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Isbjörn of Sweden


Isbjörn of Sweden


ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN makes outerwear, equipment and accessories for outdoor use for kids. ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN equips your child with everything they need to explore and take in the world outside. The environment is taken into account, so all outerwear for kids is produced with durability in mind - it must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and be used often. This is also why the polar bear symbolizes the brand - it is the most enduring bear on the planet.

Isbjörn of Sweden's children's clothing collection covers clothing for kids aged 0-16 years. It includes everything your child needs for an active everyday life outdoors, at school, kindergarten or during leisure time with the family. ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN brings technical performance and product sustainability to the production of for kids's outerwear. The products are of the same high quality as the best brands of outerwear for adults. What's even better is that the clothes are also extremely stylish and kind to the environment.

ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN was founded in 2005 together with KidsWear AB by two mothers. They came up with the idea when they had kids in 2001 and could not find proper outdoor clothing and equipment for kids that suited their active lifestyle.

ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN winter coat for girls and boys

If you are looking for a new winter coat for your child, you should definitely check out the collection from ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN. They are available in several models and many colours, so you can find one that your child will love to wear every day during the winter months. The Jackets from ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN have many practical features, such as removable hoods and many pockets. They are all waterproof, windproof and breathable. A winter coat from ISBJÖRN OF SWEDEN will protect your child from the elements in the cold and keep them warm and comfortable.

Isbjörn of Sweden flight suit

Are you looking for a snowsuit that can handle everything that comes your child's way? Then you can safely stop your search at Isbjörn of Sweden.

Isbjörn of Sweden uses recycled polyester in their snowsuits, which not only makes them environmentally friendly, but also incredibly strong. The recycled polyester provides the durability needed for tough outdoor activities.

The Isbjörn of Sweden Penguin is particularly distinguished by its unique design. Unlike many others snowsuits, the Isbjörn of Sweden Penguin is designed to be both functional and stylish.

It has a slim, striped design that is both light and comfortable to wear. Every aspect of this suit has been carefully designed to provide the perfect blend of style and functionality.

With a wide range of sizes and colours to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect snowsuit for your child's needs. Are you ready to take your child's outdoor fairy tale to the next level? So be sure to check out an Isbjörn of Sweden snowsuit today.

Isbjörn of Sweden fleece

Isbjörn of Sweden fleece is a type of fleece that is both incredibly soft and durable at the same time. made with a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, these Isbjörn of Sweden fleece are designed to keep your child warm and comfortable wherever the adventure takes them.

Your child can wear his Isbjörn of Sweden fleece in many different weather conditions, without you having to worry about whether he or she is too hot or too cold.

Every single aspect of these fleece has been carefully considered, from the cut and fit to the materials used. This means that you can trust that your Isbjörn of Sweden fleece will work exactly as you need it to.

Isbjörn of Sweden ski pants

Designed with the young, avid skier in mind, Isbjörn of Sweden ski pants offer exceptional warmth, durability and style.

Isbjörn of Sweden trousers are designed with the latest technology in mind, with waterproof and breathable materials and insulation that will keep your child warm on even the coldest days on the slopes.

The reinforced knees and ankles ensure that the ski pants will last for many seasons to come. Choose Isbjörn of Sweden ski pants if you want to ensure your child a comfortable and stylish run on the slopes.

With their attention to detail, durability, versatility and commitment to sustainability, Isbjörn of Sweden ski pants are sure to become a staple in your child's winter wardrobe.

Isbjörn of Sweden size guide

With so many different sizes available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. This is where Isbjörn of Sweden's size guide comes into play.

Isbjörn of Sweden recommends that you measure your child's height, chest, waist and hips to find the best fit.

Once you have your child's measurements, it's time to consult our Isbjörn of Sweden size guide. Isbjörn of Sweden's size guide is divided into two sections, namely a section for infants and toddlers and one for older kids.

Each section breaks down sizes by age group, height, bust, waist and hips. This makes it easy to find exactly the right size for your child, regardless of age, height and body type.

But what if your child falls between two sizes? Isbjörn of Sweden recommends that you take a larger size on all items to be used as outer layers, for example jackets and trousers. It gives your child room to grow and the opportunity to put more layers underneath.

For clothing to be worn as a base layer, for example thermal underwear or t-shirts, it is best to size down for a better fit.


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