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Vero Moda Girl


Vero Moda Girl

Lovely children's clothes for everyday life from Vero Moda Girl

Vero Moda now also has a collection of lovely clothes for kids. Vero Moda Girl is aimed especially at young girls aged 6-14. The collection follows the same style as the adult clothing. You can even find existing designs adapted for kids. The particularly popular designs from Vero Moda are being tailored again for kids. Vero Moda Girl's collections naturally follow the trends, prints and colours of the season. Vero Moda Girl children's clothing is designed with innovation and sustainability in mind.

At Vero Moda Girl you will find girls' girls clothes in sizes 116-164. There is a focus on trendy clothes that are also comfortable with a good fit.

Dresses and jeans for kids

Vero Moda Girl has a large selection of practical, casual dresses for kids. The Dresses will look stylish and effortless on your child. Feel free to take a look at the range and find a dress that fits your child's style and personality perfectly.

Vero Moda Girl also offers a wide selection of high quality jeans. If you are looking for others bottoms for your child's wardrobe, you will also find a selection of skirts and trousers.

More about Vero Moda

Vero Moda is one of the most recognizable high-street brands in Europe. They capture the essence of everyday moments with an authentic, colourful and honest style that appeals to all generations. Vero Moda began with the aim of transforming everyday clothes from being ordinary to being modern and elegant.

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