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Natruba - Teething rings for baby

The Danish family company Natruba produces the finest natural rubber teething rings for very young babies. Natural rubber is a wonderful alternative to plastic, as it contains various substances that many parents are uncertain about.

Natural rubber is a fantastic non-toxic and safe material, which is environmentally friendly and sustainable, as well as hygienic and biodegradable. It's also great for babies to chew on when their sore gums irritate them.

Natruba's natural rubber teething rings for babies are fun and healthy toys that do not harm kids or the planet. Natruba is constantly designing new, exciting shapes and textures for their teething rings.

They are an innovative company that creates elegant and fun toys for babies that they will absolutely love.

That's how Natruba came to be

Natruba is headquartered in Bornholm, and is run by a married couple, Kasper and Line. When they had their first kid in 2016, they were worried about many things, just like so many other first-time parents are.

When their baby daughter started chewing on everything she could find, the parents searched for safe toys without chemicals, but could only find products that were incredibly boring.

Kasper and Line were inspired to design and produce fabulous, safe teething toys for babies themselves, and that's how their adventure began. As a parent, you can feel 100% confident when buying sweet teething rings from Natruba.

Whether or not your baby's gums are irritated, or you both are having good fun at bath time, Natruba products are safe and natural, so there is never any need to worry.

Bath toys from Natruba for girls and boys

Natruba manufactures bath toys that your boys and girls will enjoy and have hours of joy and fun with. There are lots of different bath toys, such as bath animals, shapes and bath bucket, that your girls and boys can have fun with with in several different ways.

Natruba bath toys are useful to take on a sunny holiday. They are easy to bring with you and can make a lot of delightful moments at the beach.

Here at our shop you?ll see a gorgeous selection of a lot of fun and good Natruba bath toys, as well as from a lot of other brands.

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