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Hama Interior & Equipment for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Hama Interior & Equipment for Kids

Hama beads and pegboard

Huge selection of the amazing Hama beads. The beads can be purchased in a myriad of colours, individually and in bead set, which can contain motif sheets, ironing paper and pegboard in a myriad of shapes such as squares, circles, hearts and animal.

Imaginative play with Hama beads

Hama beads inspire imaginative play, which hardly reaches many limits compared to the many ways in which you can combine the colorful beads. The Hama beads are iron-ready, so you have the opportunity to iron yourself for a lasting memory.

The Hama beads can be purchased in the following colours: blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metalic, orange, pink, red, black and turquoise. New colours are constantly being added. Finally, stop by to see if we have new colours in stock, or if new Hama pegboard with new motifs have arrived.

Of course, it is also possible to buy Hama beads in set with many colours, multicolour, so that you do not have to buy 3, 000 beads of each colour, so that you can have fun and take advantage of the many creative possibilities that beads provide both large and small.

Great reasons to play with Hama beads

With Hama beads, you are guaranteed many hours of good entertainment and imaginative play, while the pearls provide many hours of good learning and training of the motor skills of the little ones.

It is only the imagination that sets the limits of what you can do with your beads when they are to be placed on a Hama pegboard. You can choose to follow one of the many patterns or even use your fantasy to make your very own pattern.

You can use the Hama beads to make patterns, works of art, name tags or christmas decorations. You can also use them to make jewelry with.

Are Hama beads Danish?

Hama beads are actually a Danish brand. Malte Haaning founded the brand in 1961. At that time it was called Malte Haaning Plastic A/S. In the beginning they produced straws, but later many others types of plastic articles were added.

Due to a large demand for tube beads, Malte Haaning also started producing these. In 1971, the Mini pearls were released, which are still the ones that sell the most. Later, the Mini beads were added in 1978, while the Maxi beads were added in 1982. It was actually Malte Haaning who developed the ironing method of these types of beads. Before he invented it, they had been glued onto plastic trays or pieces of cardboard.†

Hama was transformed into an A/S in 1992. After Malte Haaning's death in 1999, his daughter, Lene Haaning, was appointed director.

Hama released their own app in 2015 - namely Hama Universe, and in 2018 they got their own YouTube channel. day, Hamas products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

What does Hama mean?

The name Hama was registered as a trademark in 1984. The name is derived from the name of the founder: Ha - the first 2 letters of the surname and Ma - the first 2 letters of the first name.

Hama products are danish developed, produced and distributed from NykÝbing Mors in Denmark. Hama produces safe and good products every day, which always comply with the applicable regulations in the EU.

Where do you buy Hama beads?

At Kids-world, it is as easy as possible to buy Hama beads. You can get a quick and clear overview of our Hama products by choosing Hama as a category under brands. We have a huge range of Hama beads in different sizes, special creative bead set, the creative set from Hama art, pegboard and everything else your child needs to get started with the exciting world of Hama beads and pegboard.

Are beads a Danish invention?

Hama beads and bead plates are actually a danish invention. The creative and innovative way of playing with beads is now popular all over the world. Playing with Hama beads and pegboard helps children's physical and mental skills in a unique way, as the whole process just feels like fun and play to them.†

With the help of the Hama beads, Kids are able to better recognize symbols, numbers and letters. The brilliant thing is that Hama's various bead set provide ample opportunity for kids to follow an existing motif or build their own.†

Since Hama was invented by the Danish founder, Malte Haaning, the brand has continuously tested the products according to all applicable safety standards.

Mini, Midi and Maxi Hama beads

Hama beads can be purchased in several sizes so that there are beads for the desired purpose. Typically, the large Hama Maxi beads are purchased for the small kids. The Hama Maxi beads are 1 cm high and have a diameter of 10 mm. The Hama Maxi beads are with their size optimal for the smaller kids, who can more easily grab and place the Hama beads on the selected pegboard.

When the kids are getting so tanned that they can better handle smaller objects and the little beads, you can buy the smaller Hama Mini and Hama Midi beads. Most kids become acquainted with the Hama Midi pearls during kindergarten and school time.

The most popular sizes are Midi beads, which are recommended for kids over 5 years. The Hama Midi beads, like the Hama Maxi beads, are a tube bead. The Hama Midi beads have a diameter of 5 mm, so they are half the size of the Hama Maxi in terms of diameter.

The smallest Hama pearl is the Hama Mini. The Hama Mini is half the size of the Hama Midi and has a diameter of 2.5 mm. The Hama Mini is therefore best suited for the older kids who have developed their motor skills so that they can better handle the small beads and place them on the bead plate.

The Maxi beads are recommended for kids over 3 years, and the very small Mini beads from Hama are recommended for kids aged 10 and up. The Hama Mini beads are especially popular when it comes to making earrings with beads.

It helps young kids to develop their fine motor skills when, for example, they have to put Hama beads on a pegboard, where they also train eye-hand coordination.

You can therefore follow your child's fine motor development in step with how easy it is to put the beads on the selected Hama pegboard.

Hama pegboard: How to choose the right pegboard

There are several different types of Hama pegboard. It is therefore important that you find the right one. You can get pegboard with Disney toy figurine and many others motifs.

In order for you to find the right pegboard, it first of all requires that you know whether you need a pegboard for Hama Maxi beads, Hama Midi beads or Hama Mini beads.

You can get large pegboard for all kinds of Hama beads. Just make sure you choose the right pegboard to suit your beads and the toy figurine and patterns you want to make.

The selection of Hama pegboard is large, so you can easily find some beautiful pegboard, whether you want to make your own pearl patterns, make a Christmas pearl pattern or use beads for something completely different.

Iron your pegboard: How to do it

The use of pearl patterns for signs or christmas decorations, for example, has long been popular, just as the use of beads for jewelry is also popular.

In order to use your Hama beads to make christmas decorations or for a sign, it requires that you iron the beads once you have completed your bead pattern on your pegboard.

When you iron your beads, they melt together to sheep them a firm consistency. Once you have done that, you can take the beads off the bead plate without them falling apart.

This is how you get both a piece of art, while at the same time you sheep the opportunity to reuse your Hama pegboard, without losing the motif that you have spent a long time making.

When ironing your beads, it is recommended that you use the Hama ironing paper that is often included in most bead boxes.

Hama ironing paper can also be purchased separately. Here you can get a pack with 4 pieces of ironing paper in one pack.

The temperature of your iron should not be the same when ironing Hama Mini, Hama Midi and Hama Maxi beads.

The larger your Hama beads are, the higher the temperature at which they should be ironed. When ironing your Hama beads, apply round and soft movements so that you distribute the heat evenly.

- Ironing temperature Hama Maxi: Approx. 200 degrees
- Ironing temperature Hama Midi: Approx. 180 degrees
- Ironing temperature Hama Mini: Approx. 150 degrees

If you have never tried ironing Hama beads before, then we would recommend that you do a little test where you iron smaller motifs before moving on to the large patterns on the large Hama pegboard.

- Low the pattern on your Hama pegboard with your Hama beads
- Place the ironing paper on top of the beads
- Heat the iron to the desired heat
- Iron the beads with circular and soft movements
- Let the beads cool down
- Take the pattern of your Hama pegboard

Books on pearl patterns

Although the imagination does not set any limits when it comes to making pearl patterns and using the many creative options that you sheep with Hama beads and pegboard, it can always be nice with inspiration.

You can get inspiration in some of the many books with pearl patterns that we have on this page. The Books are especially good for the slightly older kids, who have learned to master how the beads should be placed and can follow the bead patterns.

The Books on pearl patterns both provide recipes for the different patterns and show how to make them so that it is easy and user-friendly - even if you have not previously made pearl patterns according to recipes.

The Books are also divided into different themes. You can therefore get everything from Christmas themes, adventure themes and much more.

What type of plastic are beads made of?

The beads from Hama are made with polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is the most used type of plastic worldwide, and comes in many different variants and uses.

Hama has of course carried out ironing tests with the beads, to ensure that they are not harmful to use, for neither kids nor adults.†

In the ironing test with the beads, 0.026 mg/kghx could be measured. This means that 1 kg of beads (approx. 17, 000 beads) must be ironed over the course of an hour before 0.026 mg of pentamethylheptane appears. Therefore, it is not harmful to breathe air or stay in a room where the pearl plates are ironed.

Hama beads patterns with popular toy figurine

The recognition of familiar toy figurine can help to introduce both the interest in playing with beads in kids, while at the same time making it easier for them to get started with certain patterns.

Toy figurine like Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty or fairytale princesses like Anna and Elsa from Frozen are among the many famous toy figurine that you can get Hama pearl patterns with.

In addition, there is also a long range of bead set with different themes and toy figurine. You can find everything from flowers to frogs, mermaids and others themes when choosing bead set.

You can also find Hama pegboard with different shapes, where you then choose which beads you want to use to make a figure.

Beads for jewelry and earrings with beads

Hama beads are so popular when it comes to using beads for jewelry. Throughout childhood, most adults have tried to use beads for bracelet and know that it can provide both large entertainment value while they are being made, but also become good childhood memories for the little ones.

When you use beads for jewelry, you can make them on a Hama pegboard, after which you iron them so that they melt together.

That way, you can make, for example, earrings with motifs from famous toy figurine or a pendant for your necklace.

By using your beads and a pegboard to make jewelry with, you can create unique jewelry for both you and your kids. Using beads for jewelry is therefore very suitable for personal gifts.

Hama beads animal - Find pegboard with animal here

If your child loves beads and animal, we have good news. Hama offers many different set with beads and animal. Your child will thus have the opportunity to make many different types of Hama animal, depending on which bead set you choose. You will find both large and small animal in the range. Something else exciting is that you can find Hama beads with animal in 3D. This actually means that your child can make cute 3D toy figurine of animal that they can use just like real toys. If necessary, see the exciting Hama 3D set with dog and cat, fox and rabbit, insects and many more. You will of course also find standard sets with which your child can make animal in the traditional way with pegboard.

How many Hama beads do I need for a bracelet?

There are no limits to the creative things you can use the well-known Hama beads for. In fact, you can easily use them to make beautiful jewelry. On Hamas's own app and website, you will find many different recipes for how your child can use the pearl plates to make patterns and pendant, which can be used for bracelet and others jewelry.†

Others creative souls use the Hama beads directly on an elastic thread for jewelry with a needle, which also makes it possible to create some completely unique jewelry. You can find countless recipes for fine bracelet and pendant with Hama beads on the internet.

Hama beads deals

Both Hama Maxi, Hama Midi and Hama Mini come in different quantities. The Hama pearls come in both buckets and bags, which means that you can get some good Hama beads offers in exactly the colours and quantities that you want.

You can get the popular Hama Midi beads, for example, in bags from 1, 000 pieces and up to the large buckets with 13, 000 blending Hama Midi beads.

See our selection of Hama pegboard and our various Hama beads offers. Among other things, you will also find several Hama pearl bead set, where there are beads and pegboard for specific patterns and toy figurine.

If you always want to be sure to get news about our Hama beads offer, then we recommend that you sign up for our newsletter here on the site. Then our current offer on both Hama beads and many others popular kids's clothing brands will arrive directly in your inbox.

We hope you find the Hama products in the range that match what you are looking for. Finally, use our search function and filter if, for example, you are looking for some beads or pegboard in specific colours.

If you have special wishes, maybe you would like some beads or pegboard from another brand, you must finally send your wish to our customer service.

Where can you buy cheap beads?

At Kids-world, we can assure you that you can always find Hama beads at the best prices. If you're looking for a great deal, we recommend checking out our sale category. You will find this page under sale in the menu at the top right. On this page, you can use our filter to find exactly what you are looking for. You can select Hama under brands, after which all the current offer and sale products will be shown to you. We often have different products from Hama on sale, so don't hesitate to check out our sale often.

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