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Lamaze Toys & Interior for Kids

Lamaze Teether - Octopus Lamaze Teether - Octopus 8,04 €
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Lamaze Toys & Interior for Kids

Lamaze clip toys, rattles and teethers

Lamaze makes many of the most absolutely amazing products for babies and kids, boys as well as girls. You will find a lovely assortment of cute teethers, fun rattles and many entertaining clip toys, all in a wide variety of designs and colours.

The toys are produced with a primary focus on a kid's development. Toys for infants are lots of fun for them to touch and examine, and fun is a common criteria for all toys from Lamaze.

You will discover very cute stroller clip toys, fun and entertaining activity toys as well as colourful, delightful rattles and teethers.

Toys by Lamaze are produced with a focus on kids' development. Toys for infants should be fun for them to examine and touch, which is the common goal for all toys produced by Lamaze.

Purchase Lamaze activity toys and clip toys here

At Kids-world we have a nice selection of Lamaze products, and we cross our fingers that you will find the ideal kids activity toy or clip toy for the pram that falls within your particular tastes.

Toys from Lamaze are created to help babies in their development, and their products are created in collaboration with expert professionals. Lamaze toys encourage healthy play and learning. The high quality of the toys, beautiful colours, fabrics, patterns and friendly faces have made them some of the favourite products of parents, babies and experts for more than 20 years.

These wonderful toys have been thoroughly tested and developed according to a baby's needs and preferences. All the toys are hugely interactive and provide many hours of entertainment for young kids. Toys from Lamaze assist kids in the development of their senses and motor skills from an early age.

Baby toys by Lamaze

If you are searching for baby toys by Lamaze, you have come to the perfect webshop.

The first year of kids's lives has a big impact when it comes to their ability to move and their minds.

Here at Kids-world you will find a great assortment of Lamaze baby toys. We ensure that there's a toy for every kid in lots of price ranges, components and designs.

Lamaze pram chains in nice designs

Pram chains from Lamaze and other brands available on our page come with motifs such as starfish, birds and hearts. We usually also have pram chains from Lamaze that come without motifs of stars and animals, just in some fine colours. No matter what kind of Lamaze pram chain you're looking for, you'll find it right here in this category.

Lamaze teethers for babies

Is your girl or boy experiencing itching gums? If so, it might be a good idea to get him/her a Lamaze teether. It can be quite challenging when the gums start to itch and the kid wants something to scratch them back with and have something to bite into.

On this page, you will find our entire lovely selection of teethers from Lamaze for girls and boys. We have something for every kid.

The Lamaze teethers and teethers from many other brands available on our page come in simple yet cool designs.

Role play with dolls from Lamaze

Most kids enjoy playing with dolls Lamaze. If you are looking for a Lamaze doll for your child, you will find our selection of dolls from Lamaze right here on the page.

It is only your kid's fantasy that sets the limits of what personal Lamaze doll should possess when your kid plays with the Lamaze doll.

Also remember to look around in our others categories for doll beds and clothes for the doll.

Different types of Lamaze toys

Lamaze toys are known and loved by parents and kids worldwide for their colorful design and stimulating features. Each Lamaze toys is created with your child's development in mind.

From rattling dolls to soft books and activity toy, Lamaze allows your child to explore, touch, feel and listen. Their design focuses on stimulating the senses and developing your child's fine motor skills.

Many parents praise Lamaze for being the first choice when it comes to interactive play for the little ones. Whether it's the kid's first stuffed animal or a touch-and-feel book, Lamaze toys are designed to accompany and support your child through the important stages of development.

Start the game on a Lamaze activity play mat

A Lamaze activity play mat is more than just a soft surface for your child to lie on - it's a whole world of fairy tale and discovery.

The Activity play mat from Lamaze is full of vibrant colours, different textures and hidden surprises waiting to be explored by curious little fingers and toes. Every set of the blanket is carefully designed to stimulate your child's senses, from mirrors and rattle rings to soft stuffed animals.

These details help promote fine motor skills and cognitive development. Combined with Lamaze toys, it creates an interactive playground where your child can develop while he or she plays. Closet discoveries and developments with Lamaze. A sure winner with all little, curious souls.

Bring out the smiles with a Lamaze squid

Lamaze has once again managed to create a toys that will bring joy and excitement to your child: the charming Lamaze squid.

With its vibrant colours and a variety of textures, Lamaze invites squid to explore and sensory play. The bendable arms are perfect for little curious fingers who love to feel, squeeze and explore.

Not only does this Lamaze toys stimulate your child's senses, it also helps develop his or her fine motor skills. Lamaze Squid can also be easily hung above your baby, so that he or she can lie on his back and explore his own reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the octopus.

The next time your child needs a friend who can both entertain and challenge, Lamaze squid is the obvious choice.

Cute Lamaze butterflies

Lamaze butterfly is the ultimate in cute and interactive toys for the little ones. With its brightly colored design and soft texture, the Lamaze butterfly will immediately capture your child's attention and curiosity.

Lamaze toys are known for creating equipment that engages and stimulates children's senses, and their butterfly is no exception. With crackling sounds, mirrors and different textures, it provides a wealth of sensory experiences.

It's easy for small hands to grab, and its bendable wings and legs provide plenty of opportunity for fun movements. Give your baby the joy of a Lamaze butterfly and watch the excitement light up in his or her eyes.

Lamaze elephants for the little ones

Lamaze elephant is a wonderful companion for your child's early developmental adventures. With its gentle colours and soft textures, the elephant invites fun and exploration.

The contrasting patterns and built-in mirror activities stimulate your child's visual sense, while the different textures on the elephant's body encourage tactile sensitivity.

The exciting crackling sounds add an extra dimension of play. This Lamaze toys is easy to grip and designed with little hands in mind. With its unique combination of fun and learning, the Lamaze elephant is an indispensable addition to your baby's toy collection.

Have you seen a Lamaze rattle?

Introduce your child to a world of sounds and movement with the Lamaze rattle. This colorful and exciting rattle was created with a focus on stimulating your child's senses and developing his or her motor skills.

Lamaze rattle offers various surprises such as rattling beads, soft textures and fun patterns. As with all Lamaze toys, the Lamaze rattle is designed to be easy for small hands to grasp, promoting your child's ability to coordinate and explore. Let your baby explore a world of fun and learning with a Lamaze rattle.

Lamaze worm - Long and full of impressions

Let your little baby explore a colourful world of fun and learning with the Lamaze worm. This charming Lamaze musical inchworm is not only filled with fun colours, but also with a wide range of stimulating textures and patterns.

The Lamaze worm crackles and rattles when you touch it, and when you press it on the head, it plays a sweet melody. A centimeter measurement is printed on the back of the worm, so that you can also follow your baby's growth.

This Lamaze toys is comfortable to hold, touch and explore, promoting your child's fine motor skills and tactile sense. With the Lamaze worm, you can give your baby a fun and enriching play experience that not only brings smiles to his or her face, but also contributes to development and learning.

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