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Reversal Protection bicycle helmets


Reversal Protection

It is super important that safety is in order when your child is out on the skateboard or scooter. Reversal Protection creates safety equipment specially developed for kids of all ages. Reversal Protections Lux Skater helmets are certified to the European standard EN 1078. They have been tested and meet all the safety requirements for bicycle, skater and rollerskate helmets.

This versatility therefore makes the Reversal Protection helmets ideal to have at home, as they are so versatile in use. They are available in 11 different colours, so you are sure to find one that your child will like. There are several ventilation holes in the helmets, so they are very breathable. In addition, they do not weigh very much either.

The shell of Reversal Protection's skate helmets is molded from EPS. Foam and extra padding are included. The helmets are available in two sizes: S/M (212 g) and L/XL (243 g).

About Scootworld

Scootworld is a Danish brand that specializes in scooter, skateboards and equipment. They have a total of 8 others brands under the group with different products for kids and adults.

Scootworld was started in 2012 by the brothers Alexander and Frederik. At the time, they were only 17 and 13 years old, but with a little help from their parents and children's savings, they were able to buy products and thus fill up their store. Scootworld was slowly built up in the end with them creating their very first brand ''Striker Scooters'' and products from scratch.

Today, you can find several of Scootworld's brands in skate shops worldwide. When Scootworld creates new brands, priority is given to quality, durability and price. In this way, beginners as well as professionals can get hold of good sports equipment at good prices.

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