's horse brand offers a huge selection of different horses toys and accessories.

In addition to the popular and hand-painted Schleich horses, you will also find a Schleich horse stable, a Schleich horse trailer and a long number of the horses, which you will also find in the Danish stables and at the Danish riding schools.

The Schleich Horse Club is full of both toy figurine and toy animals, so you can create your own Schleich equestrian center if you combine the many Schleich horses with a Schleich horse stable.

You will also find several different human figures among the Schleich Horse Club, so you can also get a Schleich rider that you can let ride your Schleich horses or look after your Schleich equestrian center.

Horse Clubben - The club for Schleich horses fans

How big Schleich Horse Club is can be seen by the fact that Schleich has developed their very own Horse Club, which is a club that tells the story of the four friends, Hannah, Sofia, Lisa and Sarah and their fairy tale with a liv with Schleich horses and the others Schleich animal that you may encounter via the Schleich Horse Club.

From Schleich's side, much has been made of the storytelling of the four girlfriends, so you can easily live in the universe - especially if you love horses and are happy to play with a Schleich horse stable.

In the Horse Club, you can also make your own membership card, so that it will look like one of the four girls. You will find the Schleich Horse Club, membership cards and much more on the Schleich website.

The Horse Club is also full of ideas for games, creative things and various others things that can be downloaded from the site.

Schleich dinosaur

Compared to the cute Schleich horses, the Schleich Dinosaur stands as a stark contrast. With Schleich Dinosaur you sheep Schleich animal from the time when the giant dinosaurs ruled the earth.

It is also in Schleich Dinosaur that you will find the popular Schleich volcano, which can be used to create the perfect prehistoric atmosphere when your kid plays with sine Schleich Dinosaur.

With this series of Schleich animal, the toy manufacturer has created a number of toy figures, where much has been done to the small details, so that it almost seems as if the prehistoric animal are brought to life at home in the kids's room.

In addition to the individual Schleich animal, Schleich Dinosaur also offers a number of set, where in addition to a Schleich Dinosaur you can also get buildings, cars or the popular Schleich volcano.

Keep an eye on the page here if you are looking for Schleich Dinosaur deals. We regularly update the page with the current Schleich animal.

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Schleich bayala

Schleich bayala is the place where you will find the most adventurous Schleich animal. It is also the Schleich brand where you a Schleich unicorn.

In Schleich bayala, it is only the imagination that sets the limits of your child's dreams in a world where unicorns, rivers, mermaids and others enchanting Schleich animal await.

The many fantasy animal create in Schleich bayala a magical universe, where magic, fairy tale and friendships are in focus when your Schleich unicorn is visited by the elves.

The characters in this fantasy world can be supplemented with different houses and others set, which to that extent can help to set the right mood when the kids play with Schleich bayala.

Sneaky Schleich

The many fantasy animal from Schleich continue in the Schleich Eldrador. Here, however, the many Schleich animal are replaced by a Schleich monster and others various Schleich fantasy animal.

Schleich Eldrador is also the Schleich brand that has the famous Schleich dragon. In fact, there are several dragons from Schleich in this series.

Schleich Eldrador is built around a fantasy world, where it is the eternal battle between good and evil.

The lava world represents the evil world in Schleich Eldrador. They have acquired a superweapon that will secure their power by firing up the others worlds of lava flows.

It therefore becomes a battle between the Lava World's Schleich monster and the others Schleich animal and Schleich fantasy animal from the Ice World, the Stone World and the Water World.

You will find both a Schleich dragon in the Ice World, the Lava World and the Stone World. In addition, there is a wealth of different Schleich monsters in the four worlds under the Schleich Eldrador.

The story of the various Schleich fantasy animal is supplemented by their own website, which you can find via Schleich's website. Here are various activities and downloads that can be used in the game with the many Schleich animal from Schleich Eldrador.

Farm World - Schleich farm

Life on a Schleich farm is not limited to the Schleich Horse Club. The farm goes again in Schleich Farm World.

In Schleich Farm World you will find the many Schleich farm animals and even more Schleich horses than those you meet in the Schleich Horse Club.

Life on your Schleich farm can include both Schleich pigs and Schleich cows, while you can also get a long range of others Schleich animal, so it can be like on a real farm with the many Schleich farm animals.

For your Schleich farm you can also get a Schleich horse stable, various Schleich animal and toy figurine and cars.

Schleich's usual attention to detail is repeated in Schleich Farm World, so a lot has been done to create both Schleich farm animals and accessories that can help to give the perfect atmosphere, so that your kid sheep a feeling of, that it is visiting a farm when the Schleich farm is found.

Wild Life - The wild Schleich animal

Go on fairy tale in the wildlife or closet your own safari with Schleich Wild Life. While Schleich in several of the others series focuses on fantasy animal or monsters, the many Schleich animal in Wild Life are the wild animal that are found here on earth.

Schleich Wild Life is divided into three sub-series in the form of Schleich Liningest, Schleich Safari and Schleich Jungle.

Each of the three series has Schleich animal that usually belong in the three different locations.

Of course, it is difficult to go on safari without a car. Therefore, you can also find both a Schleich truck and a Schleich helicopter in Schleich Wild Life.

Schleich offers: Here you sheep Schleich animal offers

The many different Schleich animal belong to some of the most popular toy animal. They are therefore found in a long number of kids's rooms in both Denmark and the rest of the world.

Schleich animal deals are therefore not surprisingly something that is often looked for when approaching holidays and birthdays, where a good Schleich Dinosaur offer can be something that sheep out the large smiles at home when the gifts are unpacked.

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Schleich christmas calendar

Schleich animal are often a hit when lying under the Christmas tree. But it does not have to be just there that the little ones pack up a Schleich animal.

Schleich also has several different Christmas calendars, so that every day until Christmas you can find a piece of Schleich toys behind one of the 24 doors.

You can get a Schleich christmas calendar for several of the different Schleich brands, whether you are mostly to Schleich Horse Club, Schleich Wild Life or Schleich Farm World.

A Schleich christmas calendar contains both Schleich animal, accessories and much more, which can provide more play options with the various Schleich animal.

With that said, we hope you find something in our range that matches whatever you're looking for. So whatever you have deliberately ended up here in the category with products from Schleich - then the selection of products is at least good, and contains a lot of useful products. Finally, use our search function if you are looking for something specific.

If you have specific wishes, perhaps some others products from Schleich, that you would like to find in the shop, you must finally send your request to our support.

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