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Oopsy Toys & Interior for Kids


Oopsy - lovely care products for babies

At Kids-world we provide a lovely selection of products by Oopsy in a variety of great colours and fun designs. Browse through this season's selection by Oopsy.

Oopsy is a byMOXO brand, designed especially for babies and their parents. Oopsy brings fine and sensible products, offering great value for money. The entire range is created with a focus on functionality, design and safety. 

byMOXO is headquartered in Laurbjerg in Langå, where the warehouse is also located. All products follow all environmental and safety standards, so you can safely buy products from Oopsy for yourself and your child.

Oopsy offers cute soft toys for babies' sore gums, which are made of 100% natural rubber. Besides soft toys, in Oopsy's range, you will also be able to find toothbrush sets, blankets, cloth diapers, baby cutlery, hairbrushes, nail scissors, nose suckers, thermometers, and much more. All in all, here you'll get almost everything you need for baby care.

With a great selection of affordable Oopsy products, Kids-world has you covered.

Oopsy hairbrushes for baby and kids

If you need a hairbrush for girls and boys, you have come to the right category. Our range of hairbrushes from Oopsy is for both the youngest and older kids.

The Hairbrushes from Oopsy are designed especially for the little ones, as it can be quite a challenge to get their hair through in a gentle way.

Oopsy hairbrushes in a high quality

Oopsy designs hairbrushes for boys and girls in a good quality. This means that the brush is carefully checked to ensure that it meets the good standards.

Blankets from Oopsy

Blankets do not necessarily have to be just be practical and boring, on the contrary. Oopsy designs blankets in different toy figurine, forms and colours.

Oopsy makes blankets so that the decor of the room becomes a breeze and you can have fun finding the right locations for them. We have blankets in several different patterns, designs, colours and color combinations.

Oopsy dinner set service

If you are looking for Oopsy dinner set service for your girl or boy, you have found the right category.

Here at Kids-world.com we have a huge and versatile selection of Oopsy dinner set - spoons, knives, forks and plates - that your baby or your kid can enjoy. Kids love when something is just theirs, making it obvious to give them their own Oopsy.

The Oopsy is made of materials that can withstand a little of everything, which makes the kid Oopsy the ideal choice for your girl or boy.

Baby toys from Oopsy

If you're trying to find baby toys for you kid from Oopsy, you have come to the right place.

In the first year of your boy or girl's life, he og she go through a lot in sensory and motor development.

Oopsy teethers for babies

Do your boy or girl's gums itch? If the answer is yes, it might be a very good idea to get him/her an Oopsy teether. It can be quite challenging when the gums start to itch and the baby wants to scratch them back with something.

On this page, you will discover our entire selection of teethers from Oopsy designed for the youngest ones. You should be able to find an Oopsy teether or two that suits your taste and preferences.

Fine Oopsy teethers

Oopsy teethers and teethers from many other brands available on our page come in simple yet cool designs.

Shop Oopsy baby toys here

We want to provide baby toys for kids that inspires and are safe for the smallest one in the family. As a result of our attitude towards play we put a lot of effort have a wide range of Oopsy baby toys.

We sell baby toys in different colours, materials and prices. We believe you will find the baby toys you are searching for at our shop.

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