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Voksi and their popular footmuffs

On this page, you will find the popular footmuffs by Voksi, that are very suitable as travel bags, sleeping bags, lifts, etc. Voksi has been producing their popular footmuffs since 1986. Here, you will find all the products from Voksi regardless of the type, size and colour you are looking for.

At Kids-world, we strive to always have an interesting selection of products from brands such as Voksi footmuffs. Whether you are looking for toys, equipment for your baby, shoes or clothing for your kids, there are good opportunities to find them here with us.

What is a Voksi footmuff?

A Voksi footmuff is like a sleeping bag, which ensures that your baby can sleep safely and comfortably. You can thus create a more stable and comfortable temperature around your baby with a Voksi footmuff.

Voksi is a Norwegian design that, with the popular Voksi footmuffs, has created the perfect opportunity for your baby to sleep safely and warmly regardless of changing temperatures outside. At the same time, most variants of our wax bags can be unfolded so that it can be used as a play mat.

A Voksi footmuff is always designed in materials that are free of harmful chemicals and substances. With the windproof and water repellent features, you are guaranteed to be able to keep your baby warm and dry in breathable materials of the very highest quality.

With a Voksi footmuff, you and the family can have an active lifestyle and get out and get a lot of fresh air - regardless of the weather. It is healthy, not only for the kid, but for the whole family. With a Voksi footmuff, there is no longer any excuse for staying inside.

Which Voksi footmuff should I choose?

There are many different versions of our delicious wax bags. You therefore have ample opportunity to find the Voksi footmuff that suits your needs.

Before you start looking for your Voksi footmuff, it is a good idea to think about which type of Voksi footmuff suits your or your family's lifestyle. For example, do you have an active lifestyle and would you like a Voksi footmuff for your baby that is easy and comfortable to lie in on the long drive? Or do you want a Voksi footmuff that is suitable for a longer trip with changing modes of transport and temperatures?

You can also find the perfect Voksi footmuff, which fits the pram, stroller or your car seat, where you need to be able to fasten your Voksi footmuff and thus create extra security.

A Voksi footmuff with an extra wooden plate in the back provides a stable surface for your baby to lie on and makes it easy to use your Voksi footmuff as a lift.

With Voksi, there are simply no limits to what you can use your Voksi footmuff for. Since it is produced in very high quality, you can use it for many years.

You can find many different sizes and adaptations for the smart Voksi footmuff, so that the kid can grow with it and use it for several years. You can also find extremely warm wax bags, which are suitable for colder temperatures in the Scandinavian winter.

Voksi footmuffs for prams

It is a really good idea to use the smart Voksi footmuff for a pram. Voksi has made many beautiful and stylish variants that you can choose from.

Most of our wax bags come with harness holes for the pram. In this way, you can easily attach your Voksi footmuff to the pram, so that it sits securely. This means that your baby can lie safely and soundly in the pram and sleep undisturbed for many hours.

With a Voksi footmuff, you can provide a comfortable environment without fluctuating temperatures, which is absolutely essential to ensure that your baby can have a good nap in the pram.

Remember that you can also always use our search filter at the top of the page to quickly find our large selection of wax bags for pram.

You can also get a Voksi footmuff for the stroller

Voksi has made many useful variants of the popular Voksi footmuff for the stroller. You can simply open the little piece of fabric on the back of the wax bag. It is fixed with velcro. Then you will have openings for suspenders inside.

You can easily and quickly pass the harnesses on the stroller through the openings at the back of the wax bag and your baby is thus securely and comfortably secured in the stroller. These following variants of our Voksi footmuff come with openings for stroller suspenders at the back: Voksi Explorer footmuff, Voksi Move footmuff, Voksi Urban footmuff, Voksi Sky Light footmuff, Voksi City footmuff, and Voksi Breeze Light footmuff.

How to find a Voksi footmuff with a plate

If you would like to find a Voksi footmuff with a plate in the back, you can use our search filter at the top of our page. Several of our beautiful variants of Voksi bags come with an integrated plate in the back, among others the variants Voksi Carry footmuff and Voksi Carry North footmuff.

You can always take the plate out again as needed. You can also find a support plate for Voksi separately. In this way, you can easily upgrade your Voksi footmuff so that it can be used as a lift.

How do you put a plate in a Voksi footmuff?

The smart Voksi carrying plate can easily be placed in your Voksi footmuff, so you are ready to go. The carrying straps with handles are directly mounted on the Voksi carrying plate, so you don't have to worry about safety.

When you want to mount your carrier plate in your Voksi footmuff, just remember to make sure that the handles are under the carrier plate so that it does not turn upside down. A Voksi footmuff with plate can be used until your child weighs 9 kg.

Find the right Voksi footmuff for summer

If you need a Voksi footmuff that is not too warm, we have several variants of Voksi to choose from, including Voksi Sky Light footmuff and Voksi Breeze Light footmuff. Both wax bags are designed in breathable and comfortable materials, and ensure good ventilation at the bottom, which can be opens with a zipper.

These extra smart models can also be opens with a zipper on the sides and can be folded out in one piece so that they can be used as a play mat.

With adjustable cords, you can adapt the wax bag according to need and fluctuating weather conditions, so that your baby always lies close and safe in the wax bag.

When should you use a Voksi footmuff?

The perfect time to use a Voksi footmuff is when you have to take your baby around for various activities and need to ensure a stable environment around your baby.

With a Voksi footmuff, your baby can sleep safely, no matter where you are. Voksi is therefore perfectly suited for the little family with an active lifestyle.

You can also use Voksi in everyday life, as there are many suitable variants of the Voksi bag that make everyday life as a new family a little easier. For example, you can use a Voksi footmuff as a play mat. You can also easily fit a Voksi footmuff in your stroller, pram or car seat. There are therefore really many ways in which you can use your Voksi footmuff.

The Voksi footmuff is used both inside and outside

The Voksi footmuff can be folded and tied in different ways to suit your kid, enabling it to grow as your kid grows. The footmuff fits properly from the beginning when your kid is newborn to approximately three years old.

When your boy or girl is quite small, the footmuff wraps itself tightly around them, offering a safe and warm place to sleep. At the same time, you can add a support base so that the footmuff can also be used as a lift. The support can carry 9 kg, so it often can be used until such time a baby has grown some, has developed stronger back muscles and no longer requires the extra support.

As the kid grows, the large duvet can be folded and tied in new ways so that they still lie snugly and comfortably wrapped in a practical and smart bag in the pram or stroller.

In the event your kid falls asleep in the pram and is wrapped in a footmuff, it is super easy to pick them up, while they continue sleeping safely inside. When your kid wakes up, the duvet can be unfolded and used as a large play blanket.

The duvet inside the bag is made of a warm and soft, temperature-regulating wool. You have the option to replace this duvet with a summer duvet made of cotton or silk, making the footmuff less bulky and better suited to warmer times of the year.

Voksi footmuffs are not just travel bags

At Kids-world you will find the Voksi footmuffs in many colours, along with several different designs and types, allowing you to discover products that fit exactly to your taste and requirements. The classic model is suitable for the vast majority of kids and prams, but if you have a slightly smaller pram, stroller or combi pram, then the classic+mini model may be more to your liking.

Voksi also produces many other types of footmuffs, so feel free to explore this page and find the model that best suits your needs. Voksi also carries fabulous babynests and nice sleeping bags for both boys and girls, along with with unisex designs.

Voksi footmuffs in natural materials

The reason why the footmuffs has become so wildly popular is probably because it is super practical and flexible, while at the same time, always comes with nice designs in fabulous materials.

The Norwegian company Voksi is behind the footmuff, which is specially designed for the Norwegian winter weather. Originally, it was designed to fit into a sledge when the family took to the mountains on skis, but is just as useful in a pram or stroller. Here, kids can be kept warm, even when it is cold outside.

With exceptional, natural materials such as wool, cotton, down and feathers, products have been created by Voksi that provide optimal comfort for kids. Their lovely wool duvet ensures that kids maintain a comfortable temperature. Therefore, it is not necessary to dress them in snowsuits, thermal clothing or other outerwear, because the footmuff is in itself enough to keep them warm.

Wonderful changing bags by Voksi

A Voksi changing bag is really practical when you're on a trip with your family. To simplify it for you new parents a changing bag like the ones we stock from Voksi will have all the baby essentials such as muslin blankets, washcloths and nappies.

We stock lovely changing bags with several characteristics such as zippers in silver or gold, quilted design and cute applications.

Store the accessories in a handy changing bag from Voksi

We offers you an opportunity to see the Voksi changing bag you wish for. We sell a great collection of several smart and sweet Voksi changing bags and several other brands.

Changing bags Voksi are accessible in an ideal size and can be filled with extra clothes, washcloths and ointments. You'll have room for all that you could use when visiting friends or grandparents.

Get a stylish Voksi changing bag today

Here at our shop you'll find our fine assortment of trendy changing bags from Voksi. Voksi are well known for their trendy designs of both changing bags and handbags in beautiful designs and wonderful colours such as red, grey and green We think you'll probably pick the right changing bag by Voksi.

Babynest from Voksi

We provide a wide selection of babynests by brands such as Voksi and others.

We provide many of babynest brands - including Voksi. Babynests from Voksi are a lovely pick

Feel free to use our filter when looking for specific Voksi babynest and many other things for kids of all ages. You will find basically all the gear you are looking for, for boys and girls at Kids-world.

We offer babynests by Voksi

If you decide to buy your kid's new babynest from Voksi at Kids-world we will be pretty pleased and guarantee that you will not remorse it.

We stock lovely Voksi babynests. Therefore, we trust you'll discover just what you are looking for.

Voksi mattresses

Here at Kids-world, we bring you a fine selection of mattresses from Voksi and other brands. Regardless of your kid's age, you should have a great opportunity to find the perfect mattress from Voksi for your boy or girl right here.

We have a vast selection of mattresses from various brands - including Voksi. Voksi mattresses make a perfect choice.

We would recommend you to use our filter when searching for Voksi mattresses for your boy or girl. Whatever your taste and preferences might be, we can assure you that on our page you will find the mattress that both you and your boy or girl will love.

We hope you will find the ideal Voksi mattress for your boy or girl right here at Kids-world.

We have some truly fantastic Voksi mattresses. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Voksi duvets

Here at Kids-world, we bring you a wonderful selection of Voksi duvets as well as duvets from other popular brands. Regardless of your kids' age, you should have a great opportunity to find the perfect Voksi duvet for your boy or girl right here in this category.

We have a fine selection of duvets from various brands - including Voksi. Voksi duvets make a great choice.

Do not hesitate to use the filter if you are looking for a specific Voksi duvet or other things for kids of all ages. You will find practically all the things you are looking for for your kids right here at Kids-world.

Buy Voksi duvets right here

We hope you will find the perfect Voksi duvet for your boy or girl right here at Kids-world.

We have some nice Voksi duvets. Therefore, we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

The best in customer service

Should you diligently search in vain around the shop for a specific product from Voksi and are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, please feel free to contact customer service. At Kids-world, we are happy to assist.

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