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Lovely bath toys for kids from Yookidoo

Yookidoo stimulates kids' senses to learn and discover new things, with their unique approach to playing and learning. With stimulating, interactive and innovative products that have won many awards, Yookidoo offers many best-selling products in their collection.

Yookidoo's baby toys are all about having fun, learning, exploring and discovering new things, and they are already known among many families.

Yookidoo's products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, bringing joy to countless parents and kids. The company was founded back in 2008 and all the products are created in their studio by industrial designers.

Kids' earliest developmental stages have been studied carefully, and the products are designed to be as safe as possible, as well as to help the kid throughout its development.

Yookidoo elephant shower

Yookidoo's elephant shower makes bath time both soothing and fun for babies. The elephant shower is designed with a gentle shower that introduces the smallest kids to water and becomes a fun piece of bath toy when they are a little older.

The Yookidoo elephant shower is so easy to use. After inserting the batteries, place the elephant with its feet in the water. The circulating water pump will then pump up the water and spray it out - which is fine and fun for your little one. The shower head of the elephant shower only requires one hand - both to hold, start and stop the water. This way you always have one hand free for your baby.

The Yookidoo elephant shower helps to create positive experiences with taking a bath. You can use the soft, soothing water of the elephant shower to help even the most sensitive babies get used to the feeling of swim.

You can reach all parts of your baby's body with Yookidoo's elephant shower - from the hair, neck and all the little folds on your child.

Yookidoo's elephant shower can be used together with the water in the bathtub, so that the water temperature is constant. The hose is also card enough that it is completely safe for kids to use. It is also eco-friendly, since the water pump in the elephant shower can pump water up from the tub without you having to have running water from the shower running. Like all the other bath toy from Yookidoo, the elephant shower meets all the strictest safety standards (ASTM, EN71, etc.) and is IPX7 certified.

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