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Sports equipment for kids from Stiga Sports

Stiga Sports offers a wide selection of sports equipment that kids can enjoy in their free time. All forms of physical activity are extremely important, and at Stiga Sports, you will find everything from footballs, table tennis equipment and games to scooters.

Stiga Sports is a global company with partners in over 100 countries. The company is a classic Swedish table tennis company, which has both products for hobby and professional use.

In 1944, Stiga started its production of table tennis products, and today is one of the biggest brands in terms of table tennis. Stiga also has many other classic sports products, and their head office is located in Eskilstuna.

More about Stiga Sports

Stiga is primarily known for its table tennis boards and bats. These are available in many different models and materials of the highest quality.

These are genuine table tennis products that will make you well prepared even for the most challenging games. Since 1944, Stiga has been offering everything you might need for a game of table tennis.

In addition to the table tennis products, Stiga also has a lot of other sports equipment for the entire family - their sledge and hockey table games called STIGA Play-Off are especially well-known, two iconic products that are as popular today as they were several decades ago.

Stiga Sports aims to help you and your family enjoy a more active leisure time, whether it is with a game of table tennis or on the football field!

Stiga balls for babies and kids

Stiga balls are cosy toys that can be used by both boys and girls. Long story short, one can never get too old to play with a ball.

Here at Kids-world, we have a fine assortment of Stiga balls as well as balls from other brands.

High-quality Stiga balls

We offer Stiga balls and balls from other brands made of fine, high-quality materials, colours and sizes. Therefore, if you do not find the perfect Stiga ball, just look around in one of the other brand categories.

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