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Sleepytroll was a Norwegian family man's answer to the large question that many parents, somewhat frustrated, have asked themselves over the years: What do you do when your baby just doesn't want to sleep, unless you rock, carry, roll or drive the kid around?

One of the options is to pray that there is something that can help you and your child. So what do you do when you discover that there isn't? Then you can make Ståle Flataker and invent it yourself.

On one of his endless walks in the effort to get his son to sleep, Ståle thought that there must be a better way to get his child to sleep, without the kid having to be rocked or rocked to sleep. This gave him the idea to build an automatic baby swing that could make the stroller crib itself. It became Sleepytroll.

Ståle teamed up with an award-winning industrial design company to figure out how to make the prototype scalable. After three years of development and testing, Sleepytroll was finally ready to be launched on the market in 2019.

Sleepytroll Baby Rocker

The Sleepytroll Baby Rocker is a ground-breaking solution for parents looking for ro and harmony in their child's sleep routine. This automatic baby swing has been created with care and attention to detail to meet the challenges many parents face when it comes to getting their babies to sleep.

The Sleepytroll Baby Rocker is designed to mimic the soothing motion that babies love but often require constant attention from parents. With the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker, parents can now enjoy a break while the kid is rocked to sleep.

The Sleepytroll Baby Rocker combines style and functionality with its smart design and easy user interface. It is created with quality materials and exceptional durability to ensure it can withstand daily use and movement.

With its automatic rocking function, the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker helps calm the kid, while the intuitive control allows parents to adapt the rocking movement to the kid's preferences.

Whether it's midday nap or bedtime, the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker is the ideal tool to create a calm and comfortable sleep experience for both baby and parents. With this innovative baby swing, parents' travel to creating healthy sleep habits for their baby becomes simpler and more enjoyable.

Sleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet and Bed Adapter

You can also mount your Sleepytroll Baby Rocker on the kid's bed. Here, with the bed adapter, Sleepytroll Bed Adapter, you can transfer the help that your Sleepytroll Baby Rocker gives you in relation to getting your child to sleep.

Here it is recommended that you mount a set of Sleepytroll Bed Rocker Feet on the legs of the bed so that the bed is stable and does not move when the kid is rocked to sleep.

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